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5 London Food Trucks You Should Definitely Try

Food trucks are great. They give everyone the chance to try foods from all over the world with no stress, no bookings, and no giant price tags. There’s also nothing quite like setting foot outside your office and realising that you don’t need to actively search for lunch because it’s literally parked right in front of you. Which has not happened to Team Wonderush so far, but we remain hopeful. And, while we wait, we’ve made a round-up of five of the food trucks we wish would turn up at our front door (hint hint):

Anna Mae’s

Anna Mae’s has been running since 2009. They cook big pan mac and cheese. And by ‘cheese’ we really mean ‘three different kinds of cheese’. On top of that there’s a whole variety of, well, toppings – they range from pulled pork to pesto. They come highly recommended by all kind of press types. Look. At the end of the day it’s a Mac and Cheese truck. They sell carbs and melted cheese. If you need more than that to convince you then we really can’t help.

Bleecker Burger

Now at the stage where they’re starting to also open permanent shops, Bleecker burger specialise in producing burgers made from rare-breed, pasture-fed beef from small farms in the UK. Everything else is classic, too – there are a couple of different kinds of fries and all of the toppings you’d expect from a great burger place (By which we obviously mean double cheese, but we’re trying not to come across as too cheese-obsessed).

Kothu Kothu

Kothu Kothu serves up variations on Kothu Roti – a traditional Sri Lankan dish made from flatbread, vegetables, egg, and meat chopped together. The chopping is done using two metal plates, meaning there’s kind of an element of danger to your lunch order. Extra danger comes in the form of spice levels, which can be high. See how this entry actually doesn’t include cheese? We hope you’re proud of us.


Fishdog have been making the rounds since 2012, serving their take on everyone’s favourite drunk food: the fish finger sandwich. They use local ingredients, and mix it up every week with specials. They also serve fish soup and fish balls, as well as ‘holy fuck mayonnaise’. And it’s OK that we swore just then, because that was a direct quote. It’s kind of perfect for a weekday lunch, because we probably don’t appreciate the fish finger sandwich enough when we’re making it by the light of the fridge at 2am on a Saturday. What – just us?

Orange Buffalo

Orange Buffalo sell buffalo wings by the bucketload. Or, at least, they do that throughout the day to multiple customers. The actual average serving is eight wings for a dinner, and six for a lunch. Which is still plenty, let’s be honest. You can choose different levels of spice or play a very cruel-but-delicious game whereby seven of your wings are mild and one is covered in super-spicy viper sauce which is not for the faint hearted. Ultimately, you really can’t go wrong with chicken wings and curly fries. As a sidebar: why are curly fries so much better than normal ones?

And there you have it. Obviously we’ve missed loads, because there are hundreds of amazing trucks all over London, and we don’t honestly get out that much. So feel free to let us know your favourites, and we’ll make another list, and then another, and another, until our permanent hunger finally goes away. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out Wonderush for plenty of ideas about what you can do to pass the time in-between meals. Because that time is slow. Am I right?

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