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7 reasons why leaving your comfort zone will change your life

Comfort zone: think favourite cosy pyjama bottoms; warm comfy bed… Despite how great these are, there is always a point in the day where you want to get up, take a shower, put your shoes on, open the door and leave the house.

This is what you would call entering into the unknown as who knows what the day will bring? But isn’t this the best bit? The excitement and thrill that comes with the unknown!

Just like every day that you leave the house into the excitement of the unknown day, here are 7 reasons why many of those days should be filled with trying things out that are out of your comfort zone:

  • It is now believed that we actually need a relative level of anxiety to perform at our best and this is achieved by stepping out of that comfort zone – so don’t be afraid of a little anxiety.
  • It makes being in your comfort zone even more comfy. When I go out there and do things day in, day out that aren’t so cushty as my bed, I then enjoy snuggling in that duvet even more as you’ve really deserved it!
  • Leaving your comfort zone is where the magic You’ll never know if you would have enjoyed something if you never give it a go. So that thing you’ve always wanted to try – now is the time, as they say there’s no time like the present.
  • You’ll never sit on your deathbed and wish you’d tried fewer things – in fact you’ll probably wish you’d tried more!
  • Change is good: Some people are great at dealing with change. Others really struggle. I’ve noticed particularly as people get older they get more and more afraid of change and so continue as they are no matter how happy or sad they are. But if you keep going as you are, doing the same thing, then things aren’t going to change. If you want change you have to do something different so step out of that comfort zone and you will see the sky is the limit – as opposed to yourself being the limit.
  • Leaving your comfort zone means you’re taking a risk and what experience has certainly taught me is the best things happen when there is an element of risk – so take a risk at something you’ve never done before!
  • You’ll learn something. They say you learn a new thing every day. You definitely will if you step out of your comfort zone and do something different. Learn a new skill. Meet new people and listen to their experiences. Who knows what you’ll gain from this.

Even reading this post is your first step towards leaving that comfort zone as you’re clearly looking to do something different. Remember, there’s no time like the present, so go out there today and open your door into the thrill of the unknown and try out something new!

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