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7 Activities to try on your next staycation

Holidays are great. There’s nothing like the feeling of flying away somewhere hot and sunny for a couple of weeks, and just forgetting about all of your stresses. There’ll be beaches, and cocktails, and blue skies. Or there’ll be exploring, and sports, and things to do. Basically, your cup runneth over either way. Of course, we don’t all get the chance to take a holiday, but does that mean we should be stuck in the office for the whole of the Summer, as our colleagues show us their holiday snaps and bang on about men named Miguel who they picked up at the hotel tiki bar? No. And that’s where the Staycation comes in.

For the uninitiated (which sadly is more and more of us these days because life is expensive) a staycation is defined as “a holiday spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions”. You may have already noticed, but at Wonderush, we’re all about local attractions.

So, without further ado, we’ve put together a list of some awesome things you can do in London if you’re staring down the barrel of a staycation this Summer. The weather’s going to be amazing, so staycationing doesn’t need to be a fallback choice. It can (and it will) be awesome:

Secrets of Southwark Tour

One option for livening up a staycation is to get out and see a new part of town. Taking a tour can be a great way of doing that, and especially with a guide as lovely as Katy from Look Up London. We’re willing to bet that you learn something.

Babble Language Exchange

Language Exchange

You know what they tend to do in places where you might go on a foreign holiday? They speak other languages. Even if you’re not learning some new words in situ you can still pick up a few choice phrases that are reminiscent of being away. You never know when they might come in handy, after all.

London by Night Bicycle Tour

London Bicycles on tour

Aren’t nights spent outside a great part of Summer? There’s nothing like the feeling of suddenly realising that it’s 10pm and you haven’t needed to put on a jacket. That’s still something you can capture in London, and how about doing it from the saddle as you check out new parts of the city?

Flamenco Live

Flamenco Live

You can add some spice to a British Summer day by hanging out on a boat (OK, fine, on a barge) and learning some Flamenco moves that you can then throw around with abandon. There’ll also be Spanish conversation and food, so it’s a bit of a holiday package, really. Without being a package holiday, of course.

Movie Hot Spots Tour

movie hot spots tour

You know what holidays often involve? Glamour. And what could be more glamorous than having a nose around London at all of the places where Holywood A-Listers have made great (or bad, we’re not here to judge) movies? You can practically feel the LA sun on your face.

Bogan Bingo

Bogan Bingo

Every good holiday resort has bingo, so this is a great way to convince yourself you’re somewhere far away from home. Add to that some 80s anthems and lots of bright lights and you’ll feel like you’re on an 18-30s trip before you know it.

Camden Street Art Tour

camden street art

Culture is a key part of many a holiday, and a staycation doesn’t have to be any different. After all, London has tons of it. Rather than going for the obvious museums and galleries, though, how about taking a walk through Camden to learn about all of the street art you might never have noticed otherwise

So. If you’re in the Staycation club this Summer, what will you be doing? If we haven’t whet your appetite just yet, don’t forget to check out Wonderush for more ideas of awesome things to try.


Sit back & relax: 8 activities to try while sitting down

Activities are great. We obviously love them, since we’ve built our lives and careers around them. But sometimes there’s a bit of  a distinction. We love having things to do, but the word ‘activity’ implies a level of movement that, on some very rare occasions, we’re just not really up for. Sometimes in life you just need to be sitting, and that is knowledge you can have for free. After all, everybody has their lazy days, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But just because we’re feeling a bit anti-moving doesn’t mean that we don’t want to do anything. We’d just like there to be a chair involved. And maybe a cuppa. Who knows?


Decoupage Taster

Sitting down and creating beautiful pieces of art, or customising existing objects to make them look amazing? That’s a kind of multitasking we can definitely get on bored with. And, once you’re feeling like getting up and walking around again, you can go to all of your friends and show off the cool stuff you made.

Bike Tour

Bicycle tour

Go with us on this. Yes, this definitely involves a little bit of physical exertion. However, it’s not like you’re competing in the Tour de France or anything. That’s why we’re counting this as a sitting activity. You’ll just be sitting on a saddle while you pedal around and see lots of cool stuff.

