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The Wonderush Spotlight: Kelechnekoff Fitness

Kelechi Okafor is awesome. She’s been listing Twerk Werkz classes on Wonderush for months, and getting fantastic reviews in the process. This week she opened her very own fitness studio in London, which means she’s now in an even better position to help people all over the city to have the kind of really positive workout experience she always aims to achieve. We can’t wait for our first visit to the brand new Kelechnekoff Fitness, but in the meantime we sat down for a chat, because we love doing that with people we think are really cool:

How did you get into what you do?

I can’t remember actually getting into dance because I’ve always danced from a young age.  It was very much a part of my West-African culture. I started teaching others to dance as a form of fitness six years ago when I realised that people want to enjoy themselves as they get fit.  Not everyone wants to “feel the burn!”.

How would you describe your teaching style?

My teaching style is firmly rooted in loving everybody I encounter and assisting them on their fitness journey in the way that makes them most comfortable. I always say that my only rule is that we don’t use the word “can’t” in a class, because we can do anything we put our passion into.

Why would you recommend your activity?

I would recommend Twerk Werkz because it really does work! It gets you fit, gives you a cute booty and puts a big smile on your face.

Can you tell us something surprising about yourself?

People are always surprised to find out that my favourite genre of music is actually Country & Western. Maybe I’ll start doing country music fitness classes and combining my passions!

What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not at work?

When I’m not at work, I like to read poetry and watch really terrible reality TV. Sorry!

What’s your favourite part of London? Any places you’d recommend there?

My favourite part of London will always be Peckham.  I grew up there, and its vibrance is what I always miss when I travel to other places. I love food and would definitely recommend “Obalende Suya” for Nigerian-inspired grilled meats and tasty dishes.

If you could try any experience in the world, what would it be, and why?

The experience I would like to try most in the world is probably crossing a really high bridge connecting two mountains somewhere in Asia. I imagine that being so high would be terrifying but I would also get to experience breathtaking views (if I don’t pass out from fear!).

What does the future have in store for you?

The future is exciting! My studio “Kelechnekoff Fitness” has just opened, and there’ll be loads of classes focused around shaking your bum or climbing a pole.  The studio is in Clapton and I’m really looking forward to the experience of bringing my super Fit Love ethos to East London.

If you can’t wait for your first trip to Kelechnekoff Fitness you can book Twerk Werkz, Pole dance, and all kinds of other cool stuff by visiting Kelechi’s profile on

Photo credit: Ed Reeve
Break Your Routine, Fitness, Live More Awesome, Spotlight, Things To Do, Try Something New

The Wonderush Spotlight: Hotpod Yoga

Picture the scene: You’ve been at your desk all day, people have been annoying you, you’ve got a niggling ache that won’t go away. Sounds like most weekdays, right? We’re not really into that, and our friends at Hotpod Yoga aren’t either. They’ve made it their mission to make hot yoga accessible in order to help everyone work out the stresses of life in the city. We’re all over that idea so we sat down with Nick – Hotpod yoga teacher extraordinaire – to find out more.

How did you get into what you do?

It took me rather a long time to discover yoga. I was suffering from achey joints and a back that clicked and clunked all the time due to poor posture and bad habits I had developed over the years. I had seen chiropractors, osteopaths and physios but nothing helped; so I embarked on searching for something else.
I tried a number of yoga studios but felt that even those classes weren’t effective, and it was only when I tried hot yoga that things fell into place. I came out having never felt so good; worked, cleansed, and my muscles and joints felt open and mobile. I was hooked.
I started going more and more regularly, once a day for a 3 – 4 years. Soon I realised this was what I wanted to do; give others the experience I had discovered and to make others feel as good as it made me feel. That was the beginning.
I trained as a yoga instructor and taught part time, however, it was teaming up with my old school friend Max that changed the picture – who had a similar entrance to yoga as I did. We wanted to bring yoga to the 99% of people who had never done it before, to appeal to those who see yoga as something far-fetched and other-worldly, and bring it down to earth so that everyone can gain the benefits of the amazing practice – this is how Hotpod Yoga started.

How would you describe your teaching style?

