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8 Activities that’ll bring out your inner badass

Sometimes in life we all feel kind of ‘blah’. Maybe it’s all the grey weather recently, or just that we all got stuck in a bit of a rut over Christmas. Whatever the reason, we need to put some excitement back in our lives. Obviously starring in action movies and doing awesome stunts isn’t really an option for the average Londoner, so we’ve looked at some other things you could try to get yourself feeling just a little bit more badass.

Paint Banksy

Paint Banksy

Graffiti has a reputation for being pretty badass (which is not us endorsing illegal stuff), and what’s more badass than a graffiti artist who’s also using his work for good? We’ve not done 100% of the research we probably should have, but we imagine it’s a bit like being an artistic Robin Hood. And now you can make your own version of some of his work. Ealing, £25.

Whisky Tasting

Whisky again

Everyone who drinks whisky is kind of badass, from villains in movies to our alcoholic uncles who put away a bottle day. It’s very strong stuff, and it’s pretty impressive that people can even take the pain of swallowing it. Now. This is a pretty uneducated opinion. But that’s where a whisky tasting session comes in. Cutty Sark, £30.


Girl training body combat

A more traditional view, but what says ‘badass’ more than kicking the living daylights out of people? Or, in this case, out of mats and thin air. But you can still walk down the street knowing that if you needed to go all ‘Matrix fight sequence’ on someone at any given moment, you couldWood Green, £10.

90s Karaoke


If we were naturally happy to stand on a stage and sing we’d probably have auditioned for X Factor at least three times by now. But here we are. It takes guts to stand up on a stage and sing. It takes even more guts to reveal that you have a word perfect knowledge of ‘Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble’ by PJ & Duncan. And that’s the kind of revelation that might happen at 90s karaoke. Old Street, £12.60.

Stepping out of your comfort zone

comfort zone

We all love our comfort zone. That’s literally why we call it that. Stepping out of it can be difficult. Stepping out of it to try a session called ‘Stepping out of your comfort zone’ can be very difficult. It’s not the traditional bad-guy-beating, looking-really-cool kind of badassery that we know and love, but that doesn’t make it any less badass. Shoreditch, Free!

Circus fit

Circus Fit

Sometimes all you need to look like a badass is a really great entrance. For example, rolling through the door on top of a ball, flying in on a trapeze or walking in on stilts. Party tricks are good too – like juggling, or walking a tightrope (if they happen to have one at your party). Basically, Circus Fit equips you with some great skills to whip out any time you feel like you need to prove a point. Perfect. Hammersmith, £14.


Insanity 2

Badasses can do press-ups. There’s many a movie montage to prove that point. They can also run a lot and generally seem to be very fit people. Insanity is basically like a training montage from a movie where a badass lead character is preparing to fight someone – be it aliens/another person/ injustice itself. We might not be able to do the movements quite so gracefully and complaint-free as they do, but we can certainly pretend we did afterwards. Chelsea, £10.

Tea Brewing

tea brewing

Picture the scene: You’re with someone. Maybe on a date. Maybe having a quiet night in. You walk out of the kitchen, pride swelling in your chest, and proudly slam down a mug. Inside, there is tea so perfect that everyone around you stops and stares. You made that. They are impressed. The world is your oyster. That sounds pretty badass to us. East India, £17.

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