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The Wonderush Summer Social

The weather got a bit good a few weeks ago. We sat in our office getting very excited about that fact, and decided that the fast-approaching Summer was something we should be celebrating. Shortly after this we sat in our office watching a blizzard over Kensington, but by then it was too late. The seed was sown.

In those early weeks of excitement we came up with the idea of the Wonderush Summer Social. It would be a chance for Team Wonderush to meet their members and partners, and for those members and partners to meet each other (obviously it would, as that is the very definition of the concept of a ‘social’).

We picked a fantastic venue called Loading Bar in Dalston. Nary a Friday afternoon passes at Wonderush HQ without some kind of game being played, and Loading had them all. Like, literally all of them – board games, video games, you name it. It felt like home.

Social 2

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The Wonderush Roundup: May

As Justin Timberlake has pointed on so many of our Facebook timelines recently, it’s gonna be May. In fact, it already is. We’d make lots of puns about the new month, but they MAY not be everybody’s cup of tea. But the point is, there’s a whole new month beginning, which means it’s time for another Wonderush roundup of the coolest events happening in London in the next few weeks.

Chelsea Flower Show

There’s nothing like flowers to make everyone remember that Summer’s just around the corner, and when you’re out and about in Chelsea in May there’s nothing like super-stressed landscape gardeners and horticulturalists running around everywhere to make you remember the exact same thing. It’s super pretty, though, and while you might not be able to get in there are also displays outside local businesses.

Covent Garden May Fayre

You can tell that anything where they spell ‘fair’ with a ‘y’ is going to be old-fashioned and that’s exactly what this traditional May celebration is. There’ll be may pole dancing, clowns, and Punch and Judy shows galore, as well as a toast to Mr Punch to elebrates the first time Samuel Pepys encountered the puppet 354 years ago. That’s pretty old school as far as we’re concerned.

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5 Ways to update your look for Summer

Summer is nearly here and that’s kind of a big deal in terms of fashion. There are new collections (We’re looking at you, Alexa) and the chance to get more creative with the outfits we choose. Not that we didn’t love the ‘jeans and jumper with a thermal vest underneath all day, every day’ look. It’s just time to branch out. We feel like we’re qualified to discuss this having watched The Devil Wears Prada three and a half times. So, in our capacity as experts, here is our list of ways to update your look for the new season ahead:

Get some new jewellery

Jewellery is probably, in our professional fashion opinion, one of the easiest ways to update any outfit, and it’s also something a lot of people notice and comment on. Just think how smug you’ll feel the next time someone says ‘Ooh, I like your necklace’ and you can say ‘thanks, I made it myself’, and then they go away thinking you’re amazing.

Upgrade your accessories

Picture the scene: It’s rush hour and you’re making your way through the station. Ahead of you is a wall of commuters who couldn’t care less. But that all changes when you pull out your stylish, handmade, monogrammed card holder. People turn. They’re dazzled by your stylishness. You are a fashion leader.

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8 Reasons to celebrate summer

We’ve mentioned it a few times now, but it’s nearly Summer. As far as we’re concerned that is more than enough reason to celebrate in itself. In fact, we believe that so strongly we’re holding our own  However, for anyone still looking for a reason, we put together a few because we’re very nice people, and also the sun has gone to our heads, and also we’re all about bringing you joy:

Reason to celebrate #1: The days are longer

celebrate evenings There’s so much more daytime to go round now! There’s a big mental difference between winter, when you might arrive at work before it gets light and leave once it’s dark again, and summer, where that just doesn’t happen. Once it starts getting dark at nine or even ten o’clock at night, you might as well just be leaving the office at midday, with loads more time stretching ahead of you. Even though the difference is mainly mental, it is a big difference.

Reason to celebrate #2: Sunlit selfies just look better

celebrate selfieSunshine can hide a multitude of sins. And even though we don’t think anyone has anything to hide because we’re very nice and also very diplomatic, it still feels like everyone prefers pictures of themselves looking happy in the sunshine over pictures where they’re huddled under umbrellas or looking really cold.

Reason to celebrate #3: Drinking outside

celebrate drinkingNothing says ‘it’s summer’ like that first glass of Pimms at a picnic where everyone pretends that Pimms isn’t kind of gross (just us?). Or, failing that, nothing says ‘it’s summer’ like the first trip to your local pub’s beer garden or the first gin in a tin while you walk your friends’ children round a packed-out zoo. Basically, outdoors-y stuff is better with alcohol and we can finally make the most of it.

Reason to celebrate #4: Eating outside

celebrate eatingAlong the same lines as drinking outside is eating outside, which is something to truly be appreciated if you’ve ever tried to eat something from a food truck on a rainy day. It just doesn’t work. So much soggy cardboard. But no longer – now we can see nothing but picnics and barbecues and Mr Whippy in our future. It’s beautiful.

