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8 Activities you can do straight after work

There are days when you just can’t be arsed. I say this with no judgement, because we all have them. in fact, those who know me might argue that I have more than most. but that’s neither here nor there. On those days when we just CBA it’s hard to make the most of our time. We don’t want to carry exercise clothes all the way to work, or lug a bunch of materials and equipment all the way across town, or battle our way through rush hour with extra luggage. In honour of that fact we’ve listed just a small sample of activities you could try with no preparation, planning, or packing whatsoever – just decide on the day, turn up in your work clothes, and have at it.

Activity 1: Pottery

potters-wheel-2-2This one’s a little risky, but what’s life without a little risk? (I feel like there’s a shark diver somewhere, shaking his head at the idea of doing pottery in one’s work clothes has just been described as ‘risky’, but this is a nice skirt, dammit!) You’re given an apron to cover most of the splash zone and, as long as you don’t go overboard on the Patrick Swayze-ing, you should remain relatively splatter-free.

Activity 2: Learn about the media

A poster on the wall of a block of flats in Mbare. Robert Mugabe celebrated his 88th birthday this year. He has been in power since the country gained independence in 1980. Zimbabwe’s first high-density suburb, Mbare, was established in 1907. It was originally called Harare Township, a name later used for the capital city itself. Harare is a corruption of Haarari, meaning 'One who never sleeps'. To accommodate men coming to the capital for work the council built Matapi flats and Mbare hostels. They would work for a few days at a time and then return to their families in the rural areas. Today those flats are dilapidated and severely overcrowded. Many rooms are occupied two or three families. The area was the centre of a lethal cholera outbreak in 2008. Significant portions of Mbare’s ‘informal’ structures were destroyed by police and military forces during the operation Murambatsvina in May 2005. It has been one of the most politically volatile areas in the country. The notorious mafia like Chipangano gang, a Zanu PF aligned militia, patrol the suburb extracting bribes and intimidating residents especially around election time. Mbare has become synonymous with diseases, fear, crime, and political violence. Photo Robin Hammond/PanosThe Frontline Club host a whole range of talks and events where you could find yourself learning about anything from the life of a renowned photojournalist to Russian drama. If you’re a note-taking-inclined person you might want a pad and pen (and you probably carry one anyway) but otherwise there’s nothing to bring, except open ears and maybe an interested nod once in a while.

Activity 3: Life Drawing

Life DrawingProvided you are slightly more careful than certain members of Team Wonderush (i.e. Me, who managed to smear charcoal all the way up one arm and onto my face) life drawing is great. It’s fairly easy on the clothes and doesn’t require you to bring anything special, as materials are usually supplied. You simply turn up, do as you’re old, and try to focus on the model without getting flustered. Piece of cake.

Activity 4: Belt out some tunes

Piano singalongThe piano singalong at Phoenix Arts Club is the perfect place to sing your heart out; and if that episode of friends where they went to the piano bar taught us anything, it’s that you can do it without worrying what kind of clothing (barring any transparency issues) you should wear, or bringing any stuff. Just a willingness to get involved and a strong set of vocal chords.

Activity 5: Shop ’til you drop

fashionYou can do it online, you can do it at the weekend while wearing sweatpants, and you can do it in your lunch break, so you already know shopping doesn’t require anything particularly special. Well, except for money, or a willingness to abuse one’s overdraft. But once you have that, you’re away, and probably looking super-stylish.

Activity 6: Watch a film

Shorts on TapAnyone who has ever tried to sneak-watch Netflix at their desk (definitely not me. Ok, fine. Me.) will be able to confirm that there is no effort required for film-based events, like Shorts on Tap and the Conclave film festival. You can drop in straight afterwork, take a seat, and watch things. It’s like being at home in front of the TV except that you might occasionally talk to other people. And while clothing isn’t generally a huge issue, they may complain if you remove your jeans.

Activity 7: Experiment with booze

White Wine#This is not the thing where you go home and test how many glasses of wine you can sink between dinner and bed time. This is actually educational. With wine tasting or cocktail making you’ll pick up skills that’ll make you the most popular person at your next dinner party. Unless you become that person who tries to teach everyone who didn’t ask the correct way to hold a wine glass. Please don’t become that person.

Activity 8: Get a glimpse into someone else’s life

Comedy ClubMuch like with watching films, there’s nothing special required to attend an after work storytelling event, except an open mind and a willingness to listen. Every night is different, and you might learn something new or end up looking at something from your own life in a new way.

The other bonus to heading out after work and trying any of these (or any other) things to do is that you totally avoid having to travel home during the rush hour, which is just a little extra win from us. We hope there’s something here to catch your fancy, but if not, don’t forget to follow the link below for a whole load more activities to try.

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