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24 Thoughts we might have had during life drawing class

Team Wonderush are huge fans of life drawing. We’re such big fans that we recently brought a burlsketch (life drawing mixed with Burlesque) class to London’s commuters. We topped up our skills a couple of weeks ago with a visit to a life drawing class. Here are some of the thoughts we had during our most recent escapade:

  1. This is it. This is going to be my new career.
  2. I miss Watercolour Challenge. Best daytime TV ever.
  3. Ooh, charcoal.
  4. I’m such a pro.
  5. Oh wow. Charcoal goes everywhere.
  6. I look like a proper artist with my easel. This will definitely translate into real artist skills.
  7. I could be a life model. All you have to do is sit there in a dressing gown and-
  8. Oh. I could not be a life model.
  9. Aren’t they cold?
  10. I wish I looked like that.
  11. Oh right. Drawing.
  12. Wait. Why aren’t I good at this? I should be good at this! I have all of these pro tools.
  13. Who said faces need to look like faces, anyway?
  14. Who said hands had to look like hands, anyway?
  15. Who said feet had to look like feet, anyway?
  16. OK. I’m just going to draw weird blobs with really nice legs. Legs’ll be easy.
  17. Why can’t I draw legs?
  18. Why are there black smudges all over my-
  19. Oh, right. Charcoal.
  20. I’m probably the next Picasso.
  21. What if Picasso was really just trying to draw normal people?
  22. I bet nobody ever tried to teach Picasso how to draw “properly”.
  23. I must look super-professional, though.
  24. I’m going to look really cool on the way home with my super-cool, abstract artwork.

Have you ever wanted to try out life drawing? We can totally help you with that. Don’t forget to take a look at the Wonderush homepage to see all of the really cool stuff we have on offer. We’re confident you’ll find something there to help you release your inner creative demon.


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