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5 Top tips for times when you get home late

The problem with doing loads of super-cool stuff in your free time is often one to do with juggling time. What do you have to give up in order to get to your chosen activities? How can you manage a full day of work and then a full evening of Insanity, or life drawing, or even just pub crawling? How can you manage a commute on top of that? The answer is, it can totally be done, but people often claim that they don’t have time. We don’t agree. What it actually means is that you might get home late and that’s inconvenient. With that in mind we got our very own Community Manager Nicola (who commutes nearly 4 hours every day and still makes it out to Wonderush events in her free time) to give us a few tips that’ll help make getting home late a little bit easier.

Getting home late tip No. 1: Know what you’re going to eat

There’s no way around it. If you don’t have a plan for what you’re going to have for dinner when you get home, then you’re going to eat everything. Have something to hand that you can shove in the microwave – like a ready meal, or something you cooked earlier if you’re feeling fancy and Blue-Peter-ish – or the number of a takeaway that you can call en route so that your food arrives at the same time as you do. Otherwise, kiss goodbye to the multipack of kitkats you hid in the cupboard last week.

Getting home late tip No. 2: Have Iplayer/Netflix/books on your phone

Or have them on your tablet if you’re techy. When we’re stressed about “not having time” for stuff, it’s often at least partly because we’re worried we’re going to miss out on our favourite leisure activities at home. Start downloading TV shows and watching them on the tube, and read books and magazines on the go too. It’s amazing how much quicker the time passes, and you don’t get all of that Evening Standard ink on your hands. You don’t even have to carry anything extra any more, and that way you can fit everything in and not have to catch up when you get home late.

Getting home late tip No. 3: Get on with stuff when you get home

When you get home late, get a move on. If you want to have a shower or heat up dinner, then do that straight away. If you decide to have a little sit down first, or to switch on the TV for a bit of background noise, or to have a quick look at Facebook before you get on with doing what you need to do, you will be there for hours. There is no such thing as a ‘quick look at Facebook’. Do the things you need to do, and then relax afterwards. It’s a lot easier to manage if you’re very strict with yourself about doing things in that order.

Getting home late tip No. 4: Know your travel options

It takes a bit of research, but know every possible route that you could take to get home. A bus might be a super-long prospect if you normally end up stuck in traffic on the morning commute, but if you happen to be round the corner from the stop and the roads are quiet because it’s late, then that just became your best option. There’s no room for pickiness. Whatever gets you home fastest is the route you should take. Check out Citymapper for tips and up-to-date timings.

Getting home late tip No. 5: Have a positive mental attitude

At the end of the day, it’s a brilliant thing that you’re going out and trying awesome new stuff. The likelihood is that all you’re missing out on is a night at home in front of the TV, which is something you can do any time. Don’t start worrying about what time you’ll get to bed, and especially don’t start stressing while you’re still doing whatever you’re doing. We’re willing to bet that, whatever that is, you won’t actually go to sleep much later than if you’d got hooked into a Tuesday night Netflix binge anyway. So get on with having fun. If you’re tired the next morning, that’s why they invented coffee.

So, without further ado, please go out and put these tips into practice. If you’re an existing Wonderush member, maybe they’ll inspire you to make the most of it and get out to a few more events that you’d previously dismissed. If you want to test these tips out you can always try booking a one-off ticket from the Wonderush Marketplace. Or, if you fancy trying as many cool new things as you like every month, you can join Wonderush Unlimited.

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