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10 Top gifts this Christmas

It can be difficult to sort out gifts for everyone in our lives at Christmas. Whether you’re dealing with people who seem to have everything, people who don’t appear to have any interests, or even just people who keep smugly insisting they don’t need anything and you should just put the money to better use (but you know they’ll still get you something. Grr.), it can be difficult to find something suitable. We’ve trawled the internet for ‘Top Gifts of 2015’ lists and, quite frankly, they’re actually a bit rubbish. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to put together our own carefully-blended selection of classics, new stuff, and things you probably hadn’t thought of before, that might just change everything. You’re welcome.

1. Hoverboard


One of the most disappointing misnomers of the year, since this does not hover in any way, but it’s still pretty cool. We’ve all seen kids whizzing around on them by now, haven’t we? There are two wheels, and it moves as you lean in any direction. You’ll find yourself feeling much lighter when you’re on it, as well, because you won’t have to worry about the weight of that pesky bank balance any more (i.e. They are expensive).

2. Nutribullet


People love nothing more than to feel self-righteous, and that is never easier than when you’re carrying your little Nutribullet cup around with you while everybody else drinks their (gasp!) shop-bought juices and smoothies, or indeed (gasp! Shock horror!) drinks no smoothies whatsoever. This is the perfect gift for the vitamin-deprived person in your life.

3. Adele tickets


Something that would have taken a little bit of forward planning to achieve, since they seem to be well and truly sold out until the end of time, but if you managed to pull off an Adele ticket purchase as a Christmas present, you do now belong to an elite team of gift-givers who are knocking Christmas out of the park this year. We both salute you, and wish we were somehow related to you.

4. Obligatory socks and/or pyjamas


This is something that people always roll their eyes at and make jokes about. However, we all have to admit that if we do happen to end up buying PJs and socks in April because our final pairs have succumbed to the ravages of holes, and nobody gave us any for Christmas, we will feel a bit hard done by. It’s painful to publicly announce this, but there you have it.

5. Tracy Island


This is one for the kids… Ok, fine. It’s also one for the adults who remember spending hours of our precious time slaving over cardboard boxes and a videotape of Blue Peter when we were younger. Tracy Island is now an all-singing, all-dancing, fancy extravaganza. There’s interactivity, it’s made of sturdy materials, and it even does a 5,4,3,2,1 countdown for you. Honestly. Kids don’t know they’re born these days.

6. Drone


An essential for all of those who like to daydream about taking epic videos of big events, and are also happy to look at hours of aerial footage of their back garden or local park when that doesn’t happen. Lets face it, we buy these things with the best of intentions and they often don’t pan out. But should that mean we never buy ourselves nice things? Absolutely not.

7. Organiser and/or diary


Christmas is swiftly followed by New Years Resolution season. How close these two dates are, we do not know, because unfortunately we do not yet own a diary. New levels of organisation are quite often the resolution of choice for people, and it goes without saying that a diary and/or organiser is essential. Plus, when we fall out of the habit after two weeks it’ll make a great plant pot stand.

8. Urban Decay Naked Palette

Urban Decay Naked 4 Eyeshadow Palette New Version


This may just be me, but eyeshadows are the kind of thing it feels like we often don’t deliberately buy, and yet we always have them available. And if we’re going to have unsolicited eyeshadow floating around our makeup collections, it might as well be some of the best. So good, in fact, that every time they release a new version of this palette it sets the internet a tiny bit on fire. That’s definitely a promising start.

9. Alcohol and/or chocolate


The kind of thing that you’re either going to consume in a glorious ‘treats and tv’ binge somewhere between Christmas and January 1st, or hold onto until your resolutions start to unravel around February or March. Even if you have the willpower of a saint and don’tend up cracking them open yourself, there is boundless potential for regifting, so all is not lost. You’ve just been saved money further down the line.

10. Wonderush Subscription


There’s obviously a slight bias coming out here, but this is basically the perfect gift. Whether you worry that your friends and family aren’t getting out enough, or they’re just the type of people who own too much stuff and have no hobbies, this might be just the thing. Our gift subscriptions are available for three, six, or twelve months and are guaranteed to make you the most popular person in your group this festive season. Your friends might be fitness freaks, theatre fans, music lovers, foodies, crafty types… We could go on. There are a lot of kinds of person in the world. Whatever their interests, though, Wonderush is designed to appeal to them all. So, sign your friends up and bask in their gratitude for the length of their gift subscription.

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