How I view teaching is keeping it really simple, as if talking to a child. Not in a patronising way, but so that the students who come really grasp what is happening and why, so that things are clear.
Our classes are a little intense with the heat and movement so I try to make people as comfortable as possible with a little light heartedness (bad gags basically!), but the important thing for me is to try and make sure that those who are fresh to the class/environment grasp it and feel amazing, so that they really see and appreciate the benefits of it.

Why would you recommend your activity?

The way Hotpod Yoga makes me feel – my mind calmed, my body worked, open and strong; ready for whatever the day may bring – is second to none. Its a gamechanger of an experience which I would recommend to any body – and mind!

Can you tell us something surprising about yourself?

I am terrified of space. Outer; not personal.

What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not at work?

Believe it or not – yoga! And, of course, seeing friends, discovering London, festivals, travelling, riding my motorbike, learning, learning more, learning even more about myself and the world around me.

What’s your favourite part of London?

I really like walking along the canals and discovering cafes overlooking the water – my most recent favourite being the Towpath Cafe.

What does the future have in store for Hotpod Yoga?

This September, we are going to be offering City workers a chance to supercharge themselves and their workdays, with the introduction of 20-minute power classes at One New Change. The classes have been created in a bid to combat sedentary – a ‘disease’ which now kills more people each year than HIV – whilst simultaneously providing a time-efficient way for office professionals to reach a physical and performance high.
We’re partnering with The Grange Hotel who offers their sauna, spa and shower facilities, and One New Change retailers offering discounts on food and beverage options post-class, the Power Lunch Series promises to be the most immersive, effective lunch hour London has ever seen. So if you’re in the City and want to have a revitalising lunch break, book a session here.

If you can’t wait to climb into that inflatable and get down to some serious yoga, you can find Hotpod yoga classes on Wonderush. We’ll see you there!

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The Wonderush Review of Reviews: Part Two

We love our partners. We really do. And you guys do too, which is fantastic. We’ve been struck by the number of positive reviews you’ve been giving out, so we decided it was high time to showcase some of your favourites and an example of some of the love that they’re getting. You can find all of these guys running a whole range of awesome sessions, from acroyoga and cocktail-making classes, to super-fun workouts and crafty classes.

Uplifting Stunts


Uplifting Stunts are an awesome husband and wife team who are on a mission to run inclusive and super-supportive classes that show people how to work together to form amazing shapes with their bodies. Check out their reviews:

“This was my first acroyoga class and I absolutely loved it! Really amazing experience, thank you Jayme and Rick – you wonderful teachers and humans!” -Boryana

“Amazing class can’t believe how much I learnt in 2 hours with great teachers! Would definitely recommend!” -Sarah

GOAT Chelsea

Cocktail Making

The guys at GOAT Chelsea run brilliant cocktail making classes, which combine practical skills with a heavy and very enjoyable element of tasting. Good times all round! Check out their reviews:

“Absolutely amazing night. Such a casual vibe with everyone just mucking in and enjoying themselves. You get to try all of the cocktails and the welcome cocktail was the bomb! We ate there afterwards too and the food was so good! Definitely recommend” -Pippa

“Such a fun evening!! Great location and teacher! Definitely recommend :)” -Christie

The London Bicycle Tour Company

Bicycle tour

The London Bicycle Tour Company run a range of bike rides around London, which are great for visitors and old-hands alike. You’ll get to see the city from a totally different perspective, and maybe even learn a little something. Check out their reviews:

“Great opportunity to try cycling in London! I was a little nervous at first – but it was super fun and felt safe cycling in a group! Our guide Tarik had loads of really interesting stories and it was a great way to experience the city. Highly recommend.” -Mel

“The tour guide Olly was witty, knowledgeable and passionate about his work. A very enjoyable morning ride around central London to rediscover the city I’ve been living in the past decade. :)” -David

Shake That Zumba


Zumba is an amazing workout (hello, 500-1000 calories in an hour!) and Shake That Zumba are determined to make sure that it stays fun throughout. They guarantee to keep you smiling while you sweat. Check out their reviews:

“It was so much fun with the Steven, he’s absolutely crazy. Great exercise as well, can’t remember last time when I was sweating so much. Thanks!;)” -Angelika

