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Books, Baked Beans, and Brilliant Things To Do

We remember what it was like to be students. To be honest, it wasn’t that long ago. Or, at least, if we close our eyes really tight we can just about taste the baked beans, and pretend it’s still OK to listen to Craig David un-ironically.

The point is, we know what it’s like. London is an expensive city at the best of times, but when you’re trying to get by on a student budget it can be tough. I mean, what do you prioritise – food? books? fun?

Kidding. Obviously fun is the priority. YOLO, and all that. The great news is that we can help you to cover that for a super-low price. With a Wonderush subscription you have access to fitness classes, nights out, and more weird and wonderful activities than you can shake a stick at. You don’t pay anything on the top. Once you’ve subscribed you can have a go at anything that takes your fancy.

Once you know you’ve got your free time sorted, everything else can go towards paying for study materials and nutritious food. Or Sainsburys Basics vodka and trainers. We’re not your mum.

Just think – you’ll be giving your friends fomo left and right. Which is totally fine, because you’ll get your own referral code. For every friend who signs up, they’ll get their first month for £1 and you’ll get £10 off your next month’s subscription. Technically, if you sign up a tube-load of people you won’t have to pay for 6.9 years

We’re all over social media and we love to see what our members are up to so if you go to any awesome experiences feel free to tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Now that we’ve introduced ourselves, why not head over to the main site and browse the activities we have on offer – you’ll see we’re not exaggerating. We hope to see you getting up to some amazing stuff very soon.



craig, darcey, len, and bruno
Break Your Routine, Fitness, Live More Awesome, Things To Do, Try Something New

7 Dance Classes That’ll Send You Straight to Strictly

Here at Wonderush we are really excited about Strictly. As in, ‘Anton getting his first ever dance partner with some potential’-level excited. Or at least, the person writing the Wonderush blog posts and airing her own opinions as if they were the opinions of an entire team is that excited about Strictly. Community Manager Nicola spends depressing quantities of her time imagining the day when she’s finally invited to be a contestant. She likes to think that she’d be one of those people who are great right off the bat – She wants to hear Len say ‘Seven!’ on her first week and only go up from there. Because a girl can dream. And to make those dreams a tiny bit closer to reality here are a few of the dance classes Wonderush offer that could help her (and you) to get to the top of the leaderboard.

1. Bachata

Not actually a dance that features in the series, but the Strictly judges bloody love their hip action and this has it in spades. For those who feel Latin would be their forte this offers a chance to practice, and for those who think they’ll specialise in the ballroom side of things, this is the perfect time to start learning.

Bachata Class

2. Beginner’s Argentine

When the Argentine tango crops up it’s always a little bit awkward because it’s not really like anything else the contestants have to do. It’s probably best to start preparing now for the inevitable part of the series you are definitely taking part in where you’ll have to give it a go.

Argentine Tango

3. Brazilian Zouk

Again, this is not a dance that features in Strictly, but that does not mean it doesn’t contain some transferable skills. This is another valuable chance to practice hip action, because we all know that that’s really the only way to get Bruno Tonioli on side.


4. Salsa

A dance that you just know is in the cards, and often very early on in the series before contestants have really hit their stride. We do not want you to be that contestant who struggles with their very first Latin dance so we very much recommend that you get practising now.


5. Tango Instinct

The Tango is difficult. You have to look so serious and, as proven by Ainsley Harriott’s pout in his first weekend, that can be a difficult thing to pull off. So, like so many things in your potential Strictly career, this is something that it’s best to learn in advance. It’s better to be safe than sorry, after all.


6. Beginners Ballet

You know full well that Craig’s going to be upset with everyone at some point because they don’t extend their arms or because they’re not graceful enough. While you’re not likely to end up busting out a scene from Swan Lake in the Blackpool Tower Ballroom, a little bit of ballet might just be the thing to make you stand out from the crowd. Pretty dancer hands and all.

