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Introducing the Wonderush app!

We’ve got a new baby at Wonderush HQ. It’s small, and pretty, and none of us can stop talking about it…

It’s an app!

Wonderush app

With the Wonderush app our members can book all kinds of activities on the go. You could be talking about aerial yoga with your friends one minute, and then booked into a class the next. You could suddenly decide you want to try pottery, and then actually get yourself booked into a class before you manage to spend so much time looking into the practicalities of it that you end up talking yourself out of the idea. You might just be searching for a legitimate excuse to get out of something you don’t want to do. Well, now you can arrange a better plan in no time.

If you’re having one of those days where you don’t know exactly what you want to do but you definitely know you want to do something, there are lists of ideas. Maybe you want to destress. Maybe you want to get creative. Maybe you want some ideas for how to get fit. We’ve got you covered.

Wonderush App 2

Once you’ve booked whatever you choose – be it theatre, wine tasting, or maybe something a bit creative – your tickets are all stored in one place. There’s no more scrabbling around after emails, or printing them off at work and hoping nobody’s really looking too closely at how you’re using office resources.

If you’re the kind of person who needs a little bit of validation (hey, we all do sometimes) we’ve got you covered, too. By booking certain experiences you can earn badges. It’s a little pat on the back from us for being the kind of person who gets out and makes the most of their free time instead of sitting at home and wishing you were doing just that.

App promo

We can’t wait to see what you get up to now that the process of finding super-cool things to do in London has become even easier. Download the app today!

Have a go at unlimited things to do in London for £29 a month. Sign up and get your first month for £10!


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