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10 People You’ll Probably See At The Notting Hill Carnival

The Notting Hill Carnival is a huge cultural event for Londoners. It attracts untold thousands of people from all over the place. We’ve made you a guide to the people you might come across if you decide to go down (or up. We don’t know where you live):

That Guy Who’s Been Pregaming Since 6am
He usually wouldn’t get out of bed before ten, but when a cause is close to his heart he’ll dedicate himself to it. And, for the entirety of August Bank Holiday weekend, his cause is getting turnt. Can usually be recognised by his inability to walk in a straight line, incoherent cheering, and vomit-splattered shoes. Also by the trail of annoyed people behind him who’ve just been shoulder-barged. And by the fact that his friends abandoned him a long time ago.

Tourist Who Picked The Worst Day Ever To Look For The Blue Front Door
Poor, unsuspecting tourist-person. They woke up in their hotel room, stretched, and thought ‘Yes. Today is the day I will go and see where Hugh Grant lived in that film’. They thought it was a bit crowded on the way but didn’t really question it, because it’s London. It wasn’t until they walked directly into the path of a samba dancer that they began to twig, and by then it was too late.

The ‘Up For It’ Policeman
Much like a unicorn, this is a mythical creature, seen by few but believed in by many. We’ve all seen the videos. And we’re not doing down the rest of the police, either. They’re generally pretty good-humoured. We’re just waiting for the next one who’ll breakdance in a poor-quality phone video and immediately go viral. Life goals, right there.

The Instagrammer
It doesn’t matter if there are thousands of strangers there to bear witness to the fact that they were there, The Instagrammer wants a specific group of people – who are very likely to be cooler than them – to know. They’ll stop at nothing to get the perfect shot, even if that means coming to a dead halt right in front of a moving crowd and causing a small pile-up. Then, they’ll somehow take up the entire pavement while they adjust the shit out of the picture and still claim ‘#nofilter’.

The Person Who Lives For Sequins (And/Or Could Potentially Be High)
You can never tell with this one. It might be that they just love the sparkle, or it might be that they love the crack pipe. Either way, they wander around, eyes wide and mouth open, getting in everybody’s way, like they’ve just seen Jesus in a sequinned crop top.

The Introvert Who Wishes It Was Over
It’s a truth universally acknowledged that crowds ain’t for everyone. Also, that people will get dragged to things they don’t want to go to. The Introvert Who Wishes It Was Over can most commonly be found on the very edges of the pavement, flinching every time someone bumps into them, and desperately trying to twist their face into an expression that looks like it could be enjoyment.

The Bemused News Reporter
Trying desperately to look like they’re down-with-the-kids enough to find people to interview, while still looking authoritative enough to be trusted by proper adults sitting at home, the bemused journalist treads a difficult line. Most likely to be found sitting at home the next day nursing fake-smile-strain and promising themselves never again.

The Peacock Who Can’t Actually Dance
Having decided that carnival would be the perfect place to find himself a mate the peacock spares no energy in making that happen. In a bid to look more cultured than the average bear he gets right on it with the Samba moves without once worrying about his two left feet or uncontrollable flailing.

The Person That Takes Too Long in The Portaloo
The argument for peeing in the street personified. A mysterious creature, nobody really understands what in the hell they could possibly be doing in there. Whether we are friends with one, or the person stuck behind them in the queue, our lives will all be touched by this person at some point.

The Person Who Blates Went To Jouvert
It’s just a shame they didn’t manage to find a shower since. Nice day-old body paint, mate.



We hope you have a great weekend, whatever it is that you’re doing. It’s the perfect time to start making the absolute most of your free time, which just so happens to be something we’re experts in. We want to help you maximise your time even beyond the bank holiday. Make sure you check out our main site for more ways we can help you to #LiveMoreAwesome.


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Six Things You Can Do In Mayfair For Little Or No Money

There’s no getting around the fact that Mayfair is a pretty damn expensive place. It’s the home of embassies, private casinos, and Michelin-starred restaurants. Finding anything affordable to do there can be pretty difficult. To be honest, we can’t actually change that for you because we have no power over places like The Dorchester, but all is not lost if you find yourself in that part of the world. Please enjoy our list of suggestions for what you could do while you’re there:

  1. Ogle Nice Cars

There are some very flashy cars parked in and around Mayfair. Between the fancy hotels, the super-expensive apartments (more on these later) and the flashy members-only clubs, it’s basically one giant millionaires’ car park. And boy, those cars. Whether you’re genuinely interested in all things extravagant and motoring, or just like looking, judging, and wondering what the drivers are compensating for, there are more than enough opportunities in Mayfair.

  1. Window Shop Like The Fancy Person You Could Be One Day

We’re not ones for making assumptions about people, but we’re going to go ahead and assume that if you’re reading this you might not have enough money to afford to frequent Balmain all the time. But luckily the window shopping is still pretty good. Whether you’re daydreaming about the day you wind up at the Oscars, your wedding day, or when you finally win that Nobel prize, the windows in Mayfair have the outfit for you. So stand in the rain outside Oscar De La Renta while the security guard glares at you, and start working on your speech.

  1. Get a Sandwich With A Side Of Banter

It’s not all ogling stuff, though. There are a few things everybody can afford. There are at least two sandwich shops – Da Corradi and Piccolo – where you can get a good lunch at a reasonable price. Not only that, but the guys working there are always willing to pass the time of day – often whether you want to or not. But still, in a world of very expensive people in very expensive clothes it’s nice to talk to a fellow muggle.

  1. Have Drinks in A Fancy Hotel

There are pubs around Mayfair, of course, because even rich people are human beings. But the fancy hotels are home to some brilliant people-watching. Obviously, when we say ‘drinks’ we mean ‘tap water’ or maybe a coke if you want to push the boat out. Then nurse it for about ten times longer than necessary and have a stare. Not to be too stereotypical,  but we guarantee someone, somewhere will be talking about a first world problem you’ve never even thought about, and probably wearing something expensive while they do.

  1. Find Your Dream Unrealistic House

House hunting in Mayfair is so unrealistic for someone with a normal job/bank balance that it becomes an exercise in comedy. Whether you look at rentals or at properties to buy, you’ll never see as many zeroes in one place as in the price tag on a Mayfair property. The decor’s always pretty amazing, though, and you definitely won’t be able to resist planning out the rest of your crazy-opulent life once you start. It’s a slippery slope, my friend, and the landing is a hard one. But what a ride.

  1. Celebrity Spotting

Whether it’s actually-very-famous celebrities staying in one of the very many, previously-mentioned fancy hotels; or someone slightly more, um, Z-list stumbling out of Mahiki at 3am on a Tuesday, you’ll probably be able to find a celebrity somewhere. Unless, that is, you are Community Manager Nicola, who recently walked past a balcony several times without once noticing that Nicole Kidman was standing there filming an advert. Fortunately, we did not hire her for her observational skills.

Don’t let us put you off a trip to Mayfair. All of the things we listed are actually really fun. And once you’ve finished, you’ll probably be within easy reach of one of one of our experiences. Take a look at the main site to see what we have going on, and start Living More Awesome.