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8 Reasons to celebrate summer

We’ve mentioned it a few times now, but it’s nearly Summer. As far as we’re concerned that is more than enough reason to celebrate in itself. In fact, we believe that so strongly we’re holding our own  However, for anyone still looking for a reason, we put together a few because we’re very nice people, and also the sun has gone to our heads, and also we’re all about bringing you joy:

Reason to celebrate #1: The days are longer

celebrate evenings There’s so much more daytime to go round now! There’s a big mental difference between winter, when you might arrive at work before it gets light and leave once it’s dark again, and summer, where that just doesn’t happen. Once it starts getting dark at nine or even ten o’clock at night, you might as well just be leaving the office at midday, with loads more time stretching ahead of you. Even though the difference is mainly mental, it is a big difference.

Reason to celebrate #2: Sunlit selfies just look better

celebrate selfieSunshine can hide a multitude of sins. And even though we don’t think anyone has anything to hide because we’re very nice and also very diplomatic, it still feels like everyone prefers pictures of themselves looking happy in the sunshine over pictures where they’re huddled under umbrellas or looking really cold.

Reason to celebrate #3: Drinking outside

celebrate drinkingNothing says ‘it’s summer’ like that first glass of Pimms at a picnic where everyone pretends that Pimms isn’t kind of gross (just us?). Or, failing that, nothing says ‘it’s summer’ like the first trip to your local pub’s beer garden or the first gin in a tin while you walk your friends’ children round a packed-out zoo. Basically, outdoors-y stuff is better with alcohol and we can finally make the most of it.

Reason to celebrate #4: Eating outside

celebrate eatingAlong the same lines as drinking outside is eating outside, which is something to truly be appreciated if you’ve ever tried to eat something from a food truck on a rainy day. It just doesn’t work. So much soggy cardboard. But no longer – now we can see nothing but picnics and barbecues and Mr Whippy in our future. It’s beautiful.

Reason to celebrate #5: Doing everything else outside

celebrate outsideUltimately it’s just nice to be able to get outside really quickly without having to put on every single item of knitwear that you own. Maybe you’ll read a book in a park, or people watch outside a cafe, or spend some time working in the garden, if you’re lucky enough to have such things available to you. Actually, can we come?

Reason to celebrate #6: Good moods

celebrate Good moodSunlight increases levels of Serotonin in the body, which is a chemical that makes us happier. Therefore, science basically agrees that we should be on sunny holidays all the time. But until we can afford that we can just hold onto our hats and wait for summer to rear it’s beautiful, warm, Vitamin D-filled head.

Reason to celebrate #7: Parties

celebrate partyWe don’t really need an excuse for a party (in fact, we’re throwing one next week), but the aforementioned good moods definitely make it even more likely to happen. After all, who wants to go to a party when they’re going to get rained on all the way there and then meet up with grumpy people? Exactly. Nobody. But when everyone’s happy and a little bit tanned the whole thing makes a lot more sense.

Reason to celebrate #8: The seaside suddenly isn’t the worst place in the world

celebrate beachesIt’s no secret that the beaches in England aren’t always ideal. Don’t get us wrong, they’re not terrible. It’s just that they don’t quite live up to the music-video-worthy image of a beach that we have in our hearts. The sand is questionable, the sea is freezing, and everything’s a different shade of grey. But add a bit of summer to the mix and things just got a lot more fun.

If we’ve just whet your appetite for the next couple of months then good news! We’re hosting our Summer Social on April 28th where you’ll be able to get together with the rest of the Wonderush community and celebrate the fact that best time of the year is nearly upon us. Sign up today to reserve your space!

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