“Fantastic! Absolute fantastic!. Steven is a fantastic instructor. This class is great fun for everyone. All shape, all age. It is a party and a really hard work. Left me buzzing with energy, happy and really really sore on muscles I didn’t know I even had.” -Agnes

Gabriela Szulman

Decoupage Taster

Once you’ve learned the art of decoupage, the world is basically your oyster whenever you decide you want to decorate something. From shoes to walls, Gabriela Szulman knows how to do it all. Check out her reviews:

“Really fun class and a good introduction to decoupage. Gabriela was a great instructor and had an excellent range of papers and inspiring projects to show what can be done with decoupage.” -Kirsten

“A great taster for trying decoupage. Artist Gabriela and her studio were both very nice. Highly recommended, especially for paper lovers.” -Pf

Have any of these whet your appetite? You can find all of these activities and thousands more on Wonderush. Why not pay a visit to one of our featured partners and add to their reviews. Don’t forget to let us know what you get up to!

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The Wonderush Spotlight: ShakeUp Fit

ShakeUp Fit are all about livening up the average workout and making people smile, which we love. With their classes shaking up the scene in East London, we decided it was high time we sat them down and found out a bit more. And that’s where ShakeUp Fit’s lovely leader Mel came in:

How did you get into what you do?

I started by going along to a friend’s class who had just started teaching Zumba. She needed some moral support and I fell in love with it. A couple months later we had cover teachers while she was away that the class just hated. So many teachers have so many different styles that it’s hard to introduce a class to a new style if they are used to yours. She then asked me to start covering, which I did, and then after a few years I started my own classes! Now I teach dance fitness and am training to be a yoga teacher.

How would you describe your teaching style?

My style is very mixed. We have some Zumba, and a bit of street dance in there too. I like to teach to music I enjoy so you’ll often come along and just hear songs in the charts. Everybody loves a good workout to Beyoncé and Bieber.

Why would you recommend your activity?

It’s fun. The girls who come along are so lovely and welcoming. They work so hard but the best part is they never stop smiling or laughing. I always make a joke of some kind when I see they are struggling and they just smile and keep going. We sweat but we also smile.

Can you tell us something surprising about yourself?

By day I work in the financial industry! I’m a business analyst these days but did 10 years working for different investment banks.

What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not at work?

Fitness. If I’m not doing yoga, I’m dancing or I’m swimming. I love trying out new types as well. I went to a trampoline park recently and loved it and am trying to get into a class to try out the new aqua board exercise where you do HIIT workouts on an inflatable board on a pool!

What’s your favourite part of London? Any places you’d recommend there?

I was born and raised in Hackney, so I’m a full-on East London boy. I now live further out East but I still love East London. It’s so diverse, it’s so creative and there are such cool trends that come in and out. The food courts and music festivals have to be the best in East!

If you could try any experience in the world, what would it be, and why?

I’d love to learn how to fly. I actually don’t like flying much myself, but I reckon I would love to be at the front steering the plane. To be able to soar, to be able to have that feeling of weightlessness would just be incredible.

What does the future have in store for you?

Hopefully more of the same. I’d like to build my classes up to really good numbers, keep exploring new forms of fitness, and build some yoga classes. Long term, I’d love to have my own studio but I know that’s a long way off yet. I love meeting new people and getting them along to my class to smile. If you like smiling and want to work out at the same time, then come and meet me!

So, how about shaking up your next workout? You can book ShakeUp Fit’s sessions here. Have an awesome time!

Break Your Routine, Fitness, Live More Awesome, Spotlight, Things To Do, Try Something New

Wonderush Spotlight: London Dance Company

The London Dance Company are awesome. Instead of the same old workouts they offer super-fun activities in a range of unexpected settings. Barre at the Bar, anyone? We really like people who shake things up and try new things, so we couldn’t wait to catch up with Aaron, who created the London Dance Company, and find out more:

How did you get into what you do?