Beginner Ballet

7. Street Popping

Assuming that you are in the Strictly game for the long haul there’s going to be a show dance. Contestants are expected to bring something different to the table, and what’s more different in a ballroom dance competition than a casual bit of street popping? Anyone who’s ever seen Take The Lead with Antonio Banderas will know that this is an excellent idea already.

PoppingUnfortunately, while it’s true that Team Wonderush could potentially help you towards the end of your path to Strictly glory, we can’t provide you with the necessary C-List levels of fame to put you in the running in the first place. That is down to you. However, what we can do is to fill the free time you have until you make it big with all kinds of super fun things to do. Check the main site for details.

Break Your Routine, Fitness, Lifestyle, Live More Awesome, Things To Do, Try Something New

8 Multitasking Activities to Try In London

We’re all busy people. Life in London is hectic. There aren’t enough hours in the day. These are all factors that have contributed to the rise of multitasking. It’s not exactly a new concept, but until fairly recently multitasking was reserved for work-related situations where getting stuff done in the shortest space of time possible was paramount. Now, however, multitasking is finding it’s way into our hobbies. If you’re a person of the overachieving kind we can thoroughly recommend the following activities to make sure you fill your free time with maximum efficiency:

1. Chessboxing

Do you ever find yourself playing chess and wishing you could punch your opponent? Or do you ever find yourself boxing and thinking ‘this is all very well, but I wish I could also show how much faster my brain works’? Either way, chess boxing gives you the opportunity to prove yourself in both ways at once.

Chess Boxing

2. Capoeira

A martial art that also involves a heavy element of dance, this is a perfect opportunity to show off not only your ability to take on an attacker, but also your grace and ability to move. Is it a bit like a dance off where you also beat up your opposition? In our heads, when we’re doing it? Yes. Capoeira teachers may disagree.



3. Drink Shop Do

Basically Community Manager Nicola’s idea of heaven, Drink Shop Do combines three of the best things in the world. You can sip cocktails and make ill-advised (but unquesionably necessary) purchases, and all while also doing something like, say, hanging out with friend-of-Wonderush Mr Stitch, and doing some awesome embroidery.

drink shop do

4. PiYo

Pilates or yoga? Yoga or pilates? It’s a question that haunts most of us at one point or another. The pilates/yoga amalgamation promised to us by The OC never really materialised, but this has recently come along to take its place, promising toning and strength exercises with low impact. Maybe Sandy Cohen will love us now?


5. City Dash

Running is a fine exercise. It really is. But sometimes, doesn’t it just feel a little bit, well, boring? Luckily our pals at Fire Hazard have solved this problem with City Dash. At their immersive adventures you can not only raise your pulse through running, but also through an awareness of the need to stop bad guys within a time limit. It’s kind of like you’re James Bond, except we do not advise that you rock up in a tux.

City Dash

6. Walking Tour

A walking tour seems like a sedate enough activity, but that’s kind of a ruse. Which is obviously not to say that Undiscovered London are running their customers ragged, but all that walking definitely adds up. When she tried out an East End tour, Community Manager Nicola clocked over 15,000 steps and got a very approving notification  from her phone’s busybody pedometer. Plus she knows loads about street art now. Show off.

East end tour

7. Yoga Dating

Sometimes in life we might find ourselves torn. Should we be doing yoga, or should we be at a singles event? How will we ever find love if we’re not out and about, and actively looking? But how will we stay flexible if we’re not keeping up with our yoga practice? Our friends at Creative Yoga have basically eliminated this problem with their yoga dating nights where you can mix and mingle while you chill out.

Yoga Dating large

8. Samba Reggae

Should I do samba or should I do reggae tonight? It’s an age-old question, and one that thousands of people across the city are, no doubt, wrestling with even now. Fortunately for us all, Antidote London have come up with a session to make all of our lives easier because we no longer have to make a difficult choice. You simply have to head over to them and do both in one 90-minute slot.

Samba Reggae

Whether you like to multitask in your free time, or whether you like to take it slow and concentrate on one thing at a time, you can check out our main site to find all kinds of things to do. We can’t wait to see what you get up to.

