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Reasons to attend the Wonderush Social

London can be a very antisocial place. Whether we’re elbowing people out of the way to get to the tube, looking down at our phones as we walk down the street, or just totally ignoring the strangers who come up to us in restaurants and start talking, we’re not always that friendly. And to be fair, that last one is a bit weird. We don’t encourage approaches from strangers when we’re mid-meal. Anyone coming between us and our Byron Burger is about to lose a hand. But the point is, it’s cold on the streets of London – even in the Summer – and we want to change that.

That’s why we’re holding the Wonderush Social. We’re bringing the drinks and the entertainment, and all you have to bring is yourself. Maybe even some friends. But basically, not a lot. If you need even more inspiration to join us, we have that too:

Free Drinks

wonderush social 1

The drinks are on Wonderush. At least to start off with. How often do you get an offer like that with nobody trying to corner you later in the day and sell you a timeshare? We wish we had a timeshare. We’d take you all on holiday. In a totally not-weird kind of way. But anyway, we’re getting distracted. What we do have is a whole bunch of wine and beer and a dream of sharing it with people.

A chance to meet likeminded people

wonderush social 2

You joined Wonderush (or at least found yourself on the Wonderush website) because you’re the kind of person who likes getting out and about and making the most of your free time. We are so all about that. And so is everybody you’ll find at the Wonderush Social! We happen to know that some genuine friendships have been forged through Wonderush membership, so if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t accept just sitting at home of an evening and feeling bored, you’re about to find your tribe.

An opportunity to show off

wonderush social 3

Everyone knows someone who tends to take pub quizzes too seriously. Now is your time to be that person! Unless you already are, in which case you just keep being you. Compared with certain members of Team Wonderush, we promise you won’t be the worst person in the room when it comes to competitiveness. But either way, this is your chance to win some awesome prizes.,

If you haven’t yet booked your tickets to the Wonderush Social, you can do so here. It’s a free event, so there’s no excuse not to, but we do need to make sure you’re on the guestlist so we know to let you in. We’ll see you on Thursday!

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The Wonderush Summer Social

The weather got a bit good a few weeks ago. We sat in our office getting very excited about that fact, and decided that the fast-approaching Summer was something we should be celebrating. Shortly after this we sat in our office watching a blizzard over Kensington, but by then it was too late. The seed was sown.

In those early weeks of excitement we came up with the idea of the Wonderush Summer Social. It would be a chance for Team Wonderush to meet their members and partners, and for those members and partners to meet each other (obviously it would, as that is the very definition of the concept of a ‘social’).

We picked a fantastic venue called Loading Bar in Dalston. Nary a Friday afternoon passes at Wonderush HQ without some kind of game being played, and Loading had them all. Like, literally all of them – board games, video games, you name it. It felt like home.

Social 2

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8 Reasons to celebrate summer

We’ve mentioned it a few times now, but it’s nearly Summer. As far as we’re concerned that is more than enough reason to celebrate in itself. In fact, we believe that so strongly we’re holding our own  However, for anyone still looking for a reason, we put together a few because we’re very nice people, and also the sun has gone to our heads, and also we’re all about bringing you joy:

Reason to celebrate #1: The days are longer

celebrate evenings There’s so much more daytime to go round now! There’s a big mental difference between winter, when you might arrive at work before it gets light and leave once it’s dark again, and summer, where that just doesn’t happen. Once it starts getting dark at nine or even ten o’clock at night, you might as well just be leaving the office at midday, with loads more time stretching ahead of you. Even though the difference is mainly mental, it is a big difference.

Reason to celebrate #2: Sunlit selfies just look better

celebrate selfieSunshine can hide a multitude of sins. And even though we don’t think anyone has anything to hide because we’re very nice and also very diplomatic, it still feels like everyone prefers pictures of themselves looking happy in the sunshine over pictures where they’re huddled under umbrellas or looking really cold.

Reason to celebrate #3: Drinking outside

celebrate drinkingNothing says ‘it’s summer’ like that first glass of Pimms at a picnic where everyone pretends that Pimms isn’t kind of gross (just us?). Or, failing that, nothing says ‘it’s summer’ like the first trip to your local pub’s beer garden or the first gin in a tin while you walk your friends’ children round a packed-out zoo. Basically, outdoors-y stuff is better with alcohol and we can finally make the most of it.

Reason to celebrate #4: Eating outside

celebrate eatingAlong the same lines as drinking outside is eating outside, which is something to truly be appreciated if you’ve ever tried to eat something from a food truck on a rainy day. It just doesn’t work. So much soggy cardboard. But no longer – now we can see nothing but picnics and barbecues and Mr Whippy in our future. It’s beautiful.

Reason to celebrate #5: Doing everything else outside

celebrate outsideUltimately it’s just nice to be able to get outside really quickly without having to put on every single item of knitwear that you own. Maybe you’ll read a book in a park, or people watch outside a cafe, or spend some time working in the garden, if you’re lucky enough to have such things available to you. Actually, can we come?

Reason to celebrate #6: Good moods

celebrate Good moodSunlight increases levels of Serotonin in the body, which is a chemical that makes us happier. Therefore, science basically agrees that we should be on sunny holidays all the time. But until we can afford that we can just hold onto our hats and wait for summer to rear it’s beautiful, warm, Vitamin D-filled head.

Reason to celebrate #7: Parties

celebrate partyWe don’t really need an excuse for a party (in fact, we’re throwing one next week), but the aforementioned good moods definitely make it even more likely to happen. After all, who wants to go to a party when they’re going to get rained on all the way there and then meet up with grumpy people? Exactly. Nobody. But when everyone’s happy and a little bit tanned the whole thing makes a lot more sense.

