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8 Childhood rules we can totally help you break

Once upon a time, we were all children. For most of us – unless you were Harriet The Spy, one of the kids from Goosebumps, or a character from the Beano – there were at least a few childhood rules to stick to. These obviously varied by family, but there were at least a few old favourites that cropped up time and time again. The great thing is that now we are adults and we can do what we like. With that in mind, and because we are super mature grown-ups, we came up with a few ways that you can stick it to the adults in your life who were always telling you what not to do:

Childhood rule #1: No fighting


Actually, childhood authority figure, I can fight as much as I like. It’s called Boxfit, and I do it to stay active. Remember when you used to tell me off for sitting around all day and not going outside? You can’t have it both ways.

Childhood rule #2: No staying up late

1 big night out

I see your point, rulemaker, but I bet you’d prefer to see me on a pub crawl at 10pm rather than 10am. Am I right? I mean, of course you’d rather not see me on one at all, but you don’t own me!

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6 Edinburgh Fringe 2016 acts you can see in London first

The Edinburgh Fringe brochure was released yesterday. It was a momentous occasion. The Gimp Owl (Just wait until you see the cover) looked majestic, and the over 3000 shows happening this August comprise the usual mix of the genuinely brilliant-sounding, and the so-bad-it-might-be-great. Luckily for us some of the acts in the programme will even be performing in London in the next few weeks as they get ready for the Fringe, so we put together a list of the ones we can’t wait to see.

The Miserables

The MiserablesWe’ll declare our bias right now. Our very own Community Manager Nicola is bringing a show to Edinburgh. The Miserables is a parody of Les Miserables, which is set in an office where the employees hate their jobs. She has promised us it is not about us and we have decided to trust her. The Miserables can be seen at Just The Tonic at The Caves. Or, for those not travelling to Scotland, it’ll be at The Etcetera Theatre in Camden in July.

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5 Ways to get yourself onto Britain’s Got Talent

Britain’s Got Talent is back on our TV screens and all is right with the world. It’s been around for ten years, and that’s insane. That also means that someone watching every episode has probably spent approximately 200 hours sitting in their PJs on Saturday nights. The contestants we’ve watched in those countless hours have proved that, with a little bit of practice, anyone can get to the kind of level that makes Simon Cowell’s jaw drop. Whether that’s for good reasons or bad reasons is case-dependent, but it’s memorable either way. While some contestants have gone on to bigger and better things, the majority were thoroughly normal before they went on the show. It’s totally do-able. And here are some activities you could try that might see you starring in Britain’s Got Talent 2017 (you know, if you feel like giving the PJs, sofa, and wine a break for a little while next year):


Sure, you might not necessarily be a great mover at the moment, but that could change in a year. You don’t need to have always been a pro to kill it on the dance floor. You might just remember this couple who proved to all of us that age really doesn’t matter once you’ve got the moves:

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9 rugby world cup problems (for people who don’t know about rugby)

There’s, like, a sporty thing happening at the moment. Fans are really excited. but there’s a huge load of people for whom the Rugby World Cup kind of felt like it happened out of nowhere and now, in the lead-up to what is apparently an essential England Vs. Australia match, these are some of the problems they might be experiencing:

1. People around you have started doing crazy maths that doesn’t really make any sense.

“So, if Wales beat Fiji, and England score nineteen points, and get three tries before 9pm, and Chelsea win some football, and if two thousand Scotland fans eat a bacon sandwich at exactly the same time then England might be able to come second in their group, but then if Australia score-”
Just tell me if we’re winning.
All across the nation entire stadiums full of people sit in silence as they try to work out whether winning a game means they’re still in the com. And this is why we should have listened to our maths teachers.

2. You want England to do well but you’re also scared that Australia will set their animals on you if they lose.

I mean, obviously having a nice gold trophy is lovely, but have you seen what those Aussies have to put up with? What if we anger them and they set their legions of terrifying creatures on us? We can’t help but slightly fear that if we beat them at rugby we’ll be inundated with dinner-plate-sized spiders and man-eating sharks before we know it.