Believe it or not, I used to hate dance! My dream was to be in musical theatre, and it was when chasing this dream that everyone told me that as a boy in this trade I needed to be a triple threat – I had to be able to act, sing and dance. I failed the first time I applied for a performing arts school but this was the push I needed to raise funds myself to realize my dream and so my love of dance began. I trained as a professional dancer at one of London’s top performing arts schools, Laine Theatre Arts. After graduation I was lucky enough to go to America and perform in three shows iBroadway, Celebrate The World, and Boogie Wonderland. When I returned to the UK I was asked to choreograph for a production company, alongside beginning to teach a few classes in and around London, and also coordinating and running dance workshops for all ages across the UK. I fell in love with what I do, the variety, the places and meeting great people and haven’t stopped since. I have worked and accomplished so much since college and I love building my brand. Recently I’ve travelled to China to teach at three ballet institutions and also Italy where I taught a three day Disney on Broadway workshop. Currently I run three of my own classes and also teach at Pineapple, London Studio Centre, Dance Works, and  some of London’s top gyms and fitness centres.

How would you describe your teaching style?

There is no point coming to a class if you’re not going to reap the rewards, I therefore make sure every part of your body gets a workout yet you also have fun. All of my classes are different depending on the style of dance; Zumba is high energy (some have been known to call me crazy) and a complete body workout. Being a professional dancer I use choreography to your benefit which actually provides you with a great core and muscle engaging workout. Barre is a class run at a slower steady pace, but don’t think it’s a breeze or any less of a workout as I use the techniques from ballet and put them into an easy to follow workout which caters for everyone, from the absolute beginner right up to the professional. After all, we all would want to have the strength, stamina, and body of a professional ballet dancer.

How did you think up ‘Barre at the Bar’? Why would you recommend your activity?

We at The London Dance Company love to try new things and think outside the box. We want customers to have fun and some people can feel intimidated in gyms and dance studios. Basically, it’s not about the barre – it’s about you so this is where Barre@the Bar came from. For the class all you really need is something to keep your balance and rest your hand on, so what better place than a bar? Everyone loves a bar! Therefore, we have just taken the traditional ballet class and set it up with a modern twist in a relaxed and accessible location for everyone! If you’re looking to tone sculpt and just have fun then this is the class for you!

Can you tell us something surprising about yourself?

1. I was born with a hole in my heart

2. When I was younger I was regularly on Eastenders and The Bill, playing a thug. When you meet me you won’t believe it!

3. At the age of 21 I travelled from Alaska all the way down the west coast of America to Antarctica (Canada, America Mexico, Peru, Panama, Chilli, Argentina)

What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not at work?

I love traveling and sightseeing so jumping on a train; whether it’s to take a walk along the Thames, going to Richmond, Greenwich, or going further a field out of London and just picking north, east, south or west of the UK for a few days. I just see where I end up and what different cities and towns have to offer. Or, even better, I love jumping on a plane and travelling to another country – I love to explore!

What’s your favourite part of London? Any places you’d recommend there?

So many to list but my top three places in London are: Sunday evenings @ Dirty Martini, Pineapple Studios (I go every Tuesday and Thursday to train and keep up on my game, Pineapple is thriving with talented individuals and is a great place to network), and finally I do love London’s Parks: Hyde Park, Richmond Park, St James, Chiswick Park, Holland Park – they all have their own charm, appeal and individuality.

If you could try any experience in the world, what would it be?

Would have to be to fly a plane!

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8 Multitasking Activities to Try In London

We’re all busy people. Life in London is hectic. There aren’t enough hours in the day. These are all factors that have contributed to the rise of multitasking. It’s not exactly a new concept, but until fairly recently multitasking was reserved for work-related situations where getting stuff done in the shortest space of time possible was paramount. Now, however, multitasking is finding it’s way into our hobbies. If you’re a person of the overachieving kind we can thoroughly recommend the following activities to make sure you fill your free time with maximum efficiency:

1. Chessboxing

Do you ever find yourself playing chess and wishing you could punch your opponent? Or do you ever find yourself boxing and thinking ‘this is all very well, but I wish I could also show how much faster my brain works’? Either way, chess boxing gives you the opportunity to prove yourself in both ways at once.

Chess Boxing

2. Capoeira

A martial art that also involves a heavy element of dance, this is a perfect opportunity to show off not only your ability to take on an attacker, but also your grace and ability to move. Is it a bit like a dance off where you also beat up your opposition? In our heads, when we’re doing it? Yes. Capoeira teachers may disagree.



