Sit back & relax: 8 activities to try while sitting down

Activities are great. We obviously love them, since we’ve built our lives and careers around them. But sometimes there’s a bit of  a distinction. We love having things to do, but the word ‘activity’ implies a level of movement that, on some very rare occasions, we’re just not really up for. Sometimes in life you just need to be sitting, and that is knowledge you can have for free. After all, everybody has their lazy days, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But just because we’re feeling a bit anti-moving doesn’t mean that we don’t want to do anything. We’d just like there to be a chair involved. And maybe a cuppa. Who knows?


Decoupage Taster

Sitting down and creating beautiful pieces of art, or customising existing objects to make them look amazing? That’s a kind of multitasking we can definitely get on bored with. And, once you’re feeling like getting up and walking around again, you can go to all of your friends and show off the cool stuff you made.

Bike Tour

Bicycle tour

Go with us on this. Yes, this definitely involves a little bit of physical exertion. However, it’s not like you’re competing in the Tour de France or anything. That’s why we’re counting this as a sitting activity. You’ll just be sitting on a saddle while you pedal around and see lots of cool stuff.

Drawing The Star

Life drawing is great because you get to sit in the comfort of (in this case) a room above a pub while someone else adopts lots of weird and wonderful positions in front of you. Yes, the main aim is to draw them while you’re there, but it also makes you very grateful for the fact that nobody is requiring you to move.



Theatre is an excellent option for any time that you’re feeling lazy as long as what you’re actually feeling isn’t a little bit sleepy. After all, we’re not in the rudeness game. But the theatre is a great way to experience a lot of different things while still sitting down and not really doing a lot.

Speed Dating

Speed Dater Events

Speed dating is a great option for when you feel like getting out and about and meeting new people, but you don’t really feel like getting up. Dates will literally come and sit down in front of you (depending on which gender is required to move around the room). It’s like a Generation Game-style conveyor belt of human interaction.


Popup screens

Much like theatre, movies are another way to make sure you experience a lot of different things without ever really getting off your bum. From theme parks full of dinosaurs, to A Capella singing competitions, you’ll have the chance to get out more without ever having to actually get out more.

Wine Tasting


We might be too lazy to move around, but we’re never too lazy to take people up on the offer of alcohol. Sitting with friends and trying lots of different wines is something we often do anyway, but this time the wine is given to you rather than there being a continuous need to get up and go to a bar. We count that as a winner.

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