Reason to celebrate #8: The seaside suddenly isn’t the worst place in the world

celebrate beachesIt’s no secret that the beaches in England aren’t always ideal. Don’t get us wrong, they’re not terrible. It’s just that they don’t quite live up to the music-video-worthy image of a beach that we have in our hearts. The sand is questionable, the sea is freezing, and everything’s a different shade of grey. But add a bit of summer to the mix and things just got a lot more fun.

If we’ve just whet your appetite for the next couple of months then good news! We’re hosting our Summer Social on April 28th where you’ll be able to get together with the rest of the Wonderush community and celebrate the fact that best time of the year is nearly upon us. Sign up today to reserve your space!

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26 Thoughts Wonderush members have at the office party

The office party is a social minefield, and around Christmas there tends to be hundreds of them. We were going to put together a guide for how to handle them but it felt pretty hypocritical, because Team Wonderush are not exactly the model of social appropriateness a lot of the time. So we decided to list the thoughts many of us find ourselves having every year. Erm… We imagine.

  1. I am a professional, and I will not be drinking tonight.
  2. I will have one drink.
  3.  It would be rude not to have at least a couple of drinks.
  4. I’m such a professional. Get me, talking to my boss’ boss like he’s a real person.
  5. I wonder who I should share my recently-gained wine-tasting expertise with next.
  6. I need to find a canape pretty sharpish.
  7. I wish I’d known everyone else was dressing so casually.
  8. I hope everyone gets drunk enough later that I can take these shoes off and they won’t notice.
  9. Oh god oh god oh god, that guy’s going to want to talk numbers. Avoid.
  10. I need a distraction so I can fix this wedgie situation.
  11. Seriously. Who makes canapes this small?
  12. I hope my recipient likes my handmade secret Santa gift (and I hope I get bought one from an actual shop in return).
  13. Prosecco’s made of grapes, so this drink is basically a healthy smoothie.
  14. I wish I had my life together like Janet from Accounts.
  15. I’m so glad I went to that private shopping event to get THE BEST OUTFIT HERE.
  16. If that dude says ‘banter’ one more time I swear to god I will leave.
  17. I wonder when it’s acceptable to ‘go on’ somewhere else.
  18. By which I do, of course, mean ‘go on’ home to my bed. Or to catch up with everyone else on that pub crawl.
  19. Seriously, would it kill them to pass around a tray of realistically-sized food at some point?
  20. I wish there was someone here who could match my awesome swing dance skills.
  21. I’m very proud that we’ve all managed to go this long without anybody photocopying their- Oh, never mind.
  22. Man, everyone is so jealous of my awesome Macarena skills.
  23. I wonder if it’s acceptable to supplement this lot with my desk wine.
  24. It’s so nice how I can continue to be so processional when I’ve had so many drinks.
  25. Processional. Protessional. Profressional. *hic* That word is hard.
  26. Maybe I can just have a little lie down under my desk now.
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Five Simple Halloween Costumes for Last Minute Parties

Need a Halloween costume in a rush? Finding a fancy dress at the last minute is a challenge we’ve all faced at one time or another. You need something unique, but that won’t break the bank. Something show-stopping, but won’t limit your dancefloor moves.

We spoke to our fancily dressed friends at Laundrapp to get some easy Halloween costume ideas that are perfect for last minute party-goers. Laundrapp collects, cleans and delivers laundry and dry cleaning across London at a time that suits you – so they’re experts at solving your clothing crises!

bed sheet phantom

1. Ghost

Sure, it’s cheesy and far too easy – but it also packs a certain retro charm and means you’ll always have something to clean up with if you spill your chips and dip! All you need is a loose bedsheet that you can cut a few holes in for your eyes, arms and mouth.

Pro-tip: Make sure it’s a clean sheet! If in doubt, download Laundrapp and get it cleaned, ironed and delivered to your door.


2. Zombie

From The Walking Dead to 28 Days Later, zombies come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and varieties – but costume-wise they’re very easy to pull off. All you need is a dribble of red paint and a bit of make-up, but if that’s too much preparation then you can get away with ketchup and soot.

Pro-tip: The secret to a good zombie is in the shamble, but don’t let that hold you back from busting out your Thriller dance moves!

Superman pulls his shirt open

3. Superman or Supergirl

Want to bring some drama to your costume? Dress a little smarter than you normally would, borrow some hipster glasses and leave it at that. When you’re asked who you’ve dressed as, rip open your shirt to reveal the Superman (or Supergirl) t-shirt beneath and take to the skies!

Pro-tip: Want to rip your shirt open more than once during the night? Then make sure it has poppers, rather than buttons!


4. 50 Shades of Grey

If you prefer being oh-so-clever or just don’t want to rip your shirt off all night, channel EL James with a completely grey ensemble of as many shades as possible. You’re unlikely to reach the target 50 with normal clothes, so spruce it up with some make-up or hair dye, if you have time.

Pro-tip: The costume itself may be suitable for any party, but give some thought to the audience. You don’t want to have to explain it to your Mother, do you?


5. James Bond from SPECTRE

007 is back in the cinemas and London is practically covered with posters of Daniel Craig in a fantastic white tuxedo – which means now is the perfect time to rent a tux or break out your own. Just remember that the new Bond prefers Vesper cocktails to the classic Martini!

Pro-Tip: SPECTRE’s iconic image is Bond in a white tuxedo, not black tie – so make sure you match and your suit is clean enough to do the job!

Laundrapp is the UK’s most popular dry cleaning and laundry service, with free collection and delivery at a time and place you choose. Download Laundrapp now for iPhone and Android devices, then get £10 off your first order with voucher code WONDER.