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7 brand new ways to see your city

Londoners very often get set in their ways. We know the parts of the city that we want to spend time in, and we know how to get there. Once we get that London-based tunnel vision it can be very difficult to let go. but now that the weather’s improving we’re starting to look for ways to get out and about and seeing more of what the city has to offer. If you’re in the same boat we’ve put together a list of some super-unique ways to make the most of being in one of our favourite places in the world:

Running Tour

Running tour (blog only)If you’re the active type you probably think nothing of running somewhere in the region of 8km, which makes you the perfect candidate for a running tour. You might have seen groups of tourists traipsing around the city after umbrellas or piling onto buses, but running allows you to cover more ground and get into the places that a bus just can’t reach, so you know you’re going to see something new.

Photo Walk

London. Royal Courts of Justice


You might snap the odd photo while you’re out and about on a tour, and that’s great. But if you’re an artistic type, or you aspire to pick up some photography skills, a photo walk might be just the thing. Not only will you see the sights, but you’ll be encouraged to look at them in a whole new way, and you might even leave with a few photos you actually want to look back on once the tour’s over.

Bicycle Tour

Bicycle TourLondon Bicycle tours have been running for 25 years, so you just know they know their stuff. All equipment is provided, and you travel in a group with a super-attentive guide, so there’s no risk of getting lost on the roads. There are plenty of stops along the way, and it’s a great way to get a new view of the same old city if you’re not used to cycling on London’s sometimes-scary-looking roads. Safety in numbers, after all.

London in The Blitz


It goes without saying that if you go on a London tour you’ll get a general overview of the history of the place. The difference with this is that it links directly with one specific (and very famous, and very recent) aspect of London’s history. As you walk around the city you’ll hear from someone who was directly affected by the Blitz, giving a first-hand perspective of exactly how people coped.

Mystery Street Game

Mystery StreetIt’s time to take a break from all of the tours. Another great way to see more of the city is to get stuck into running around the streets and solving clues. You’ll also be helping Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, which is super-exciting but slightly by-the-bye. The point is you’ll get a chance to spend some time in parts of the city that you otherwise might not if you weren’t on a mission.

Boat Party

Untitled design (8)As the weather warms up there’s nothing like taking to the water to get the best look at the city. You might be one of the fancy people who commute by boat every day, in which case we’ll just have to start thinking of you as seasoned nautical types for whom the novelty is missing, but for many the idea of being on a boat is super-fun. Add in the fact that this is at sunset and there are drinks involved, and it suddenly becomes a fantastic way to see the city.

Ghastly Ghost Tour

Ghastly ghost tourThe city might be looking very slick, and shiny, and suited-up these days, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a macabre past. In this night-time tour you’ll learn all about a different side of London, and take in some sights that don’t often appear on the traditional tour circuit. A must for anyone who needs to prove exactly how brave they are to their entire friendship group.

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