Drawing The Star

Life drawing is great because you get to sit in the comfort of (in this case) a room above a pub while someone else adopts lots of weird and wonderful positions in front of you. Yes, the main aim is to draw them while you’re there, but it also makes you very grateful for the fact that nobody is requiring you to move.



Theatre is an excellent option for any time that you’re feeling lazy as long as what you’re actually feeling isn’t a little bit sleepy. After all, we’re not in the rudeness game. But the theatre is a great way to experience a lot of different things while still sitting down and not really doing a lot.

Speed Dating

Speed Dater Events

Speed dating is a great option for when you feel like getting out and about and meeting new people, but you don’t really feel like getting up. Dates will literally come and sit down in front of you (depending on which gender is required to move around the room). It’s like a Generation Game-style conveyor belt of human interaction.


Popup screens

Much like theatre, movies are another way to make sure you experience a lot of different things without ever really getting off your bum. From theme parks full of dinosaurs, to A Capella singing competitions, you’ll have the chance to get out more without ever having to actually get out more.

Wine Tasting


We might be too lazy to move around, but we’re never too lazy to take people up on the offer of alcohol. Sitting with friends and trying lots of different wines is something we often do anyway, but this time the wine is given to you rather than there being a continuous need to get up and go to a bar. We count that as a winner.

What’s your favourite thing to do when you want to do something that involves a minimum of movement? Have we inspired you? Check out Wonderush for loads of awesome stuff you can get involved with today.


Christmas story time!

With the festive season fast approaching we’ve been sharing our favourite Christmas stories at Wonderush HQ. We had a pretty mixed bag – it turns out Team Wonderush are actually a pretty well rounded bunch. We wrote them all out nicely, and we thought we’d share them with you here:

imran_ jon_ khalid_ kuvera_ nelson_ nicola_ silvia_



I love Rock’n’Roll

Camden has history. At first glance, if you look at the high street with it’s shop fronts covered in plastic models of trainers and jewellery, and it’s customers covered in eye makeup and skinny jeans, it might be difficult to believe. But this place goes way back. In particular, Camden is the scene of a whole lot of music history, and Undiscovered London‘s new tour gave us the perfect opportunity to learn all about it.

Even just the meeting point itself sets the tone for the tour. You find yourself loitering outside a closed-and-slightly-grubby club in the middle of the day, waiting to be picked up. It’s more than just a club, of course. While it’s KOKO today, in the past it’s played host to all kind of bands, and very cool people. All very rock’n’roll. The tour itself involves not only the lovely guides who are also famous for their starring role in Undiscovered London’s East End experience, but also a troubadour. Or at least, a troubadour of sorts. Or at least, a man named Ali who walks around and sings and make us feel inclined to call him a troubadour because we’re fancy and possibly not 100% clear on what a troubadour actually is.

Anyway, after leaving the insalubrious surroundings of a nightclub in daytime, the tour proper starts. Once you trail up the high street – probably annoying quite a lot of pedestrians if we’re totally honest. I certainly got tutted at a good deal. As, I imagine, the rock stars of yore did – and wind up in some residential streets. It turns out the residents of Camden are hiding quite a lot of scenes of rock’n’roll history in amongst their super-nice houses and Wholefoods.

After having a look at how the other half live (and where they drink) the tour moves on to Camden Lock and the markets. There’s time to break away from the group and explore here. You can sample some of the street food options, pick up a bunch of super-cool trinkets, or just window-shop and cry inside about how long it is until payday. Um, not that that happened.

The elephant in the room on any Camden tour is, of course, Amy Winehouse-shaped so the next stop after the markets is the pub where her career effectively began. Having sung  songs at intervals throughout the tour, the AMy Winehouse singalong is the one which easily has the most people who know the words. Members of the public who happen to be passing stop and stare in bemusement. They probably thought we were Rock’n’Roll pilgrims or something. We certainly had enough knowledge by then.

The tour ends opposite the Roundhouse with a mass-participation version of Blur’s Parklife. Which, if you ask us, should be the way that more tours end – Rock’n’Roll or not.

