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8 Hangover-free activities you could try this weekend

You know what? Sometimes it’s really nice to wake up on a Sunday morning and have a clear head. You might use that extra clear-headedness for something useful like chores or Instagramming a fancy brunch somewhere because the bacon is aesthetically-pleasing rather than medically necessary, or you might just use it to check through Facebook before you make the conscious decision to have an extra few hours in bed. We’re not here to judge. What we are here to do is to let you know that there are weekend activities out there that don’t require one to get turnt up in order to enjoy oneself.

Activity Number 1: A good old-fashioned jam session

Nohangover singalong

Now. This takes place in a pub, so it’s not necessarily an alcohol-free activity, but we trust you. It’s a casual event where you turn up – with or without guitar – and so do other people. And then you all just sit around and play music and sing together. It’s really that simple, and it’s very obviously going to be the start of some beautiful, musical friendships that go on to change history. Or you’ll just have a great singsong. One of the two.

Activity Number 2: Pottery

Hangover free pottery

People make pottery look easy. We’re here to tell you that it isn’t. But it’s not easy in a funny way. The results can often be hilarious, and (as recently evidenced by The Great Pottery Throwdown) there’s also a healthy amount of innuendo involved. All of these things combine to make a properly fun activity, whether you’re with your friends or by yourself.

Activity Number 3: Insanity

Hangover free insanity

The endorphin high is a thing. It’s the nice feeling you get after you’ve done some exercise. And it’s something you really feel like you’ve earned because of the amount of sweating and sobbing and aching muscles for days afterwards. Insanity of a weekend morning is definitely a healthy alternative to lying in bed eating pizza.

Activity Number 4: Theatre Scratch Night

Hangover free audience

If you feel the need to know that you’re still getting out of the house in the evening an event like The Pleasance’s Scratch night might be just the thing for you. An array of new theatre and comedy talents will take to the stage to try out their new material and you might even be asked to give an opinion or two, which is always lovely. It’s exciting, it’s risky, and there’s a very good chance that nobody will spill their drinks on you.

Activity Number 5:  Cabaret 

No hangover cabaret

It’s not just The Pleasance, of course. There are all kind of events all over London. One of those is Cabaret Cultural, which is literally described as ‘a party with friends’. It’s a bilingual event celebrating art, literature, music, and gastronomy of Spain and Latin America. And let’s all be very honest with ourselves: That, right there, is a super-fun alcohol-free list.

Activity Number 6: Undercover London

Hangover free adventure

Make the best possible use of your non-fuzzy head, and protect London from spies and bad guys. Fire Hazard Games have put together a brand new immersive adventure where you’re in charge of solving clues and passing on messages to keep the city’s citizens safe. And that’s really hard to do when your brain is full of half a bottle of tequila and a full vineyard.

Activity Number 7: Language Exchange

Hangover free conversation

Nobody said a hangover-free weekend means you have to avoid socialising. With Babble’s language exchange you can meet new people, exchange language skills (Clue: Even if all you speak is English, that’s still a language skill that could be exchanged) and have a nice time. There’s a friendly and open atmosphere and you’ll have more success talking to people than you ever would in a nightclub with the music thumping.

Activity Number 8: Zumba


Just because we’re avoiding hangovers doesn’t mean we can’t dance like nobody’s watching. The tunes are brilliant, everybody’s having a great time, and there’s an additional calorie burn that’s just a nice little bonus. There’s no embarrassment about going all out, because everybody in the room is. Plus there’s probably no cameras in use, so no humiliating pictures will start turning up on Facebook the next day. Everyone’s a winner.

We might just have summed up your perfect weekend. Or, these might not be to your taste at all. Fortunately there are tons of things to do all over London that don’t involve a thumping head the next morning, so there’s definitely something out there that’s totally perfect, and it can probably be found on Wonderush.

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