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7 Things to try this Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend. You may not have noticed, because it tends to spring out of nowhere. It feels like there must be a set day when all shops suddenly to agree to start sticking pictures of tulips in their windows and making you feel like a bad daughter or son for not having realised sooner. But we’re not about making you feel guilty. Whether you’ve left things to the last minute, or you just feel like supplementing your existing gifts, there are lots of activities that your Mum might just love.

1. Soap Making

Mother's Day soap making

Everybody reaches a time in their life when they don’t quite know what to get their Mum for Mother’s Day and start plumping for various kinds of bath products. Well. This is one step better. Instead of buying the same old stuff every time why not give them the chance to learn to make their own.

2. Boozy Brunch

Trapeze Bar Mother's Day

Taking your mum out for a nice meal on Mother’s Day is always a winner, and this brunch includes unlimited drinks for two hours. Whether your mum’s a coffee fiend or prefers a nice prosecco, you can look like a super-generous child and she never needs to know you paid in advance. It’s all about keeping up appearances, right?

3. Babble Language Exchange

Language Exchange Mother's Day

You might not be able to afford to take your mum away to foreign climes for Mother’s Day (unless you actually can, in which case we are very impressed) but swapping language skills with people in a pub in Waterloo is kind of the same thing, right? We think so.

4. Tips For Handling Conflict

conflict Mother's Day

We can’t guarantee how well this workshop will go down as a Mother’s Day gift, but it’s also probably fair to say that the waters of mother-daughter relationships don’t always run smooth, so we’re suggesting it anyway. It might be a great way to learn how to avoid problems in the future. If you have them. Which you might not. It’s all a bit of a minefield sometimes, isn’t it?

5. Classic London Bicycle Tour

Bicycle tour Mother's Day

If your mum is more of an active type, nothing says “Happy Mother’s Day!” better than a bike ride around some of the sights of London. There’ll be a tour guide to give you the low down on what you’re seeing, or you could always make up your own spiel and show off what a clever daughter/son you are. Please note that we did not say that you should do this. We just said you could.

6. African Dancing

African Dance Mother's Day

A great way to let loose in a friendly and supportive atmosphere, African dance is super-fun. If your mum doesn’t mind getting stuck in (and potentially feeling a little bit silly from time to time) we guarantee that you’ll spend Mother’s Day having a great time.

7. Yoga

Yoga flow (evolve) Mother's Day

Yoga is the perfect way to wind down on Mother’s Day, whether you’re relaxing after doing something really hectic, or just aiming to pack in as much well-being as you can in one day. It’s a great way to chill out, and also a great way to show off how well you can touch your toes if you’re feeling in need of a bit of motherly praise. Sometimes you just are, right?

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