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The Wonderush Roundup: February

February is a bit of a weird one. It’s hard to tell exactly what to expect in terms of weather, which makes it hard to decide which events you want to go to, or how many layers you should be wearing to the ones you do want to attend. Luckily, we at Team Wonderush are super-helpful. We’ve put together a list of the events we think it’s worth checking out no matter what gets thrown at us this month.

1. Grimaldi Service, Haggerston

A memorial service doesn’t sound like a barrel of laughs, but this yearly East London event commemorates the life of the ‘father of modern clowning’, Joseph Grimaldi. It is, therefore, full of clowns. By all accounts it’s always packed, and after the service you’ll find impromptu performances and general clown-based fun. It should go without saying that this is not the ideal event for people with a clown phobia, but we will emphasise that small fact anyway.

2. The Miserables, Etcetera Theatre – Camden

What’s better than Les Misérables? A version of Les Misérables which has been brought up to date. Instead of the barricades and rioting peasants, this show revolves around the head office of a flooring company and its miserable staff. It’s musical theatre meets ‘The Office’, because why the hell not? It goes without saying that Team Wonderush are all ecstatic in our jobs (Um. Hi, boss.) but, even so, this sounds like it’s right up our street.

3. Orchid Festival, Kew Gardens

The weather’s been a bit hit-and-miss lately, and we’re pretty tired of looking out of our window and seeing greyness everywhere. It all makes us very excited for the Orchid Festival at Kew Gardens which will give people a well-earned chance to enjoy some fantastic colours and imagine they’re somewhere exotic for a little while. It’s also the perfect way to make a brown-thumbed friend feel bad about their lack of gardening skills. If you’re mean.

4. Parliamentary Pancake Race, Westminster

There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as watching a group of very serious people make fools of themselves for charity. This is, of course, because we are the kind of generous types who like to support those less fortunate than ourselves, and has nothing to do with our desire to laugh at people in suits whose political ideas we may or may not agree with. Or with our love of pancakes. Whatever your motivation, it’ll be fun to watch.

5. London Fashion Week, All over the city

Whether you’re interested in clothes themselves, celeb spotting, or just tents full of people who are cooler than you, London Fashion Week has a lot going for it. Of course there’s a lot of information to take in, and most of it will be coming from the internet or magazines since most events are pretty exclusive, but even if fashion isn’t your bag it’s worth knowing about. You’ll be able to make dynamite small talk with the fashion-fans in your life.

6. Gin Festival, Tobacco Dock

What could be better than a long weekend devoted to the nectar of the gods? Gin has gone from being seen as ‘mother’s ruin’ to one of the most popular drinks around. The entire festival is, unfortunately, already sold out – which will come as no surprise to anybody who loves gin as much as certain members of Team Wonderush – but there is the option to sign up to a waiting list, so keep your fingers crossed and your glass full in the meantime.

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