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Five Simple Halloween Costumes for Last Minute Parties

Need a Halloween costume in a rush? Finding a fancy dress at the last minute is a challenge we’ve all faced at one time or another. You need something unique, but that won’t break the bank. Something show-stopping, but won’t limit your dancefloor moves.

We spoke to our fancily dressed friends at Laundrapp to get some easy Halloween costume ideas that are perfect for last minute party-goers. Laundrapp collects, cleans and delivers laundry and dry cleaning across London at a time that suits you – so they’re experts at solving your clothing crises!

bed sheet phantom

1. Ghost

Sure, it’s cheesy and far too easy – but it also packs a certain retro charm and means you’ll always have something to clean up with if you spill your chips and dip! All you need is a loose bedsheet that you can cut a few holes in for your eyes, arms and mouth.

Pro-tip: Make sure it’s a clean sheet! If in doubt, download Laundrapp and get it cleaned, ironed and delivered to your door.


2. Zombie

From The Walking Dead to 28 Days Later, zombies come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and varieties – but costume-wise they’re very easy to pull off. All you need is a dribble of red paint and a bit of make-up, but if that’s too much preparation then you can get away with ketchup and soot.

Pro-tip: The secret to a good zombie is in the shamble, but don’t let that hold you back from busting out your Thriller dance moves!

Superman pulls his shirt open

3. Superman or Supergirl

Want to bring some drama to your costume? Dress a little smarter than you normally would, borrow some hipster glasses and leave it at that. When you’re asked who you’ve dressed as, rip open your shirt to reveal the Superman (or Supergirl) t-shirt beneath and take to the skies!

Pro-tip: Want to rip your shirt open more than once during the night? Then make sure it has poppers, rather than buttons!


4. 50 Shades of Grey

If you prefer being oh-so-clever or just don’t want to rip your shirt off all night, channel EL James with a completely grey ensemble of as many shades as possible. You’re unlikely to reach the target 50 with normal clothes, so spruce it up with some make-up or hair dye, if you have time.

Pro-tip: The costume itself may be suitable for any party, but give some thought to the audience. You don’t want to have to explain it to your Mother, do you?


5. James Bond from SPECTRE

007 is back in the cinemas and London is practically covered with posters of Daniel Craig in a fantastic white tuxedo – which means now is the perfect time to rent a tux or break out your own. Just remember that the new Bond prefers Vesper cocktails to the classic Martini!

Pro-Tip: SPECTRE’s iconic image is Bond in a white tuxedo, not black tie – so make sure you match and your suit is clean enough to do the job!

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