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15 Things that happen when fighting zombies with your colleagues

Zombies can be a menace. It’s not often that zombies come into daily life at Wonderush, but when they do, they do so with a vengeance. Team Wonderush very recently won the Dot London Award for New Business of the Year, and we were treated to a surprise night out to celebrate. That night out just so happened to contain zombies.

We get on really well as a team. Having spent nearly a year together working incredibly hard to bring our every-expanding members super-cool new things to try, we like to think that we can work together pretty well under pressure. And, to a certain extent, we proved ourselves to be correct in that thinking. However, there were still some lessons for us to learn. We wrote them down so that future generations of Team Wonderush do not have to go through the things that we went through. Because we are nice. And we’ve seen things, man.

  1. People who do not seem like they’d be into holding hands suddenly get really into holding hands.
  2. There’s always someone who suggests that somebody else should sacrifice themselves. The team might not be too bothered about keeping that person safe.
  3. There might be someone who forms an unnatural bond with the zombie itself.
  4. You’re not doing well when even a zombie is trying to give you clues about how to escape.
  5. If you are asked to fill in a name tag and given carte blanche to call yourself anything you want, your mind will probably go blank.
  6. The expectation of zombies is often significantly worse than the reality. (Here’s hoping that turns out to be correct should a real apocalypse ever occur.)
  7. You suddenly find counting really difficult under pressure.
  8. You suddenly find reading really difficult under pressure.
  9. You suddenly find writing really difficult under pressure.
  10. Basically, your infant school teachers did not adequately prepare you for stressful situations.
  11. If something has been gaffer-taped to the wall you will remove it. Repeatedly. Even though you have been asked not to and told that it will not help you. They don’t own you.
  12. Holding a clipboard can make you feel like an authority figure, even when facing the undead.
  13. You will probably find out that at least one (if not more) of you male co-workers is a secret shrieker.
  14. If you thought your surprise work outing was going to be to visit a cat cafe, you’ll still just scan the room quickly to double check there’s no kitties, even though the groaning and clanking of chains is already getting louder.
  15. If you’re in a random pub in Whitechapel talking very loudly and excitedly about the zombie you just fought nobody will bat an eyelid.

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