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Books, Baked Beans, and Brilliant Things To Do

We remember what it was like to be students. To be honest, it wasn’t that long ago. Or, at least, if we close our eyes really tight we can just about taste the baked beans, and pretend it’s still OK to listen to Craig David un-ironically.

The point is, we know what it’s like. London is an expensive city at the best of times, but when you’re trying to get by on a student budget it can be tough. I mean, what do you prioritise – food? books? fun?

Kidding. Obviously fun is the priority. YOLO, and all that. The great news is that we can help you to cover that for a super-low price. With a Wonderush subscription you have access to fitness classes, nights out, and more weird and wonderful activities than you can shake a stick at. You don’t pay anything on the top. Once you’ve subscribed you can have a go at anything that takes your fancy.

Once you know you’ve got your free time sorted, everything else can go towards paying for study materials and nutritious food. Or Sainsburys Basics vodka and trainers. We’re not your mum.

Just think – you’ll be giving your friends fomo left and right. Which is totally fine, because you’ll get your own referral code. For every friend who signs up, they’ll get their first month for £1 and you’ll get £10 off your next month’s subscription. Technically, if you sign up a tube-load of people you won’t have to pay for 6.9 years

We’re all over social media and we love to see what our members are up to so if you go to any awesome experiences feel free to tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Now that we’ve introduced ourselves, why not head over to the main site and browse the activities we have on offer – you’ll see we’re not exaggerating. We hope to see you getting up to some amazing stuff very soon.



Have a go at unlimited things to do in London for £29 a month. Sign up and get your first month for £10!


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