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Anatomy of a #HappyYouYear: Summer

We went off on one last week about how we kind of resent New Years resolutions and are choosing instead to make 2016 a Happy You Year. Of course, it’s very easy to spout inspirational pep talks like that, but it’s hard to imagine what a Happy You Year might really look like. Well, not any more, folks. Community Manager Nicola is here. Last week she gave us an example of a Happy You Spring, and today she is imagining how a Happy You Summer might look:


If I’m not making the most of my time in the summer I end up feeling kind of guilty. But the thing is, there’s just so much of it. I swear, sometimes I get home at nearly midnight and I can still see a little bit of light on the horizon. So I feel like I should be out late most nights, and I also want to avoid the heat (What? I’m writing this in January. I am assuming there will be heat. There had better be heat.), so I’m not exactly going to be hitting it hard with the exercise.

I’m picturing sitting out with my friends and enjoying some food or a few drinks. That might be at a food truck festival, or maybe while doing mixology or wine tasting. I’ll also definitely be keeping an eye out for any hot tub-based events, since they always seem to crop up at that time of year and I’d like to know what all the fuss is about. Maybe I’ll try and hit an outdoor film screening or some kind of open air theatre. Basically, in this world where the weather is definitely consistently lovely in this summer scenario of mine, I want to be outdoors at all times. That is my main focus.

Of course, my friends might not want to go to all of these events with me – after all, they have jobs and lives and holidays to be getting on with – so I might also start thinking about meeting some new people come the summer. You know, in that casual and spontaneous way that definitely follows on from planning it in advance. I’ll probably try out a language exchange, walking tour, or pub crawl and see who I meet there. If I’m feeling brave I might even give speed dating a try!

The other thing I might want to do with my increased daylight hours is try a few more creative things. I might try out a few craft workshops, or even some life drawing. If I go to a knitting class now I might even manage to have a completed scarf by winter. That’s a life goal and a half.


Since Nicola probably won’t want to stick to the same things all year, we’ll be covering a different season each week of January. We already covered Spring, but check back next week to find out how she thinks Autumn might go. And if you fancy making the most of your time and having your own #HappyYouYear don’t forget to visit and browse all of the things you could be trying!

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