Rugby world cup and rugby ball
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17 thoughts about the rugby world cup by someone who knows nothing about rugby

Lest it had escaped anybody’s notice the rugby world cup started on Friday. It was an exciting evening full of hype and emotion and, um, balls. Community Manager Nicola has never sat through an entire rugby match before so, in the spirit of trying new things (something we take very seriously at Wonderush HQ) we got her to watch England’s opener against Fiji and record some of her thoughts. We regretted it almost immediately.

  1. National pride! Yay! Go Team GB! Oh, it’s just England? Ok, go them, then.
  2. If I stood next to a rugby player I bet I’d look really short.
  3. I wonder if a rugby player could pick me up.
  4. I wonder if I’d get arrested if I asked a rugby player to pick me up.
  5. This rugby song is emotional.
  6. Oh my god, it’s called a try because then they get to try kicking the ball over the thing. Right?
  7. I wonder what the thing is really called. You know, the ‘H’.
  8. Imagine if H was playing. That’d be a Tragedy. Probably Better Best Forgotten, to be honest.
  9. Stop thinking about Steps. Rugby. Focus.
  10. What do you mean England are playing in red? I’ve fully been cheering for the wrong team.
  11. Man, it’s no wonder they never used to let us play this in school.
  12. At what point to they start admitting that they just needed an excuse to touch each other?
  13. I bet they have competitions for who has the most messed-up ears.
  14. I do not know what is happening but I know people are cheering and I AM EXCITED.
  15. Rugby has the best songs.
  16. I bet this match would make a lot more sense if I didn’t have to keep closing my eyes every time someone got tackled.
  17. When does Jonny Wilkinson come on?

Wonderush cannot be held responsible for any offence caused to people who actually know their rugby. If you find yourself looking for some way to escape the people in your life who know nothing, or you’re searching for a way to leave the rugby fans to have their fun, you’ll find a whole load of things to do over on our main site, so you should probably check that out.

Charlie from Creative Yoga teaching yoga
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Class Spotlight: Charlie from Creative Yoga

This week our spotlight falls on Charlie from Creative Yoga. We met Charlie for the first time when she ran an exclusive social yoga class at Wonderush HQ, which our attendees absolutely loved. It’s a unique mix of relaxation and teamwork, and it’s a great idea, so we thought we’d better get her to answer a few questions:

How did you get into yoga, and then into teaching?

I started practising yoga when I was studying at Cambridge. I loved the course (Political Philosophy) but found it pretty draining. Yoga really helped me relax by providing time every day to tune in with the breath and body. After graduating, I worked in various areas – organising arts festivals, for a photographer – but always had the niggling sense something wasn’t quite right. When I finally made the decision to train as a yoga teacher, everything seemed to fall into place.

How would you describe your teaching style?

Alignment based vinyasa flow. Uplifting and energising classes that build strength and heat in the body, with a hefty dose of zen. My classes are grounded in philosophy and centred around self-care. Challenging yourself but never pushing your body into a space it shouldn’t be in. I encourage students to slow down, focus on the breath and begin to cultivate present moment awareness.

Music is a big part; I love creating different playlists to help students get into the flow and reach a deeper level of relaxation in Savasana.

Why would you recommend your class?

Our Creative Yoga classes are a fun, light hearted way to get moving, raise your heartrate, and learn something new about your body. Yoga is all about connecting and we like to create interesting experiences to make this really tangible – through partner yoga, teaching at Morning Gloryville, outdoor classes in Regent’s Park, couples yoga, yoga raves.

Can you tell us something surprising about yourself?

I performed Heal the World on stage with Michael Jackson in the 90s. I treasure my signed photograph of him stroking a panther.

What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not at Creative Yoga?

Kettlebells and colouring-in.

What’s your favourite part of London? Any places you’d recommend there? (Shops, businesses etc)

I spend most of my time in Broadway Market. You can normally catch me either teaching or attending a class at Stretch yoga studio. After class, I always go to Tiosk, a speciality tea shop where brewing is an art. My favourite is the Gyokuro green tea or if you’re looking something with more of a kick, their matcha lattes are great. For coffee, it has to be Climpon’s. La Bouche for laid back lunch. Holistic health for me time treatments – massage, EFT, crystal healing. Swimming in the outdoor lido is the best, especially on a rainy evening.