3. Your actual TV time is being taken up.

It feels like the entire nation is into the rugby. And that’s awesome. You fully support this kind of unity and team spirit. But, at the same time, it’s kind of inconvenient that you don’t always know exactly when Corrie’s starting. I mean, priorities guys. Come on.

4. Welsh and Scottish people are suddenly gleeful for reasons you don’t understand.

You have friends who are Welsh, Scottish, Aussie, whatever. Or,in some cases, friends that sound as London as you do and were born in the same hospital as you but declared themselves to be Welsh when they beat England because their great-grandad lived there for a couple of months one summer. But anyway, they greet you with a twinkle in their eyes and barely contained glee in their voices, and you want to share this joke with them, you do. But you can’t play the part of the frustrated sports fan like they want you to because, well, you just …. Can’t get upset.

5. You keep reading newspaper articles comparing rugby players…

…And you definitely want to read all of the statistics and facts about them. But at the same time your brain immediately engages in a game of ‘who’s hotter?’ and it quite often ends with the wrong team winning.

6. Some people can’t talk about England V. Australia without bringing up old victories, regardless of  the sport.

“Yeah, it’ll be a tough match. But you know what wasn’t tough? That time we got them all out for 60.”
“Really? I didn’t think you could do that in rugby”
“No, that was in the cricket.”
But we were talking about rugby. Come on, dude. I’m barely able to continue this conversation about the first sport I’m trying to understand.

7. People have suddenly started talking about bonuses?

It sounds really exciting, because you hear  the word ‘bonus’, and that either means it’s Christmas, you’re getting money, or you’re getting something for free. And then it turns out that it’s actually some kind of scoring thing that not only sounds quite difficult to actually achieve, but that also makes all of the weird and arbitrary maths even harder to understand.

8. You can’t actually watch half of what’s going on.

It’s all going so well and then boom. Somebody smashes into somebody else and it looks really bloody painful, and you shut your eyes, and when you open them again everything’s stopped, and then there’s another scrum and then somebody smashes into somebody else again and… It just goes on forever. Between big pauses and big pile-ups, it’s a tricky watch.

9. You love a stirring song and an inspirational sporting story as much as the next person.

The thing is, while the game itself can be kind of a drag, you love the leadup. Twickenham should probably sell tickets just for people who only want to be there for the national anthems, and the cheering, and the players welling up. Then we could go home, inspired and a bit emotional, and use that energy for something else. Maybe achieving a goal at the gym, or maybe just a really, really inspired takeaway order. It’s your energy.You use it how you please.

It’s a difficult time for a lot of us, but (we think) the Rugby World Cup is nearly out of the group stages. And that means there’s probably a bit less time to go until it’s all over? To be honest, we’re really not sure. It’s all very long and complicated. Stay strong, everybody.

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7 Dance Classes That’ll Send You Straight to Strictly

Here at Wonderush we are really excited about Strictly. As in, ‘Anton getting his first ever dance partner with some potential’-level excited. Or at least, the person writing the Wonderush blog posts and airing her own opinions as if they were the opinions of an entire team is that excited about Strictly. Community Manager Nicola spends depressing quantities of her time imagining the day when she’s finally invited to be a contestant. She likes to think that she’d be one of those people who are great right off the bat – She wants to hear Len say ‘Seven!’ on her first week and only go up from there. Because a girl can dream. And to make those dreams a tiny bit closer to reality here are a few of the dance classes Wonderush offer that could help her (and you) to get to the top of the leaderboard.

1. Bachata

Not actually a dance that features in the series, but the Strictly judges bloody love their hip action and this has it in spades. For those who feel Latin would be their forte this offers a chance to practice, and for those who think they’ll specialise in the ballroom side of things, this is the perfect time to start learning.