3. Drink Shop Do

Basically Community Manager Nicola’s idea of heaven, Drink Shop Do combines three of the best things in the world. You can sip cocktails and make ill-advised (but unquesionably necessary) purchases, and all while also doing something like, say, hanging out with friend-of-Wonderush Mr Stitch, and doing some awesome embroidery.

drink shop do

4. PiYo

Pilates or yoga? Yoga or pilates? It’s a question that haunts most of us at one point or another. The pilates/yoga amalgamation promised to us by The OC never really materialised, but this has recently come along to take its place, promising toning and strength exercises with low impact. Maybe Sandy Cohen will love us now?


5. City Dash

Running is a fine exercise. It really is. But sometimes, doesn’t it just feel a little bit, well, boring? Luckily our pals at Fire Hazard have solved this problem with City Dash. At their immersive adventures you can not only raise your pulse through running, but also through an awareness of the need to stop bad guys within a time limit. It’s kind of like you’re James Bond, except we do not advise that you rock up in a tux.

City Dash

6. Walking Tour

A walking tour seems like a sedate enough activity, but that’s kind of a ruse. Which is obviously not to say that Undiscovered London are running their customers ragged, but all that walking definitely adds up. When she tried out an East End tour, Community Manager Nicola clocked over 15,000 steps and got a very approving notification  from her phone’s busybody pedometer. Plus she knows loads about street art now. Show off.

East end tour

7. Yoga Dating

Sometimes in life we might find ourselves torn. Should we be doing yoga, or should we be at a singles event? How will we ever find love if we’re not out and about, and actively looking? But how will we stay flexible if we’re not keeping up with our yoga practice? Our friends at Creative Yoga have basically eliminated this problem with their yoga dating nights where you can mix and mingle while you chill out.

Yoga Dating large

8. Samba Reggae

Should I do samba or should I do reggae tonight? It’s an age-old question, and one that thousands of people across the city are, no doubt, wrestling with even now. Fortunately for us all, Antidote London have come up with a session to make all of our lives easier because we no longer have to make a difficult choice. You simply have to head over to them and do both in one 90-minute slot.

Samba Reggae

Whether you like to multitask in your free time, or whether you like to take it slow and concentrate on one thing at a time, you can check out our main site to find all kinds of things to do. We can’t wait to see what you get up to.

Charlie from Creative Yoga teaching yoga
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Class Spotlight: Charlie from Creative Yoga

This week our spotlight falls on Charlie from Creative Yoga. We met Charlie for the first time when she ran an exclusive social yoga class at Wonderush HQ, which our attendees absolutely loved. It’s a unique mix of relaxation and teamwork, and it’s a great idea, so we thought we’d better get her to answer a few questions:

How did you get into yoga, and then into teaching?

I started practising yoga when I was studying at Cambridge. I loved the course (Political Philosophy) but found it pretty draining. Yoga really helped me relax by providing time every day to tune in with the breath and body. After graduating, I worked in various areas – organising arts festivals, for a photographer – but always had the niggling sense something wasn’t quite right. When I finally made the decision to train as a yoga teacher, everything seemed to fall into place.

How would you describe your teaching style?

Alignment based vinyasa flow. Uplifting and energising classes that build strength and heat in the body, with a hefty dose of zen. My classes are grounded in philosophy and centred around self-care. Challenging yourself but never pushing your body into a space it shouldn’t be in. I encourage students to slow down, focus on the breath and begin to cultivate present moment awareness.

Music is a big part; I love creating different playlists to help students get into the flow and reach a deeper level of relaxation in Savasana.

Why would you recommend your class?

Our Creative Yoga classes are a fun, light hearted way to get moving, raise your heartrate, and learn something new about your body. Yoga is all about connecting and we like to create interesting experiences to make this really tangible – through partner yoga, teaching at Morning Gloryville, outdoor classes in Regent’s Park, couples yoga, yoga raves.

Can you tell us something surprising about yourself?

I performed Heal the World on stage with Michael Jackson in the 90s. I treasure my signed photograph of him stroking a panther.

What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not at Creative Yoga?

