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Class Spotlight: Antidote London

A couple of weeks ago the whole of Team Wonderush went to Antidote London‘s playground games workshop. We ran around like mad things and basically regressed to our seven-year-old selves, and it was hella fun. Afterwards, we just had to shine the class spotlight on Team Antidote to find out how the whole thing came about:

How did Antidote start?

It’s a great story actually. We were set up by an amazing man who realised he wanted an escape from the stresses of his working life and to do more fun stuff that would connect him with his friends and family too. Not only that but he wanted to enable other people to experience this wholesale escapism – so he set up Antidote! He’s a very successful businessman (and clearly a very good philanthropist too…) He and the original Antidote team then set about researching activities and workshops that were the most uplifting, unusual and fun and then went about delivering them in 3 monthly seasons for the public to enjoy. Ta-dah.

How would you describe the style of the sessions?

Chilled, friendly informal and fun. And warm! We really always try to create the most warm welcoming atmosphere possible. People can take from the sessions whatever the want really (apart from like, our phones and stuff…) Our programme is super diverse and something we’re mega proud of, having taken years to curate it and build up a pool of completely awesome facilitators. We only work with facilitators that really are top of their game so while the styles of sessions are hugely different (as some are dance, some games, some singing) the quality is the same. We also believe that you can BE REALLY BAD at our activities, but that it’s about having a go at something rather than mastering it.

Why would you recommend your sessions?

Because everyone deserves a chance to be a big kid once in a while. And do so in a chilled atmosphere full of awesome new people. Because we think it’s good for your mind and body to be constantly exploring and trying new things. And because we are like, really nice.

What is your favourite playground game?

Oooh that’s bloody hard isn’t it! Perhaps a game called ‘Let’s All!’ where each person in the group takes turn to shout out random instructions and the group follows them. Grandmother’s Footsteps is an absolute classic that Jo loves. Or any game that involves animals. Elena loves animals.

Can you tell us something surprising about yourself?

Elena originally trained as an opera singer. Jo originally trained as a contemporary dancer.

What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not at Antidote?

Cook. Eat. Repeat. Find secret pubs. Watch Outlander. Specifically watch Jamie in Outlander.

What’s your favourite part of London? Any places you’d recommend?

Little Bay in Kilburn because you CAN EAT IN A TURRET. Ruskin Park in Denmark Hill which is a sweet little wild oasis. The Faltering Fullback pub in Finsbury Park which has a Narnia garden and great thai food. The hidden Skip Garden Cafe behind King’s Cross for a day date. Deptford Market for treasure.

If you could try any experience in the world, what would it be, and why?

Climb Machu Picchu! There’s an incredible West African instrument called the kora which I’d love to learn. Oooh and we’d love to experience meeting Bill Murray too. Obviously.

For more of Antidote’s workshops and a whole load of other things to do in London you should definitely check out our main site and get yourself signed up to anything from crafting to cocktail making, and salsa to standup.

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