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6 Things anyone can do to impress their friends

Saving face is very important in this day and age. As young people in a big city we constantly feel the need to impress everyone. And, yes. That’s not great. But Team Wonderush have decided that it is what it is. If everyone else is out to impress then we should be looking to join in – even if it’s just for the purposes of appearances. As such, we’ve come up with a list of ways we plan to dazzle everyone at our next meeting and/or social event. Get ready to be amazed:

Do some magic

Picture the scene: You owe your friend some money. Your friend asks you for the money. You hand over the money. Except that, instead of just handing it over, you pull it out of their ear. Because that isn’t annoying at all. Or maybe instead of that you learn actually-good tricks from an actually-good magician like Jerry Sadowitz, and really impress your friends, rather than just being a bit annoying.

Show off your physical prowess

You know how everybody loves a bragger? Impress your friends by telling them exactly how many press ups and squats you did last night. Maybe you could also keep them updated about the number of calories you’ve burned. Or, instead of being a total show-off, you can just casually mention the fact that you were at bootcamp training with actual Team GB athletes last night and let their imaginations do the rest of the work. They don’t need to know that you actually thought you were going to throw up a little bit.

Play an instrument

Everyone loves a jam session.And everyone definitely loves someone who uses the term ‘jam session’ in regular conversation. It’s a problem when you do that but you’re not able to play a musical instrument, though. Luckily for you, the ukulele is a really easy instrument to learn, and it’s the perfect size to carry around with you and whip out in a social context – whether appropriate or not. You’ll impress people with your resourcefulness if nothing else.

Learn a totally unique skill

Your Facebook profile picture is the place to sum up how impressive you are, and we can’t think of a better way to do that than to show yourself doing something awesome off of an aerial hoop. After all, your friends will never see all of the trouble it took to get you into that position and the three people you had helping you up there. They’ll just see you looking like an amazing, circus-worthy badass.

Use your brain power

If you’re the kind of person who gathers useless trivia from quiz shows, newspapers, and clickbait articles on the internet, you’re in a fantastic position to potentially impress all of your friends next time you go out to a pub quiz, or other-equally-trivia-based activity. That smart alec side suddenly becomes a blessing in the face of a general knowledge round.

Own the room

There’s nothing worse than having to stand up in front of a load of strangers – whether at work or in any other context – and make a speech. It’s just embarrassing, and we all know it. But imagine if you were the one person among your friends who could pull off public speaking with panache. They would be so impressed.

So, how will you be impressing your friends in the near future? If any of these options have caught your fancy you can try them all out as part of a Wonderush subscription. If you’d rather just take it one day at a time you can also do that by booking individual tickets through the Wonderush Marketplace.

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