Kettlebells and colouring-in.

What’s your favourite part of London? Any places you’d recommend there? (Shops, businesses etc)

I spend most of my time in Broadway Market. You can normally catch me either teaching or attending a class at Stretch yoga studio. After class, I always go to Tiosk, a speciality tea shop where brewing is an art. My favourite is the Gyokuro green tea or if you’re looking something with more of a kick, their matcha lattes are great. For coffee, it has to be Climpon’s. La Bouche for laid back lunch. Holistic health for me time treatments – massage, EFT, crystal healing. Swimming in the outdoor lido is the best, especially on a rainy evening.

If you could try any experience in the world, what would it be, and why?

I would like to train as a contortionist and travel with the circus. Giffords ideally

For classes from Creative Yoga, as well as a whole load more things to do across London check out our main site.


Yoga class
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35 Thoughts We Might Have Had During Early-Morning Yoga

This week Team Wonderush attended an early-morning yoga class. It was traumatic having to get up, but we soldiered on and found a little bit of relaxation in the process. Of course, being based in London, that lasted all of seven seconds. But those seven seconds? Amazing. Here are some of the thoughts we had during our class, which might well be some you’ve had too. There’s no shame in it. Of course, we would say that:

  1. This is too early.
  2. I hope I don’t fall asleep if we have to lie on the mat.
  3. If I do, what if I snore?
  4. I can’t believe people do this every day.
  5. Man, I wish I looked like that person.
  6. Do I have to take my socks off?
  7. Do people seriously do this every day?
  8. No. I am an empowered, confident person who does not have these thoughts.
  9. I really do wish I looked like them, though.
  10. Ooh, they’ve got their own yoga mat. I bet they’re, like, a pro.
  11. Are they going to play this music the whole way through? This isn’t-
  12. Oh, actually, this is quite relaxing.
  13. Oh my god, I can’t even touch my toes.
  14. Can I Instagram this? People should know I did this.
  15. I bet that person’s tshirt never rides up.
  16. Stop staring at that person’s arse.
  17. Wait. What was that? I wasn’t listening.
  18. I don’t have a practise. Should I tell them I don’t have a practise? What’s a practise?
  19. Wait, my leg’s supposed to go where?
  20. Don’t fart, don’t fart, don’t fart.
  21. Don’t giggle, don’t giggle, don’t giggle.
  22. Man, this is actually pretty hard.
  23. I am a warrior in my warrior pose and my warrior name is Beyonce Pad Thai. I should probably get my own warrior name and stop stealing Mindy Lahiri’s.
  24. I don’t understand why people need hot yoga when normal yoga makes me sweat this much.
  25. I think I’m thinking too much.
  26. How does everybody just know what this stuff means?
  27. I wonder if the candles have ever set anything on fire.
  28. Seriously, don’t fart, don’t fart, don’t fart.
  29. I wish I’d eaten something before I got here.
  30. Seriously. Did anyone else just hear my stomach rumbling?
  31. I should definitely book my yoga retreat when I get home. I wonder if they’ll let me have three months off, or if I should just quit. I wonder how much it costs to get to the Andes.
  32. Was I always this tall?
  33. *Mental Facebook status drafting*
  34. *Mental ‘I’m so relaxed and cultured’ tweet planning*
  35. I am now officially relaxed. I am calm and centered. Woe betide the first motherfucker who ruins it.

Team Wonderush have all kinds of classes and experiences available across London, so if yoga isn’t your bag we probably have something else you like. You should definitely check out our main site to see what we have going on. We’re adding stuff all the time. We also attend a lot of the events in person, so we’ll probably see you around somewhere.


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Class Spotlight: Astra from Skylab

This week our Class Spotlight falls on Aerial Fit at Skylab Studio. Team Wonderush went to Skylab studio a couple of weeks ago. It was a great class, and a one-of-a-kind experience. We worked muscles we didn’t know existed. We also took some time afterwards to talk to Astra, our taskmaster (in a lovely way) and the lady behind Skylab:

How would you describe your teaching style?

I would like to think it’s a balance of great content as well as me not taking it all too seriously. It is after all meant to be fun. If you are not having fun and learning something at the same time then I’m doing my job wrong!


