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Hangin’ Out at Aerial Fit

Class: Aerial Fit

Taught By: Astra

Team Members who tried it: Community Manager Nicola, Business Development Manager Jon

Location: Chalk Farm

Finding the location for Aerial Fit felt like kind of an achievement in itself. Skylab Studio is in Chalk Farm, but it’s down the side of another building and the next-door alley has recently started being developed into a car park. We actually joked that if we never found the place we’d just hang off of some JCBs for a bit. It was lucky that we did eventually find the place, because climbing up building site machinery sounds like the kind of thing they make educational warning videos for school children about.

Definitely do not be put off from looking for the place, though. When you get there Skylab have a loft-type setup, but a cool-and-airy one, rather than the horrible one at the top of your house. It’s all wood floors (crash mats to hand, of course), white walls, and a massive sofa. There are also aerial hoops and silks hanging from the ceiling. So, basically, it is my dream living room.

The class itself is split into three twenty-minute sessions. The first is a series of strength exercises designed to work the muscles used for doing things in the air (you know all of the muscles you never knew existed? Those ones.) After that we had twenty minutes of climbing silks, and twenty minutes of work on the hoop. Or, if you’re like me and have the upper-body-strength of a five-year-old, forty combined minutes of flailing.

This isn’t the kind of fitness class you’re likely to go along to and be great at straight away (and if you are I demand to know how) but that’s totally fine, because it’s an amazing skill, but it is just that – a skill. It takes practise. I’ll be totally honest – when we were trying to climb silks I don’t think my feet left the floor once, which was not through lack of trying. But writing this the next day I definitely know I had a good workout.

It also needs to be said that in the face of pure ineptitude from Team Wonderush, Astra was nothing but encouraging. She offers variations if she thinks it’ll help and straight-up cheerleading if that’s what you need. So if worry about whether you’ll be able to keep up or not is what’s stopping you – don’t let it.

Before the class ended we had a cool-down. Nothing in that moment could have been more appropriate than the start of the very first song, when Ed Sheeran came out with “When your legs don’t work like they used to before”. Except it was mainly our arms and hands. But it’s the thought that counts. Thanks, Ed.

Does exercise in the air take your fancy? Have you, like me, been harbouring fantasies of being an aerial performer for years? Can you reach down and pick up the change I dropped? Seriously, because my arms ache. Visit the main site for your chance to try getting fit in the air – or any of our other classes and experiences – for yourself.


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