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007 ways we can make you more like James Bond

There’s been a flurry of activity at MI6 of late. They’re feeling a bit short staffed, and looking for a helping hand. You’ve always suspected that maybe you’d make a great spy, but now’s the time to put your money where your mouth is. Your mission, should you choose to accept it (yes, wrong film, we know) is to pick up some new skills and, in the process, turn yourself into the perfect candidate.

1. Krav Maga

Everybody expects Mr Bond to die. The poor man can’t go anywhere without people trying to send him to the big MI6 building in the sky. Fortunately the very helpful guys at the Institute of Krav Maga can teach you ways to defend yourself. An Israeli martial art, Krav Maga teaches how to stop attackers carrying weapons like guns and knives – undeniably useful when you’re undercover in a world crawling with assassins.

©Michael Schofield.

©Michael Schofield.

2. City Dash

An immersive adventure from Fire Hazard, City Dash is your chance to live out that James Bond fantasy. Or to audition for the role, if you will. You have ninety minutes to run around the city, evading surveillance and rival spies while you attempt to pass on messages and stay off-the-grid. Inevitably, there will be challenges along the way. Whether there will also be fancy suits and Bond girls, we couldn’t possibly reveal.

Undercover London

3. Airwheel

Bond is all about his gadgets, so the guys from Project 42 have just the thing for him. The super-charged Aston Martins are great and all, but what he really needs is an airwheel, and a class about how to ride one. He’ll probably give Q a hard time when he sees the size of it, but these babies pack a punch. They’re able to top speeds of 30km per hour, which is sure to come in handy when escaping people. Or when chasing them. Or just to get from home to MI6 HQ of a morning. It’s an all-rounder really.




4. Mixology

Our pal James famously likes his Martinis shaken, not stirred. And how would he know this very specific detail unless he had a wealth of knowledge and experience in the art of crafting the perfect cocktail? With our friends at Mixology Events you can learn how to craft a martini worthy of a secret agent, or even come up with something to suit your own sleuthing style. Just try to steer clear of sparklers, twizzle sticks, or tiny umbrellas. You are under cover, after all.

Mixology (1)

5. Language Exchange

He’s a well-travelled dude, that Bond. There’s no way he’d be able to perform his job role to the best of his ability without being able to understand at least the basics in any country he gets sent to. The Babble Language Exchange in Waterloo is the perfect place to pick up a few new phrases that might help out on the next mission. It’s a swap, though, so make sure none of the phrases you’re teaching in return are state secrets or anything. You never know who else might be there.

Language Exchange

6. Tango

How’s a spy to seduce his Bond girl without some kind of skill on the dance floor? We’re not talking step-touching to the Jackson Five here, either. The only dance really worthy of Bond is something smooth, sultry, and seductive. Enter, Tango.


7. Becoming Irresistible

Let’s get real for a second: Our James wouldn’t get anywhere if it weren’t for his skill with the ladies. Whether they’re just straight-up giving him information or whether they’re taking an active part in helping him complete his missions, there’s no denying the fact that he has the opposite sex in his thrall. Becoming Irresistible is a course designed to increase your confidence and, as a result, your success with romantic prospects. Not that we’re saying you need that, because you are a badass spy, but if you did


Basically, James Bond is just a really well-rounded human being. He has a massive range of skills and he’s always open to picking up a few new ones in order to get the job done. In a way, he’s kind of the Wonderush poster boy – and Community Manager Nicola is very much looking forward to the private photoshoot.

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The Wonderush August Round-up

Ah, August. It’s either going to be boiling hot, humid, and full of complainers; or rainy, chilly, and full of complainers. Either way, hang on to your hats, because it’s going to get complain-y up in here. Also hang on to your hats because it might be windy. It is August, after all, and therefore unpredictable.

But this month isn’t all unpredictability and moaning. We’ve listed a few of our picks of the most exciting things happening in London this month:

Exciting Thing No.1: Slide the City

Some utter geniuses are turning the ramp from Wembley Stadium down to Olympic way into a giant slip ‘n’ slide on August 22nd. I’m really not sure there’s much else to say on this one. It’s a giant, inflatable water slide. It’ll either be a refreshing thing to do on a hot day, or the kind of thing where you’ve already been rained on so it really doesn’t matter any more. One thing is for certain – make sure your swimming costume is the type that will stay up under sliding-based forces, because spectators go free.

Exciting Thing No.2: Great British Beer Festival

Taking place in Olympia from 11th– 15th August, the Great British Beer Festival is a must-visit. You know, if you like beer. Or if you have someone in your life who does like beer and who needs shutting up for a while. It’s presented by CAMRA so, for the people who are genuinely interested, you know they’ll know their stuff. There’s also a hat day (13th) for those who are less interested in actual beer drinking. Basically there is something for everyone. That is everyone except for the teetotal anti-hat lobby.

Exciting Thing No.3: Kids Week

Winning the ‘spectacularly bad maths’ award (which I just made up) this month is Kids Week, which stretches for the full 31 days of August. Basically, kids go free to a variety of London shows. This is fantastic for parents, considering that it can now cost the equivalent of a small, quite-banged-up second hand car to go to the theatre. It’s also a good thing to bear in mind for adults who aren’t so keen on other peoples’ darling little ones. On the one hand, there may be a lot of them at some shows. On the other hand, you’re more likely to be able to see over the rest of the audience’s heads. So, swings and roundabouts.

Exciting Thing No. 4: London Triathlon

General entry to this closed a while ago. More fun than entering, however, is going down to watch, which you can do on the 8th and 9th of August. I say this as a person who cries with very little encouragement when people do difficult things for charities. And, if that’s not quite your bag, there’s also the ‘fit people in lycra’ factor. Which is one of the best factors.

Exciting Thing No. 5: Summer Screen at Somerset House

Tickets to a lot of these events (between 6th – 19th August) sold out a while ago, but there are still some going for a few of the films, as well as some of the ‘Behind The Screen’ events. And, let’s face it, it’s really the kind of event where you mainly just want to be able to say you’ve been. I’m planning on watching some of the films in the comfort of my own home, and then if anyone asks I’ll just say “oh, yeah. I was there, but it was just so packed – which I know, because I was totally there – that I couldn’t find you in the crowd – which was definitely there because so was I.” But that’s just me.

And that’s August. Obviously there’s tons more stuff happening that I haven’t mentioned, so feel free to let me know if there’s anything you think should have come up. Other shoutouts go to The Edinburgh Fringe, for taking away 90% of London’s comedians for the entire month of August, and also The Great British Bakeoff, which returns to our screens this month to give everyone cravings for cakes with hilarious names that nobody has ever heard of before. Oh, and barbecues. Presumably, whatever the weather, there will be barbecues.

What are you getting up to this month? Is there anything else you think we should know about?

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Your Oblique Guide to Fitzrovia

At Oblique we are all about what we call the ‘four key social elements: food, drink, music and most importantly, people. Our brunch parties, residency nights and intimate events are perfect for getting to know new people and trying out the best that London has to offer.

So, we thought we’d share an Oblique experience of one of our favourite areas of town, Fitzrovia.

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