Reason to celebrate #5: Doing everything else outside

celebrate outsideUltimately it’s just nice to be able to get outside really quickly without having to put on every single item of knitwear that you own. Maybe you’ll read a book in a park, or people watch outside a cafe, or spend some time working in the garden, if you’re lucky enough to have such things available to you. Actually, can we come?

Reason to celebrate #6: Good moods

celebrate Good moodSunlight increases levels of Serotonin in the body, which is a chemical that makes us happier. Therefore, science basically agrees that we should be on sunny holidays all the time. But until we can afford that we can just hold onto our hats and wait for summer to rear it’s beautiful, warm, Vitamin D-filled head.

Reason to celebrate #7: Parties

celebrate partyWe don’t really need an excuse for a party (in fact, we’re throwing one next week), but the aforementioned good moods definitely make it even more likely to happen. After all, who wants to go to a party when they’re going to get rained on all the way there and then meet up with grumpy people? Exactly. Nobody. But when everyone’s happy and a little bit tanned the whole thing makes a lot more sense.

Reason to celebrate #8: The seaside suddenly isn’t the worst place in the world

celebrate beachesIt’s no secret that the beaches in England aren’t always ideal. Don’t get us wrong, they’re not terrible. It’s just that they don’t quite live up to the music-video-worthy image of a beach that we have in our hearts. The sand is questionable, the sea is freezing, and everything’s a different shade of grey. But add a bit of summer to the mix and things just got a lot more fun.

If we’ve just whet your appetite for the next couple of months then good news! We’re hosting our Summer Social on April 28th where you’ll be able to get together with the rest of the Wonderush community and celebrate the fact that best time of the year is nearly upon us. Sign up today to reserve your space!

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5 Ways to get yourself onto Britain’s Got Talent

Britain’s Got Talent is back on our TV screens and all is right with the world. It’s been around for ten years, and that’s insane. That also means that someone watching every episode has probably spent approximately 200 hours sitting in their PJs on Saturday nights. The contestants we’ve watched in those countless hours have proved that, with a little bit of practice, anyone can get to the kind of level that makes Simon Cowell’s jaw drop. Whether that’s for good reasons or bad reasons is case-dependent, but it’s memorable either way. While some contestants have gone on to bigger and better things, the majority were thoroughly normal before they went on the show. It’s totally do-able. And here are some activities you could try that might see you starring in Britain’s Got Talent 2017 (you know, if you feel like giving the PJs, sofa, and wine a break for a little while next year):


Sure, you might not necessarily be a great mover at the moment, but that could change in a year. You don’t need to have always been a pro to kill it on the dance floor. You might just remember this couple who proved to all of us that age really doesn’t matter once you’ve got the moves:

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5 Top tips for times when you get home late

The problem with doing loads of super-cool stuff in your free time is often one to do with juggling time. What do you have to give up in order to get to your chosen activities? How can you manage a full day of work and then a full evening of Insanity, or life drawing, or even just pub crawling? How can you manage a commute on top of that? The answer is, it can totally be done, but people often claim that they don’t have time. We don’t agree. What it actually means is that you might get home late and that’s inconvenient. With that in mind we got our very own Community Manager Nicola (who commutes nearly 4 hours every day and still makes it out to Wonderush events in her free time) to give us a few tips that’ll help make getting home late a little bit easier.

Getting home late tip No. 1: Know what you’re going to eat

There’s no way around it. If you don’t have a plan for what you’re going to have for dinner when you get home, then you’re going to eat everything. Have something to hand that you can shove in the microwave – like a ready meal, or something you cooked earlier if you’re feeling fancy and Blue-Peter-ish – or the number of a takeaway that you can call en route so that your food arrives at the same time as you do. Otherwise, kiss goodbye to the multipack of kitkats you hid in the cupboard last week.

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Wine for the win

Like many of you, we saw photographer Marcos Alberti’s brilliant portraits of people after drinking 1, 2 and 3 three glasses of wine and thought – “well… what would 4, 5 and 6 look like?”.

So, we’ve teamed up with one of our wine tasting experience hosts and we want YOU.

If you live in London, would like to drink six glasses of the very best wine and have the results photographed this Saturday, 9th April, just pop your email address and name in below and we’ll randomly pick 5 of you for the shoot.

Oh – and did we say the wine would be free?

We’ll let the lucky chosen people know where to be on the day! Ooh… tense.

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Cocktail making classes with Goat

It is a truth universally acknowledged that all good things involve alcohol. That’s certainly the case for our good friends at Goat, who run cocktail making classes in Chelsea. We try to get along to as many of our activities as we can, and a casual bit of cocktail making seemed like the perfect idea to spice up a team whose drink preferences only normally include an after-work Becks on a Friday evening.

Based in a private bar away from the rest of the clientele, the cocktail making class began with – you guessed it – a cocktail. After all, it seemed only natural. Plus it was delicious. We went before Easter, which meant that during our class we learned to make more traditional cocktails (Negronis, Daquiris, and so on), as well as more seasonal ones (Creme Egg cocktail, anyone?).

