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8 Things we learned during a bicycle tour

Cycling in London can seem like a really horrible thing if you’re not used to it. The traffic is crazy, the roads are littered with pot holes and, frankly, the weather’s just kind of chilly and unpleasant a lot of the time. It’s lucky, then, that companies like London Bicycle Tours exist and are happy to take groups out for a spin. It could be that you want to learn more about London in general, or you might just want to see it from a saddle for once. It’s a great opportunity to do either. Team Wonderush recently went on our first ever London Bicycle Tour and we learned a lot – both about the city itself and about ourselves. It was eye opening, and we’ve recorded what we learned because we hope to pass our wisdom on to future generations:

  1.  You like to think you’re a nice person, but when it comes to it, you will fight to overtake anyone so that you’re not the person at the back of the group.
  2. There are very pretty backstreets slap bang in the middle of Central London that look like tiny villages where people live the ultimate Wholefoods-shopping, Cath-Kidston-furniture-owning dream, and you didn’t even know they existed.
  3. Those splotches that look like chewing gum all over the Millenium Bridge? Those are tiny pieces of art. Look a bit closer.
  4. Cobbled streets are not a cyclist’s friend. Or, at least, not a cyclist’s bum’s friend.
  5. It is very difficult to look cool while posing for photos on a bicycle. This does not put some people off from trying.
  6. There is no hunger like the hunger of a person who has been riding a bike around in the fresh air for a couple of hours.
  7. Busy roads look scary, but they are not actually as terrifying once you get stuck in.
  8. The man who started the Tate gallery is also the man who created the sugar cube. He is therefore one of our favourite men.

London Bicycle tours can be booked through Wonderush. If you’re looking for more than just a one-off activity don’t forget to check out Wonderush Unlimited, where you can book unlimited activities for just £29 a month.

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