Bachata Class

2. Beginner’s Argentine

When the Argentine tango crops up it’s always a little bit awkward because it’s not really like anything else the contestants have to do. It’s probably best to start preparing now for the inevitable part of the series you are definitely taking part in where you’ll have to give it a go.

Argentine Tango

3. Brazilian Zouk

Again, this is not a dance that features in Strictly, but that does not mean it doesn’t contain some transferable skills. This is another valuable chance to practice hip action, because we all know that that’s really the only way to get Bruno Tonioli on side.


4. Salsa

A dance that you just know is in the cards, and often very early on in the series before contestants have really hit their stride. We do not want you to be that contestant who struggles with their very first Latin dance so we very much recommend that you get practising now.


5. Tango Instinct

The Tango is difficult. You have to look so serious and, as proven by Ainsley Harriott’s pout in his first weekend, that can be a difficult thing to pull off. So, like so many things in your potential Strictly career, this is something that it’s best to learn in advance. It’s better to be safe than sorry, after all.


6. Beginners Ballet

You know full well that Craig’s going to be upset with everyone at some point because they don’t extend their arms or because they’re not graceful enough. While you’re not likely to end up busting out a scene from Swan Lake in the Blackpool Tower Ballroom, a little bit of ballet might just be the thing to make you stand out from the crowd. Pretty dancer hands and all.

Beginner Ballet

7. Street Popping

Assuming that you are in the Strictly game for the long haul there’s going to be a show dance. Contestants are expected to bring something different to the table, and what’s more different in a ballroom dance competition than a casual bit of street popping? Anyone who’s ever seen Take The Lead with Antonio Banderas will know that this is an excellent idea already.

PoppingUnfortunately, while it’s true that Team Wonderush could potentially help you towards the end of your path to Strictly glory, we can’t provide you with the necessary C-List levels of fame to put you in the running in the first place. That is down to you. However, what we can do is to fill the free time you have until you make it big with all kinds of super fun things to do. Check the main site for details.

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17 thoughts about the rugby world cup by someone who knows nothing about rugby

Lest it had escaped anybody’s notice the rugby world cup started on Friday. It was an exciting evening full of hype and emotion and, um, balls. Community Manager Nicola has never sat through an entire rugby match before so, in the spirit of trying new things (something we take very seriously at Wonderush HQ) we got her to watch England’s opener against Fiji and record some of her thoughts. We regretted it almost immediately.

  1. National pride! Yay! Go Team GB! Oh, it’s just England? Ok, go them, then.
  2. If I stood next to a rugby player I bet I’d look really short.
  3. I wonder if a rugby player could pick me up.
  4. I wonder if I’d get arrested if I asked a rugby player to pick me up.
  5. This rugby song is emotional.
  6. Oh my god, it’s called a try because then they get to try kicking the ball over the thing. Right?
  7. I wonder what the thing is really called. You know, the ‘H’.
  8. Imagine if H was playing. That’d be a Tragedy. Probably Better Best Forgotten, to be honest.
  9. Stop thinking about Steps. Rugby. Focus.
  10. What do you mean England are playing in red? I’ve fully been cheering for the wrong team.
  11. Man, it’s no wonder they never used to let us play this in school.
  12. At what point to they start admitting that they just needed an excuse to touch each other?
  13. I bet they have competitions for who has the most messed-up ears.
  14. I do not know what is happening but I know people are cheering and I AM EXCITED.
  15. Rugby has the best songs.
  16. I bet this match would make a lot more sense if I didn’t have to keep closing my eyes every time someone got tackled.
  17. When does Jonny Wilkinson come on?

Wonderush cannot be held responsible for any offence caused to people who actually know their rugby. If you find yourself looking for some way to escape the people in your life who know nothing, or you’re searching for a way to leave the rugby fans to have their fun, you’ll find a whole load of things to do over on our main site, so you should probably check that out.