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7 Things to do on a Valentines first date

You’re going on a first date on Valentines Day? Wow. That’s a lot of pressure. It’s kind of awkward. But hey, we don’t know your life. Maybe this is something you’ve been building up to for a while and the fact that it’s Valentines day is irrelevant and all that matters is that this is the climax of the RomCom of your life and you’ll be with this person forever and arbitrary commercial holidays be damned. Or maybe you’re just using Valentines day to score. We’re not here to judge. At least not out loud. What we are here to do is give you some ideas for stuff you could be doing on your first date this weekend.

1. Live Album Performance

gig Valentines

Everyone knows that cultural types are impressive, so a live performance of a new album which blends traditional instruments with modern music is bound to make you look like the type of highbrow person who knows what they’re talking about. There will also be cocktails.

2. Pottery

potters-wheel-2-2 Valentines

To mentally prepare you: There will be clay, there will be a wheel. This is not your cue to start doing your best Patrick Swayze impressions and singing Unchained Melody while your date is trying to concentrate. However, we do not plan on being there while your date happens, so we can’t technically stop you.

3. Street Art Tour

camdenstreetart Valentines

We’ve already pointed out that everyone loves a cultural type, but it definitely bears repeating. On a street art tour you’ll be able to nod along with the guide in a way that proves to your date once and for all that you are a very cultural art fan who definitely knows their stuff.

4. Tango

Tango Valentines

Anyone can do a bit of a step-touch along to ‘Blame it on The Boogie’. We want to help you to rise to new heights of dance ability this Valentines day, and really show what you’re made of. You’ll be able to sweep your partner off their feet, and you’ll gain transferrable skills in the event that this particular date does not work out.

5. Comedy Show

Comedy Club Valentines

OK. We were slightly lying about everyone loving a cultural type. Or at least, we probably were. We’re not really experts. But we feel very confident about saying that everyone likes someone with a good sense of humour. Life would be pretty grim without that. And a trip to a comedy night is the perfect way to show that off.

6. Aerial Yoga

Antigravity Valentines


Stay with us on this. Aerial yoga will show off a couple of character traits in a person. You’ll prove that you’re a chilled out type of person, as well as someone who does freak out when hanging upside down. And if you do freak out you’ll show that you’re vulnerable, and some people like that. Let’s just hope your date is one of those people.

7. Archery

Archery valentine

This’ll be a golden opportunity to show off your ability to make many and varied Cupid jokes on Valentines day. You’ll also be able to show off your athletic prowess and perfect aim. What we do not want is to hear about anyone shooting anyone else in an attempt to initiate romance. That is a bad idea. We already tried.

So. Will you be trying any of these things in an attempt to impress a first date? It’s definitely a foolproof plan. Let us know how you get on!

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