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10 Reasons we’re glad it’s nearly Spring

It’s nearly Spring, and we’re very excited. The days are starting to get a bit longer and it’s almost not totally dark when we get up in the morning. We’ve definitely had enough of dark, Winter days. Here are just some of the things we’re looking forward to with the arrival of Spring:

1. We’ll be able to leave the house super-quickly


At the moment leaving the house is something akin to that bit in a war movie where the hero’s getting tooled up for one final fight. There’s just so much stuff. It takes about ten minutes to put everything on when you want to leave, and another ten to take it all off again when you arrive. Just think what you could do with all that free time.

2. No more weather-based bad driving

Spring 2

If you live anywhere that isn’t central London you may have noticed the odd dusting of snow or covering of ice in the past couple of months. Even if you didn’t catch the “weather event” (term used extremely loosely) itself, you’re bound to get caught up in the aftermath because people suddenly lost the ability to drive, whether we’re talking about cars or trains.

3. Small talk might start to change

Spring 3

“How can it be so sunny but so cold?” “I’m wearing (INSERT NUMBER HERE) layers today, how about you?” “What miserable weather!” Awkward small talk takes many forms, but we’ve been discussing the cold with our hairdressers for a long time now. We’re due a change of subject, even if it is just “Ooh, isn’t it warm outside?”.

4. Your office’s temperature will be right for 3 weeks

Spring 4

If there’s one place that the ambient temperature will never be right, it’s the office. There are too many people to please, and the loudest ones are often the people with the most out-of-whack internal thermostats. But for a shining moment, somewhere in the middle of Spring, you might suddenly find you’re briefly the perfect temperature.

5. We can start planning outdoor activities

Spring 6

Obviously we’re not saying that we’ll start doing the outdoor activities we planned, but when Spring arrives, we suddenly find ourselves imagining picnics and rounders matches and all the things they used to do back when life was simpler and nothing required an Instagram filter. It’s still a nice daydream.

6. We might decide to start eating salads again

Spring 7

We’ll talk about spinach and superfoods as the weather starts to get warmer and we’ll definitely talk about how summer makes us want to eat lighter foods, but we can’t hide the fact that when push comes to shove we’ll probably still be ordering a lunchtime Dominoes.

7. The promise of al-fresco alcohol

Spring 5

There’s nothing quite like sitting outside somewhere and feeling the warmth on your face, the breeze in your hair, and the premixed can of G&T on your tastebuds. Maybe you’re a bit classier than us and opt for stylish roof gardens rather than a park, but at the end of the day it’s all just outdoors-y booze and we love it.

8. All the bank holidays ever

spring 8

Easter. May day. That other random one in May. August. Spring is the gateway to all of these. After a long winter where the only time off was the couple of days you spent knelt over the loo cursing whoever gave you norovirus, the chance to take a couple of legally-required days away from your desk is worth looking forward to.

9. We can start looking forward to Summer

Spring 9

Of course, once it’s Spring we’ll probably find ourselves looking forward to summer, but that just shows what optimists we are. Plus, it’s fun to look forward to summer once you know you don’t have an entire half of a year until it actually arrives.

10. Baby animals and, like, flowers and stuff

Spring 10

We’re not exactly about to go all Wordsworth on anyone, but it is a bit nice when daffodils start appearing everywhere. And then there’s the ducklings, and the lambs, and various other non-human baby things. There’s nothing wrong with everything in the world getting a little bit cuter for a while.

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