The evening was interactive, but not in a ‘you are forced to respond very publicly to everything anyone says and you have to stand up in front of a crowd and look like a fool’ kind of way. Those who wanted to could put their hands up and make cocktails behind the bar with guidance from the awesome Goat staff, while those who were more into watching from the sidelines and having tasters of everything could do that too. Judging by the number of couples, it seems like it’s a popular thing to do on a date as well. Of course, we’re all too focussed on finding cool things to do all over London for anyone to ever love us, but that’s our own issue, and we’re working on it. And in the meantime we’re recommending date night spots to internet strangers.

As for cocktail making itself? It turns out that it’s not to be underestimated. All of the adding of ingredients is easy enough, but sealing and then opening a cocktail shaker is no joke. By the end of the night we all had the sore palms to prove it (steady now). We got a pretty good workout from all of the shaking, too. But it’s definitely worth it when you can impress your friends with your brilliant cocktail making skills later on. Bragging rights are everything.

If you’d like to have a go at cocktail making for yourself you can book your place on the next class here. If a monthly subscription for unlimited super-cool activities across London is more your speed, don’t forget to check out Wonderush Unlimited as well.

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The Wonderush Roundup: April

April is upon us and ooh, it’s going to be a good ‘un. We’ve had a very recent bank holiday, and there are more lined up. The clocks have gone forward and the days are only going to get longer. Outdoor events suddenly don’t sound like the worst idea in the world. It’s just really lovely. And of course, there are super-cool things happening all across the capital. We made a list of some of our favourite April events – maybe we’ll catch you at one?


Circusfest is back at the Roundhouse and this year’s festival will see a whole load of companies performing a huge range of circus-based shows. Whether you’re more into physical comedy or graceful movement, you’ll find something to suit you. Watch death-defying stunts and curse yourself for never running away to join the circus when you were daydreaming about it as a kid.

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8 Reasons singing is awesome

Singing is awesome. There’s a reason all the Disney princesses do it so much before they get rich and their lives drastically improve. It’s just fun. Whether you’re a strictly shower-based singer, or you like to branch out a bit, we’re sure that at some point or another you’ve realised the power of a really good sing-song. And it’s not just our opinion. There are proper scientific facts to back all of this up. We’re not doctors, but we still thought we’d give a summary of some of the benefits singing can bring:

It raises your oxytocin and endorphin levels

Without going into too much detail (because of the aforementioned fact that we are not doctors) endorphins and oxytocin are chemicals that make you feel good. Endorphins are responsible for the runner’s high, and Oxytocin is often referred to as ‘the love hormone’ – both sound very promising, and both are things that you want more of.

It can improve your sleep

One of the great things out our good friends endorphins and oxytocin is that they can help you to get to sleep easier at night, which is something we can definitely get on board with.

It improves your mental alertness

There’s a bit of a chain reaction happening here. Basically, good chemicals = sleep = mental alertness. There’s also the much more immediate fact that when you’re singing, and especially in a group, you have to keep track of exactly where you are in the song, which helps to hone your ability to pay attention.

Your posture gets better

Remember when, as a kid, you’d be learning a song in school for an assembly or something equally boring, and then the teacher would tell you to stand up, and then you’d complain, but then it would sound a million times better? Posture is key when singing, and once you start focussing on it, the improvements can last for ages afterwards.

It helps with lung function

There are loads of lung-based benefits that go hand-in-hand with singing. For a start, your aerobic capacity (which is pretty important for silly little things like being able to breathe) improves, and your intercostal muscles and diaphragm get a workout. It’s not going to make you super-hench any time soon, but those are muscles that you definitely need in tip-top condition.

It can clear a cold

While your lungs are getting a workout your sinuses and respiratory tubes are as well. It’s definitely a thing. It’s just that it’s not the kind of thing you’d particularly notice unless there was something wrong with them already. There’s nothing like a few sound waves to vibrate gunk out of a blocked sinus. Disgusting, but true.

It improves your self-esteem and confidence

You don’t have to be a good singer to feel good about yourself. Just the act of singing, and doing all of the good stuff for yourself that we’ve already mentioned, can do wonders for the self-esteem. And if you’re feeling more outgoing, it can feel fantastic to stand up in front of people and sing. It doesn’t come from the quality of the singing, it’s simply the act of doing the thing. A very cheap high.

It’s just fun!

We’ve listed some very good reasons to get singing but, at the end of the day, nobody would bother if it wasn’t fun. You might like singing on your own in the shower, and that’s fine. The other option is getting together with a group, having a laugh, and meeting new people. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of working in (literal) harmony with other people who all love the same thing.

And on that cheesy note, we’ll just casually remind you that if you want to find somewhere to go singing we can totally help you out. Or, more accurately, the lovely folks at The Bridge Choir, The Petting Zoo, and Gospeloke can help you out. Get singing and thank us later!