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5 Ways that you can have fun with paper

Ah, paper. It’s super-plain, and it’s somehow made of trees (which is a fact you know, but you still don’t really understand exactly how it’s done). It’s possible that someone could find it a little bit boring, but that person would be wrong. There are all sorts of fun things you can do with paper, and we listed just a few of our favourites:


There’s nothing quite like getting your hands on a brand new notebook. If you’re not a stationery fan, it might not be a high you’ve experienced before. But we’re absolutely sure that it’s one that gets even better when you’re holidng (oK, fine, sniffing) a book that you made yourself from scratch. We imagine this is how parents must feel about babies. Except there’s a lot less poo.

Paper Cut Workshop

Everyone can splash some paint around and call it a picture (Alright, fine. Some can do that more successfully than others). But for people looking to create something a little bit different, paper cutting might be the way to go. Working with negative space, pictures are created using blades. Plus you have a quick and easy way to look super-threatening if anybody interrupts you. (You did not hear this from us. Please do not threaten anyone.)

Decoupage Taster

Not only is decoupage the kind of word that will make your friends think you’re super-sophisticated, but it’s also very easy – with a little bit of concentration – to create something beautiful using very thin layers of paper. You’ll be making works of art before you know it, and proving that it’s more than just the cutting and sticking you did at school. So please stop spreading glue on your hands right now.


Adult colouring is incredibly popular these days because it gives you a chance to find some creative release and stop thinking about your problems. Fun fact, though: Origami does the same thing. And not only is it cooler than colouring, but it also means that the next time you get handed a stack of boring paperwork, you’ll know a very elaborate way to make you feelings about that known.

We Geek Gaming Event

Go with us on this one. After all, monopoly money’s made out of paper. The cards in games like Risk are too. This only goes to show that not only can you use paper to make beautiful things from scratch, but also to achieve beautiful victory if you’re the kind of person that likes that. At WeGeek, paper becomes a way to prove your prowess, and that is just as rewarding as anything else.

So. Have we persuaded you that paper isn’t as boring as some people think? If you’d like to try out some awesome paper-based events, you can book tickets through Wonderush. Or, if you’re the kind of person who likes to try out all sorts of new stuff, you can become an Unlimited member and try all kind of awesome stuff for just £29 a month.

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