If you could try any experience in the world, what would it be, and why?

I would like to train as a contortionist and travel with the circus. Giffords ideally

For classes from Creative Yoga, as well as a whole load more things to do across London check out our main site.


Yoga class
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35 Thoughts We Might Have Had During Early-Morning Yoga

This week Team Wonderush attended an early-morning yoga class. It was traumatic having to get up, but we soldiered on and found a little bit of relaxation in the process. Of course, being based in London, that lasted all of seven seconds. But those seven seconds? Amazing. Here are some of the thoughts we had during our class, which might well be some you’ve had too. There’s no shame in it. Of course, we would say that:

  1. This is too early.
  2. I hope I don’t fall asleep if we have to lie on the mat.
  3. If I do, what if I snore?
  4. I can’t believe people do this every day.
  5. Man, I wish I looked like that person.
  6. Do I have to take my socks off?
  7. Do people seriously do this every day?
  8. No. I am an empowered, confident person who does not have these thoughts.
  9. I really do wish I looked like them, though.
  10. Ooh, they’ve got their own yoga mat. I bet they’re, like, a pro.
  11. Are they going to play this music the whole way through? This isn’t-
  12. Oh, actually, this is quite relaxing.
  13. Oh my god, I can’t even touch my toes.
  14. Can I Instagram this? People should know I did this.
  15. I bet that person’s tshirt never rides up.
  16. Stop staring at that person’s arse.
  17. Wait. What was that? I wasn’t listening.
  18. I don’t have a practise. Should I tell them I don’t have a practise? What’s a practise?
  19. Wait, my leg’s supposed to go where?
  20. Don’t fart, don’t fart, don’t fart.
  21. Don’t giggle, don’t giggle, don’t giggle.
  22. Man, this is actually pretty hard.
  23. I am a warrior in my warrior pose and my warrior name is Beyonce Pad Thai. I should probably get my own warrior name and stop stealing Mindy Lahiri’s.
  24. I don’t understand why people need hot yoga when normal yoga makes me sweat this much.
  25. I think I’m thinking too much.
  26. How does everybody just know what this stuff means?
  27. I wonder if the candles have ever set anything on fire.
  28. Seriously, don’t fart, don’t fart, don’t fart.
  29. I wish I’d eaten something before I got here.
  30. Seriously. Did anyone else just hear my stomach rumbling?
  31. I should definitely book my yoga retreat when I get home. I wonder if they’ll let me have three months off, or if I should just quit. I wonder how much it costs to get to the Andes.
  32. Was I always this tall?
  33. *Mental Facebook status drafting*
  34. *Mental ‘I’m so relaxed and cultured’ tweet planning*
  35. I am now officially relaxed. I am calm and centered. Woe betide the first motherfucker who ruins it.

Team Wonderush have all kinds of classes and experiences available across London, so if yoga isn’t your bag we probably have something else you like. You should definitely check out our main site to see what we have going on. We’re adding stuff all the time. We also attend a lot of the events in person, so we’ll probably see you around somewhere.


Break Your Routine, Fitness, Lifestyle, Live More Awesome, Things To Do, Try Something New

Class Spotlight: Astra from Skylab

This week our Class Spotlight falls on Aerial Fit at Skylab Studio. Team Wonderush went to Skylab studio a couple of weeks ago. It was a great class, and a one-of-a-kind experience. We worked muscles we didn’t know existed. We also took some time afterwards to talk to Astra, our taskmaster (in a lovely way) and the lady behind Skylab:

How would you describe your teaching style?

I would like to think it’s a balance of great content as well as me not taking it all too seriously. It is after all meant to be fun. If you are not having fun and learning something at the same time then I’m doing my job wrong!


Why would you recommend your class?

It’s a super fun way to get fit. You are so busy focusing on how to do the tricks that you don’t really notice how much of an upper body workout you are getting. It’s also challenging which gives you a rush of satisfaction when you finally nail that move you’ve been working on. And if you’ve been coming to class a while you end up learning a new skill that you can show off to all your mates!


