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5 Ways that you can have fun with paper

Ah, paper. It’s super-plain, and it’s somehow made of trees (which is a fact you know, but you still don’t really understand exactly how it’s done). It’s possible that someone could find it a little bit boring, but that person would be wrong. There are all sorts of fun things you can do with paper, and we listed just a few of our favourites:


There’s nothing quite like getting your hands on a brand new notebook. If you’re not a stationery fan, it might not be a high you’ve experienced before. But we’re absolutely sure that it’s one that gets even better when you’re holidng (oK, fine, sniffing) a book that you made yourself from scratch. We imagine this is how parents must feel about babies. Except there’s a lot less poo.

Paper Cut Workshop

Everyone can splash some paint around and call it a picture (Alright, fine. Some can do that more successfully than others). But for people looking to create something a little bit different, paper cutting might be the way to go. Working with negative space, pictures are created using blades. Plus you have a quick and easy way to look super-threatening if anybody interrupts you. (You did not hear this from us. Please do not threaten anyone.)

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The Wonderush Summer Social

The weather got a bit good a few weeks ago. We sat in our office getting very excited about that fact, and decided that the fast-approaching Summer was something we should be celebrating. Shortly after this we sat in our office watching a blizzard over Kensington, but by then it was too late. The seed was sown.

In those early weeks of excitement we came up with the idea of the Wonderush Summer Social. It would be a chance for Team Wonderush to meet their members and partners, and for those members and partners to meet each other (obviously it would, as that is the very definition of the concept of a ‘social’).

We picked a fantastic venue called Loading Bar in Dalston. Nary a Friday afternoon passes at Wonderush HQ without some kind of game being played, and Loading had them all. Like, literally all of them – board games, video games, you name it. It felt like home.

Social 2

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Do you have FOMO?

There’s something happening to our generation. It’s the kind of sad thing none of us would necessarily want to admit to, but it’s there. It’s there every time we look at our phones, or talk to our friends, or stalk the weirdoes we used to go to school with on Facebook.

We’re confronted with detailed information about other peoples’ lives all the time, so it’s only natural that we’d want to compare ourselves to everybody. It’s a bit weird, we can all admit that. It  is, however, perfectly normal. Whatever gets us through the day, after all. The problem comes when we suddenly start to fear that we’re coming up short.

We’re not going to as many parties and this person, or that person, and we don’t seem to have as many friends as that guy (who you always dismissed as kind of a man-whore anyway, and yet you still find that you care about how many photos he’s tagged in). Our lives aren’t moving as fast as that one friend who got married crazy young and already has two children and her own house, and has enough time to make bento boxes for her kids everyday while you drop a tenner a day on lunch because you just don’t have time to do anything else. At the same time, though, this nuclear mother is probably sitting there, sandwich cutter in hand, flicking through Facebook, looking at pictures of you having fun with your disposable income and busy city life, and wondering if she made the right choice.

Here is the secret: We’re all just doing what we do, and trying to get by. There are no benchmarks for exactly what anybody should be doing on any given night or weekend, and the Fear Of Missing Out (or FOMO as no doctor ever, but all of the rest of society, calls it) doesn’t have to be something we give in to. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but one that’s totally worth it. Imagine a world where you’re too busy to even worry about what your colleagues from two jobs ago are doing with their evenings. Personally, I already feel calmer.

For more on FOMO, and ideas for how to beat it, visit

Antidote's playground games workshop
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Class Spotlight: Antidote London

A couple of weeks ago the whole of Team Wonderush went to Antidote London‘s playground games workshop. We ran around like mad things and basically regressed to our seven-year-old selves, and it was hella fun. Afterwards, we just had to shine the class spotlight on Team Antidote to find out how the whole thing came about:

How did Antidote start?

It’s a great story actually. We were set up by an amazing man who realised he wanted an escape from the stresses of his working life and to do more fun stuff that would connect him with his friends and family too. Not only that but he wanted to enable other people to experience this wholesale escapism – so he set up Antidote! He’s a very successful businessman (and clearly a very good philanthropist too…) He and the original Antidote team then set about researching activities and workshops that were the most uplifting, unusual and fun and then went about delivering them in 3 monthly seasons for the public to enjoy. Ta-dah.

How would you describe the style of the sessions?

