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10 Songs you should definitely sing at Nineties Karaoke

Our friends at Hot Since 91 have had an awesome idea. Everyone likes karaoke, and most people who are old enough to be in a bar can remember the nineties. So why not combine the two. “But music in the nineties was terrible!” We hear you cry. Actually, no. We respectfully disagree. Music in the nineties was great. And the small subsection that was really bad was so bad it went all the way around and came back to being good again. So put on all of your nineties normcore finery, and meet us in Highbury. Maybe you’ll want to sing one of these classics. You’ll have to get in line.

Sir Mix-A-Lot – Baby Got Back

Start as you mean to go on: With a total classic. Nothing gets a person respect faster than knowing all the words to this, and not needing a karaoke screen to help. We are obviously basing this on experience.

Fugees – Killing Me Softly

An opportunity to show off for all of the good singers in the audience. An opportunity to have our very own ‘About A Boy‘ moment for the rest of us. But definitely a karaoke regular even when it’s not nineties-specfic.

Leann Rimes – How Do I Live

A song that smacks slightly of desperation but in a good way. Possibly one to steer clear of on a first date, but otherwise a great opportunity for some, what we’d call, passionate gesticulation. Steady now.

NSync – Tearin’ Up My Heart

We’re willing to bet that this is the song everyone hears and says ‘No. This was not in the nineties. I remember this being on the radio!” To those people, we say “Look at Justin Timberlake’s hair in the video. Of course it was.”

S Club 7 – S Club Party

If you’re on stage and want the crowd to join in, this should make it happen. It’s just unfortunate that S Club’s seminal 40th birthday party classic ‘Reach’ was too late for the nineties. But this’ll do the job just as well. And it really gives you the chance to show off your ‘mid-air-S’ drawing skills.

Sisquo – Thong Song

Another song that earns major props if you know all of the words. Never has anyone been more passionate about underwear than Sisquo, and we absolutely applaud his commitment.

Whigfield – Saturday Night

If one of your friends is in the 2% of the population who actually knows the Saturday Night dance then you are legally obliged to sing this song so they can show off their skills and feel like a leader for 3 minutes.

Spice Girls – Wannabe

You’ve prepared for this moment all your life. At school you decided which Spice Girl you wanted to be. When you were older you followed their solo careers until it got too depressing. Last night you watched Spice World on Netflix (yes, it’s on there). It’s your time to shine.

Aqua – Barbie Girl

We started on an absolute classic, and therefore we should end on one. There’ll always be one person in any group who’s weirdly proud to identify with this song, but whether that’s you or not, let’s be honest – we all know the entire thing.

So, what absolute choon (yes, we spelled it like that) would you most like to sing at nineties karaoke? We can’t wait to see you give it your all. You can bee full price tickets from the Wonderush Marketplace, or if subscriptions are more your thing you can subscribe to Wonderush Unlimited for £29 a month and try as many awesome activities as you can pack into each month.

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