7 Activities to try on your next staycation

Holidays are great. There’s nothing like the feeling of flying away somewhere hot and sunny for a couple of weeks, and just forgetting about all of your stresses. There’ll be beaches, and cocktails, and blue skies. Or there’ll be exploring, and sports, and things to do. Basically, your cup runneth over either way. Of course, we don’t all get the chance to take a holiday, but does that mean we should be stuck in the office for the whole of the Summer, as our colleagues show us their holiday snaps and bang on about men named Miguel who they picked up at the hotel tiki bar? No. And that’s where the Staycation comes in.

For the uninitiated (which sadly is more and more of us these days because life is expensive) a staycation is defined as “a holiday spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions”. You may have already noticed, but at Wonderush, we’re all about local attractions.

So, without further ado, we’ve put together a list of some awesome things you can do in London if you’re staring down the barrel of a staycation this Summer. The weather’s going to be amazing, so staycationing doesn’t need to be a fallback choice. It can (and it will) be awesome:

Secrets of Southwark Tour

One option for livening up a staycation is to get out and see a new part of town. Taking a tour can be a great way of doing that, and especially with a guide as lovely as Katy from Look Up London. We’re willing to bet that you learn something.

Babble Language Exchange

Language Exchange

You know what they tend to do in places where you might go on a foreign holiday? They speak other languages. Even if you’re not learning some new words in situ you can still pick up a few choice phrases that are reminiscent of being away. You never know when they might come in handy, after all.

London by Night Bicycle Tour

London Bicycles on tour

Aren’t nights spent outside a great part of Summer? There’s nothing like the feeling of suddenly realising that it’s 10pm and you haven’t needed to put on a jacket. That’s still something you can capture in London, and how about doing it from the saddle as you check out new parts of the city?

Flamenco Live

Flamenco Live

You can add some spice to a British Summer day by hanging out on a boat (OK, fine, on a barge) and learning some Flamenco moves that you can then throw around with abandon. There’ll also be Spanish conversation and food, so it’s a bit of a holiday package, really. Without being a package holiday, of course.

Movie Hot Spots Tour

movie hot spots tour

You know what holidays often involve? Glamour. And what could be more glamorous than having a nose around London at all of the places where Holywood A-Listers have made great (or bad, we’re not here to judge) movies? You can practically feel the LA sun on your face.

Bogan Bingo

Bogan Bingo

Every good holiday resort has bingo, so this is a great way to convince yourself you’re somewhere far away from home. Add to that some 80s anthems and lots of bright lights and you’ll feel like you’re on an 18-30s trip before you know it.

Camden Street Art Tour

camden street art

Culture is a key part of many a holiday, and a staycation doesn’t have to be any different. After all, London has tons of it. Rather than going for the obvious museums and galleries, though, how about taking a walk through Camden to learn about all of the street art you might never have noticed otherwise

So. If you’re in the Staycation club this Summer, what will you be doing? If we haven’t whet your appetite just yet, don’t forget to check out Wonderush for more ideas of awesome things to try.

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