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7 Dance Classes That’ll Send You Straight to Strictly

Here at Wonderush we are really excited about Strictly. As in, ‘Anton getting his first ever dance partner with some potential’-level excited. Or at least, the person writing the Wonderush blog posts and airing her own opinions as if they were the opinions of an entire team is that excited about Strictly. Community Manager Nicola spends depressing quantities of her time imagining the day when she’s finally invited to be a contestant. She likes to think that she’d be one of those people who are great right off the bat – She wants to hear Len say ‘Seven!’ on her first week and only go up from there. Because a girl can dream. And to make those dreams a tiny bit closer to reality here are a few of the dance classes Wonderush offer that could help her (and you) to get to the top of the leaderboard.

1. Bachata

Not actually a dance that features in the series, but the Strictly judges bloody love their hip action and this has it in spades. For those who feel Latin would be their forte this offers a chance to practice, and for those who think they’ll specialise in the ballroom side of things, this is the perfect time to start learning.

Bachata Class

2. Beginner’s Argentine

When the Argentine tango crops up it’s always a little bit awkward because it’s not really like anything else the contestants have to do. It’s probably best to start preparing now for the inevitable part of the series you are definitely taking part in where you’ll have to give it a go.

Argentine Tango

3. Brazilian Zouk

Again, this is not a dance that features in Strictly, but that does not mean it doesn’t contain some transferable skills. This is another valuable chance to practice hip action, because we all know that that’s really the only way to get Bruno Tonioli on side.


4. Salsa

A dance that you just know is in the cards, and often very early on in the series before contestants have really hit their stride. We do not want you to be that contestant who struggles with their very first Latin dance so we very much recommend that you get practising now.


5. Tango Instinct

The Tango is difficult. You have to look so serious and, as proven by Ainsley Harriott’s pout in his first weekend, that can be a difficult thing to pull off. So, like so many things in your potential Strictly career, this is something that it’s best to learn in advance. It’s better to be safe than sorry, after all.


6. Beginners Ballet

You know full well that Craig’s going to be upset with everyone at some point because they don’t extend their arms or because they’re not graceful enough. While you’re not likely to end up busting out a scene from Swan Lake in the Blackpool Tower Ballroom, a little bit of ballet might just be the thing to make you stand out from the crowd. Pretty dancer hands and all.

Beginner Ballet

7. Street Popping

Assuming that you are in the Strictly game for the long haul there’s going to be a show dance. Contestants are expected to bring something different to the table, and what’s more different in a ballroom dance competition than a casual bit of street popping? Anyone who’s ever seen Take The Lead with Antonio Banderas will know that this is an excellent idea already.

PoppingUnfortunately, while it’s true that Team Wonderush could potentially help you towards the end of your path to Strictly glory, we can’t provide you with the necessary C-List levels of fame to put you in the running in the first place. That is down to you. However, what we can do is to fill the free time you have until you make it big with all kinds of super fun things to do. Check the main site for details.

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