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7 Alcohol pairings you’ll wish you knew about sooner

Alcohol is great. It’s the thing that brings us together when we’re out with our friends, it’s the thing that gives us the false confidence to finally voice our opinions and/or weird crushes, and it’s the thing that comforts us at 2am when we’re having a cry alone in front of Netfl- Um, I mean, it pairs really well with food. But sometimes you want more than just a trip to a bar, and where are you to go when you’re looking for something different to go with your drink? Luckily, we know all the answers:

Wine and Jazz

alcohol 3

If you’re the music-loving type of alcohol fan this is absolutely up  your alley. You’ll be able to sample different varieties of wine, and then follow that up with three hours of amazing jazz performances.

Drinks and a quiz

Alcohol 6

If you’re a know-it-all – and especially a Londoner who likes to boats about knowing everything about the city – you should definitely head to our next social on May 26th. We’ll buy you a drink and then we’ll put you to the test.

Craft beer and street art

alcohol 4

Craft beer is great. You know what makes it even better, though? Drinking it around some amazing street art that you know everything about because you learned all about it that very same afternoon.

Wine and a helping hand


This event gives you the chance to weigh in with your opinions about which varieties Honest Grapes should offer for sale on their website. Alcohol and a chance to feel like your opinions are important? Now that’s a night out.

Cocktails and yoga

alcohol 1

Disco yoga is an event for ‘mindful drinkers’ with a penchant for brilliant 70s tunes. You’ll stretch, you’ll relax, and then after it’s all over, you’ll help yourself to a super-food cocktail and call it a smoothie.

Wine and history

alcohol 2

This Medieval Wine Tour gives you the chance to learn about your favourite subject: alcohol. You’ll find out all about London’s wine-producing past so you’ll feel like you’re doing something traditional too.

Drinks and drawing

Alcohol 5

You might not be the best artist, but we guarantee that that won’t matter once you’ve started to relax. And by ‘relax’, we do of course mean ‘drink. Meet some new people, and try not to get offended if anyone draws an iffy portrait of you.

Whatever you decide to do we hope you have a fantastic time! You can either book individual tickets through Wonderush, or go to any of these awesome events as part of a Wonderush Unlimited membership. And the best part is, you can find it all in the same place!

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