Why would you recommend your class?

It’s a super fun way to get fit. You are so busy focusing on how to do the tricks that you don’t really notice how much of an upper body workout you are getting. It’s also challenging which gives you a rush of satisfaction when you finally nail that move you’ve been working on. And if you’ve been coming to class a while you end up learning a new skill that you can show off to all your mates!


Can you tell us something surprising about yourself?

Hhhhhhmmmm can’t think of anything right now – can I get back to you on that…!


What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not at Skylab?

My friend has launched a night called the Suppertub – al fresco dinner in a hot tub by the canal! It’s been my favourite hang out of late. Being a hot tub fan anyway this is just so civilised – the perfect place to chill out after a hard days training or teaching and let those muscles unwind. Other than that I love to get out of London and go and explore the countryside – it’s so relaxing to just be in nature. Breathe the fresh air and get some peace and quiet. I love London but there is only so much of the hectic pace I can handle.


What’s your favourite part of London? Any places you’d recommend?

I love the Roundhouse – it’s one of my fave venues. I also love the Southbank as there is always a ton of cool stuff going on there especially in Summer. I guess I love the Thames river in general, especially at night. I still get excited seeing all the buildings and bridges all lit up and looking so pretty. Makes me feel thrilled to be living in London.


If you could try any experience in the world, what would it be, and why?

I still want to go swim with the dolphins – I love the ocean and water in general and dolphins seem like such beautiful creatures. I think it would be an amazing experience to swim amongst them out in the wild.

If you find yourself at a loose end you should definitely get yourself over to Skylab. It’s a fantastic place to hang out (sorry not sorry for the pun). Wonderush offers Aerial Fit, Aerial Yoga, and hundreds of other experiences across London. Take a look at the main site to find out more.
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Hangin’ Out at Aerial Fit

Class: Aerial Fit

Taught By: Astra

Team Members who tried it: Community Manager Nicola, Business Development Manager Jon

Location: Chalk Farm

Finding the location for Aerial Fit felt like kind of an achievement in itself. Skylab Studio is in Chalk Farm, but it’s down the side of another building and the next-door alley has recently started being developed into a car park. We actually joked that if we never found the place we’d just hang off of some JCBs for a bit. It was lucky that we did eventually find the place, because climbing up building site machinery sounds like the kind of thing they make educational warning videos for school children about.

Definitely do not be put off from looking for the place, though. When you get there Skylab have a loft-type setup, but a cool-and-airy one, rather than the horrible one at the top of your house. It’s all wood floors (crash mats to hand, of course), white walls, and a massive sofa. There are also aerial hoops and silks hanging from the ceiling. So, basically, it is my dream living room.

The class itself is split into three twenty-minute sessions. The first is a series of strength exercises designed to work the muscles used for doing things in the air (you know all of the muscles you never knew existed? Those ones.) After that we had twenty minutes of climbing silks, and twenty minutes of work on the hoop. Or, if you’re like me and have the upper-body-strength of a five-year-old, forty combined minutes of flailing.

This isn’t the kind of fitness class you’re likely to go along to and be great at straight away (and if you are I demand to know how) but that’s totally fine, because it’s an amazing skill, but it is just that – a skill. It takes practise. I’ll be totally honest – when we were trying to climb silks I don’t think my feet left the floor once, which was not through lack of trying. But writing this the next day I definitely know I had a good workout.

It also needs to be said that in the face of pure ineptitude from Team Wonderush, Astra was nothing but encouraging. She offers variations if she thinks it’ll help and straight-up cheerleading if that’s what you need. So if worry about whether you’ll be able to keep up or not is what’s stopping you – don’t let it.

Before the class ended we had a cool-down. Nothing in that moment could have been more appropriate than the start of the very first song, when Ed Sheeran came out with “When your legs don’t work like they used to before”. Except it was mainly our arms and hands. But it’s the thought that counts. Thanks, Ed.

Does exercise in the air take your fancy? Have you, like me, been harbouring fantasies of being an aerial performer for years? Can you reach down and pick up the change I dropped? Seriously, because my arms ache. Visit the main site for your chance to try getting fit in the air – or any of our other classes and experiences – for yourself.