Can you tell us something surprising about yourself?

Hhhhhhmmmm can’t think of anything right now – can I get back to you on that…!


What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not at Skylab?

My friend has launched a night called the Suppertub – al fresco dinner in a hot tub by the canal! It’s been my favourite hang out of late. Being a hot tub fan anyway this is just so civilised – the perfect place to chill out after a hard days training or teaching and let those muscles unwind. Other than that I love to get out of London and go and explore the countryside – it’s so relaxing to just be in nature. Breathe the fresh air and get some peace and quiet. I love London but there is only so much of the hectic pace I can handle.


What’s your favourite part of London? Any places you’d recommend?

I love the Roundhouse – it’s one of my fave venues. I also love the Southbank as there is always a ton of cool stuff going on there especially in Summer. I guess I love the Thames river in general, especially at night. I still get excited seeing all the buildings and bridges all lit up and looking so pretty. Makes me feel thrilled to be living in London.


If you could try any experience in the world, what would it be, and why?

I still want to go swim with the dolphins – I love the ocean and water in general and dolphins seem like such beautiful creatures. I think it would be an amazing experience to swim amongst them out in the wild.

If you find yourself at a loose end you should definitely get yourself over to Skylab. It’s a fantastic place to hang out (sorry not sorry for the pun). Wonderush offers Aerial Fit, Aerial Yoga, and hundreds of other experiences across London. Take a look at the main site to find out more.
Break Your Routine, Fitness, Live More Awesome, Things To Do, Try Something New

Hangin’ Out at Aerial Fit

Class: Aerial Fit

Taught By: Astra

Team Members who tried it: Community Manager Nicola, Business Development Manager Jon

Location: Chalk Farm

Finding the location for Aerial Fit felt like kind of an achievement in itself. Skylab Studio is in Chalk Farm, but it’s down the side of another building and the next-door alley has recently started being developed into a car park. We actually joked that if we never found the place we’d just hang off of some JCBs for a bit. It was lucky that we did eventually find the place, because climbing up building site machinery sounds like the kind of thing they make educational warning videos for school children about.

Definitely do not be put off from looking for the place, though. When you get there Skylab have a loft-type setup, but a cool-and-airy one, rather than the horrible one at the top of your house. It’s all wood floors (crash mats to hand, of course), white walls, and a massive sofa. There are also aerial hoops and silks hanging from the ceiling. So, basically, it is my dream living room.

The class itself is split into three twenty-minute sessions. The first is a series of strength exercises designed to work the muscles used for doing things in the air (you know all of the muscles you never knew existed? Those ones.) After that we had twenty minutes of climbing silks, and twenty minutes of work on the hoop. Or, if you’re like me and have the upper-body-strength of a five-year-old, forty combined minutes of flailing.

This isn’t the kind of fitness class you’re likely to go along to and be great at straight away (and if you are I demand to know how) but that’s totally fine, because it’s an amazing skill, but it is just that – a skill. It takes practise. I’ll be totally honest – when we were trying to climb silks I don’t think my feet left the floor once, which was not through lack of trying. But writing this the next day I definitely know I had a good workout.

It also needs to be said that in the face of pure ineptitude from Team Wonderush, Astra was nothing but encouraging. She offers variations if she thinks it’ll help and straight-up cheerleading if that’s what you need. So if worry about whether you’ll be able to keep up or not is what’s stopping you – don’t let it.

Before the class ended we had a cool-down. Nothing in that moment could have been more appropriate than the start of the very first song, when Ed Sheeran came out with “When your legs don’t work like they used to before”. Except it was mainly our arms and hands. But it’s the thought that counts. Thanks, Ed.

Does exercise in the air take your fancy? Have you, like me, been harbouring fantasies of being an aerial performer for years? Can you reach down and pick up the change I dropped? Seriously, because my arms ache. Visit the main site for your chance to try getting fit in the air – or any of our other classes and experiences – for yourself.