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17 thoughts about the rugby world cup by someone who knows nothing about rugby

Lest it had escaped anybody’s notice the rugby world cup started on Friday. It was an exciting evening full of hype and emotion and, um, balls. Community Manager Nicola has never sat through an entire rugby match before so, in the spirit of trying new things (something we take very seriously at Wonderush HQ) we got her to watch England’s opener against Fiji and record some of her thoughts. We regretted it almost immediately.

  1. National pride! Yay! Go Team GB! Oh, it’s just England? Ok, go them, then.
  2. If I stood next to a rugby player I bet I’d look really short.
  3. I wonder if a rugby player could pick me up.
  4. I wonder if I’d get arrested if I asked a rugby player to pick me up.
  5. This rugby song is emotional.
  6. Oh my god, it’s called a try because then they get to try kicking the ball over the thing. Right?
  7. I wonder what the thing is really called. You know, the ‘H’.
  8. Imagine if H was playing. That’d be a Tragedy. Probably Better Best Forgotten, to be honest.
  9. Stop thinking about Steps. Rugby. Focus.
  10. What do you mean England are playing in red? I’ve fully been cheering for the wrong team.
  11. Man, it’s no wonder they never used to let us play this in school.
  12. At what point to they start admitting that they just needed an excuse to touch each other?
  13. I bet they have competitions for who has the most messed-up ears.
  14. I do not know what is happening but I know people are cheering and I AM EXCITED.
  15. Rugby has the best songs.
  16. I bet this match would make a lot more sense if I didn’t have to keep closing my eyes every time someone got tackled.
  17. When does Jonny Wilkinson come on?

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