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5 Ways to update your look for Summer

Summer is nearly here and that’s kind of a big deal in terms of fashion. There are new collections (We’re looking at you, Alexa) and the chance to get more creative with the outfits we choose. Not that we didn’t love the ‘jeans and jumper with a thermal vest underneath all day, every day’ look. It’s just time to branch out. We feel like we’re qualified to discuss this having watched The Devil Wears Prada three and a half times. So, in our capacity as experts, here is our list of ways to update your look for the new season ahead:

Get some new jewellery

Jewellery is probably, in our professional fashion opinion, one of the easiest ways to update any outfit, and it’s also something a lot of people notice and comment on. Just think how smug you’ll feel the next time someone says ‘Ooh, I like your necklace’ and you can say ‘thanks, I made it myself’, and then they go away thinking you’re amazing.

Upgrade your accessories

Picture the scene: It’s rush hour and you’re making your way through the station. Ahead of you is a wall of commuters who couldn’t care less. But that all changes when you pull out your stylish, handmade, monogrammed card holder. People turn. They’re dazzled by your stylishness. You are a fashion leader.

Design the perfect shoes

Shoes are important, but the price tag on a new pair of designer ones is quite often eye-watering. But now you can bring a new lease of life to your old shoes. Not only will you have perfect and totally individual shoes for any outfit, but they’ll already have been worn in, which is a massive bonus that is not to be sniffed at.

Trick out your tshirts

There’s no point in wearing the same boring thing that everyone else is wearing, but that’s kind of inevitable when you come across the same shops in every high street. But how about this: Instead of buying all-new clothes because you’re bored, just pimp your old ones and make them awesome. Everyone will be after the same design and you can take great satisfaction in telling them you only wear one-offs.

Create a sensational new scent

Fashion isn’t all about looks (we assume). After all, if it was, designers like Gucci, Prada, and Dior wouldn’t be making perfumes as well as very expensive clothing. So the final step in your new Summer look is a new Summer smell. And it’ll be that much more unique if you have one that nobody else has, so you should go ahead and make your own.

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