Break Your Routine, Live More Awesome, Try Something New

Five Ways to #LiveMoreAwesome

Here at Wonderush we are huge proponents of Living More Awesome. It’s great. It’s just not an immediately self-explanatory term. So we’ve written this because we’re considerate. Please enjoy our guide to the benefits of living more awesome:

1. You Can Meet New People

Everyone is rightly sceptical when someone suggests we should meet new people. Because the thing is – we’re adults. Most of the time we have people already. And they’re normally driving us crazy with their incessant Whatsapp groups, life dramas, and inability to stick to plans. But the thing is, we’re not even saying that you have to make new best friends. Sometimes it’s just nice to have someone in the same class as you who you know you can roll your eyes at when the Bootcamp teacher tells you to do more press ups. We’re not saying you have to go on holiday with them afterwards, or launch a business venture together. It’s just a bit of moral support.

2. You Can Try New Things

You might not be any good at aerial yoga. You might be a really bad life draw-er. There’s no guarantee that you’ll be immediately fantastic at Chessboxing. But does that mean you shouldn’t give it a go? There was no guarantee that you’d be any good at your job until you were. At some points it’s probably looked like you’re kind of rubbish at being an adult, but eventually it all works out. We’re not often fans of the cheesy cliche in everyday life, but you never know what’ll happen until you try.

3. You Can See New Places

We all have the areas of London we’re familiar with, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s lovely to be able to just know where to go to get a good coffee, or a nice lunch, or a shortcut to a venue. But what if there’s a better coffee two stops down the line and you just never realised? There’s a whole world out there, and it doesn’t stop outside the fifteen-minute-walk boundary from your office. And once you get out of your comfort zone you might run into other things that sound interesting, and suddenly you have new things to do at the weekend and new super-hip bars to take your friends to as you pretend that this place was just on your radar because you’re really cool. We won’t tell anyone.

4. You Can Break Your Routine

“I’m sorry, I can’t come and get lunch with you because I brought the same ham sandwich to the office that I’ve been bringing since 2011.”, “Oh, I can’t come out with you, because it’s laundry night.”, “I usually wash my hair on Thursdays, so I need to be back by 9pm.”

There is literally nothing wrong with any of the above. In fct, they are all snapshots from Community Manager Nicola’s actual life. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give yourself a chance to see what else is out there. Yes, it might mean you have to use a bit of dry shampoo, or do a febreze-wash on a tshirt (again, we won’t tell anyone), but that might not be a bad thing every once in a while. We fully admire the fact that your life is so well organised, but have you ever wondered what else is out there?

5. You Risk Making a Fool Of Yourself

When all is said and done, there are a whole bunch of ways in which you might end up looking stupid. Maybe you talk to someone and they don’t answer you. Maybe you get off at the wrong station and end up arriving late to a class. You might just be honestly terrible at something. Those things are all embarrassing. But the fact is that nobody else is going to care. The moment you realise that you’re the only person who is going home still thinking about your own humiliation is a very liberating moment. It could be depressing to think that nobody cares what you’re doing, but when we’re talking about total strangers at a class somewhere it becomes absolutely fine. So you do you, because nobody else is worried.

At Wonderush we really want to help you to Live More Awesome, and – not to toot our own horns – we think we can actually do that. Our members can access classes and experiences across London and do everything on our list. That’s pretty cool, right?


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