Chilled, friendly informal and fun. And warm! We really always try to create the most warm welcoming atmosphere possible. People can take from the sessions whatever the want really (apart from like, our phones and stuff…) Our programme is super diverse and something we’re mega proud of, having taken years to curate it and build up a pool of completely awesome facilitators. We only work with facilitators that really are top of their game so while the styles of sessions are hugely different (as some are dance, some games, some singing) the quality is the same. We also believe that you can BE REALLY BAD at our activities, but that it’s about having a go at something rather than mastering it.

Why would you recommend your sessions?

Because everyone deserves a chance to be a big kid once in a while. And do so in a chilled atmosphere full of awesome new people. Because we think it’s good for your mind and body to be constantly exploring and trying new things. And because we are like, really nice.

What is your favourite playground game?

Oooh that’s bloody hard isn’t it! Perhaps a game called ‘Let’s All!’ where each person in the group takes turn to shout out random instructions and the group follows them. Grandmother’s Footsteps is an absolute classic that Jo loves. Or any game that involves animals. Elena loves animals.

Can you tell us something surprising about yourself?

Elena originally trained as an opera singer. Jo originally trained as a contemporary dancer.

What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not at Antidote?

Cook. Eat. Repeat. Find secret pubs. Watch Outlander. Specifically watch Jamie in Outlander.

What’s your favourite part of London? Any places you’d recommend?

Little Bay in Kilburn because you CAN EAT IN A TURRET. Ruskin Park in Denmark Hill which is a sweet little wild oasis. The Faltering Fullback pub in Finsbury Park which has a Narnia garden and great thai food. The hidden Skip Garden Cafe behind King’s Cross for a day date. Deptford Market for treasure.

If you could try any experience in the world, what would it be, and why?

Climb Machu Picchu! There’s an incredible West African instrument called the kora which I’d love to learn. Oooh and we’d love to experience meeting Bill Murray too. Obviously.

For more of Antidote’s workshops and a whole load of other things to do in London you should definitely check out our main site and get yourself signed up to anything from crafting to cocktail making, and salsa to standup.

Antidote's playground games workshop
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Playground Games: Hand-holding and Hadoukens

Team Wonderush are a pretty up-for-it group of people. We’ve taken on everything from aerial fitness, to African drumming, to art tours of the east end of London. But all the same, as we huddled together in a bar in Belsize Park before going to Antidote’s Playground Games workshop, we felt a little bit of trepidation. Our worries ranged from “will everyone else there be weird?” to “is it wink murder, or wink-wink murder”. As it turned out, the answers were ‘no, of course not’ and ‘obviously it is just-one-wink murder and anyone that thinks otherwise went to a weird effing school’.

The first surprise when we arrived was just how many people were up for getting together that Thursday evening to run around like mad things. The second was exactly how hot and sweaty one can get playing Grandmother’s Footsteps, and the third was just how deeply it mattered that the person you secretly fancied a little bit ‘goosed’ (not like that) you in Duck Duck Goose.

Team Antidote are just about the friendliest people you’ll meet in London, which means the idea of getting deeply involved in a game of stuck in the mud stops being embarrassing and becomes very, very important. Similarly their facilitator for this session, Loose, was a trained clown whose sense of fun and lack of inhibition is pretty infectious. You kind of want them to think you’re doing well, so you try even harder. Or maybe that’s just the teacher’s pet in me.

In our hour and a half session we played classics like Duck Duck Goose, Grandmother’s Footsteps, and Anyone Who, before heading off into the unknown with games where we had to get in touch with our inner ninja, do a bit of mime, and (Gasp. Shock horror.) make eye contact with other people. We ended on a genuinely scary game called The Humless, which is basically a premise for an episode of Doctor Who.

The people watching is amazing too. You quickly get an eye for spotting the quirks of your fellow games players. I had a good ten minutes of silent hysterics when, while playing a game of Anyone Who (where people have to leave their seat and run to another if someone says something that applies to them) one woman ran on the line “Anyone who’s had sex this week” then turned to her husband and said “why didn’t you go?”.

The thing to remember is that Antidote’s whole aim is to steer people towards a more joyful life. They don’t want anyone to be embarrassed, they just want people to have fun. And they definitely manage that. playing old school games in a church hall might not sound super-cool but if this group of cynics and logical, business minds were able to get get into the spirit of it, I think that bodes well for everyone. We’re already reminiscing about the first time, as well as planning our next trip. We have a Grandmother’s Footsteps score to settle.

Antidote’s sessions are just one (very awesome) example of the kind of things you can book through Wonderush. Don’t forget to check out our main site for more details. Just think – this time next week you could be living more awesome.