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10 People You’ll Probably See At The Notting Hill Carnival

The Notting Hill Carnival is a huge cultural event for Londoners. It attracts untold thousands of people from all over the place. We’ve made you a guide to the people you might come across if you decide to go down (or up. We don’t know where you live):

That Guy Who’s Been Pregaming Since 6am
He usually wouldn’t get out of bed before ten, but when a cause is close to his heart he’ll dedicate himself to it. And, for the entirety of August Bank Holiday weekend, his cause is getting turnt. Can usually be recognised by his inability to walk in a straight line, incoherent cheering, and vomit-splattered shoes. Also by the trail of annoyed people behind him who’ve just been shoulder-barged. And by the fact that his friends abandoned him a long time ago.

Tourist Who Picked The Worst Day Ever To Look For The Blue Front Door
Poor, unsuspecting tourist-person. They woke up in their hotel room, stretched, and thought ‘Yes. Today is the day I will go and see where Hugh Grant lived in that film’. They thought it was a bit crowded on the way but didn’t really question it, because it’s London. It wasn’t until they walked directly into the path of a samba dancer that they began to twig, and by then it was too late.

The ‘Up For It’ Policeman
Much like a unicorn, this is a mythical creature, seen by few but believed in by many. We’ve all seen the videos. And we’re not doing down the rest of the police, either. They’re generally pretty good-humoured. We’re just waiting for the next one who’ll breakdance in a poor-quality phone video and immediately go viral. Life goals, right there.

The Instagrammer
It doesn’t matter if there are thousands of strangers there to bear witness to the fact that they were there, The Instagrammer wants a specific group of people – who are very likely to be cooler than them – to know. They’ll stop at nothing to get the perfect shot, even if that means coming to a dead halt right in front of a moving crowd and causing a small pile-up. Then, they’ll somehow take up the entire pavement while they adjust the shit out of the picture and still claim ‘#nofilter’.

The Person Who Lives For Sequins (And/Or Could Potentially Be High)
You can never tell with this one. It might be that they just love the sparkle, or it might be that they love the crack pipe. Either way, they wander around, eyes wide and mouth open, getting in everybody’s way, like they’ve just seen Jesus in a sequinned crop top.

The Introvert Who Wishes It Was Over
It’s a truth universally acknowledged that crowds ain’t for everyone. Also, that people will get dragged to things they don’t want to go to. The Introvert Who Wishes It Was Over can most commonly be found on the very edges of the pavement, flinching every time someone bumps into them, and desperately trying to twist their face into an expression that looks like it could be enjoyment.

The Bemused News Reporter
Trying desperately to look like they’re down-with-the-kids enough to find people to interview, while still looking authoritative enough to be trusted by proper adults sitting at home, the bemused journalist treads a difficult line. Most likely to be found sitting at home the next day nursing fake-smile-strain and promising themselves never again.

The Peacock Who Can’t Actually Dance
Having decided that carnival would be the perfect place to find himself a mate the peacock spares no energy in making that happen. In a bid to look more cultured than the average bear he gets right on it with the Samba moves without once worrying about his two left feet or uncontrollable flailing.

The Person That Takes Too Long in The Portaloo
The argument for peeing in the street personified. A mysterious creature, nobody really understands what in the hell they could possibly be doing in there. Whether we are friends with one, or the person stuck behind them in the queue, our lives will all be touched by this person at some point.

The Person Who Blates Went To Jouvert
It’s just a shame they didn’t manage to find a shower since. Nice day-old body paint, mate.



We hope you have a great weekend, whatever it is that you’re doing. It’s the perfect time to start making the absolute most of your free time, which just so happens to be something we’re experts in. We want to help you maximise your time even beyond the bank holiday. Make sure you check out our main site for more ways we can help you to #LiveMoreAwesome.



3 survival tips for life in a new city that every traveller must read

For the last couple of years, I’ve been in a constant state cialisvsviagracomparison of wanderlust – which is a great word that encapsulates one’s strong desire to travel. Wanderlust is what eventually led me to make the move from my hometown of Toronto, Canada to the European Big Apple of London, UK.

Moving to a country all alone really pushes you outside of your comfort zone because you no longer have the things you relied on back home, from friends to favourite places to hang out. You have to recreate all of that and as nerve wrecking as that sounds, it can actually be quite rejuvenating if you refine your approach. Here are three ways you can do that…

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