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The Wonderush Roundup: January

The new year is full of opportunities. It’s all about new starts and getting shit done. And, on top of that, it’s a new month, which means it’s time for a January roundup. There are loads of cool things happening all over the city, and we very much hope to run into you at some of them.

London New Year’s Day Parade

There’s no better thing to do on New Year’s day than to people watch at the New Year’s day parade – the audience is made up on half fresh-faced, admirable people launching into their resolutions with enthusiasm. The other half are pasty, hungover, and willing all of the loud music and screaming children to stop. On top of the amusement there’s also a sense of celebration, community spirit, and all that good stuff. The perfect start to the year.

Lumiere London

We don’t know about you, but a couple of weeks into January we definitely start to suffer from Christmas light withdrawal. After all, we spent the previous month with access to super-pretty displays everywhere we went, and January is pretty grim in contrast. Luckily the Lumiere festival is here to change that. Using traditional displays and projections onto buildings, it’ll be brightening up London’s streets and making us all feel twinkly again.

Get Into London Theatre

London has been following Broadway’s example lately in making theatre tickets horrifically expensive. Fortunately that’s where Get Into London Theatre comes in. For the whole of the month of January they’re giving Londoners the chance to get their hands on affordable tickets to most of the top shows in the West End. It’s a perfect distraction from the grim weather and lack of jazz hands in everybody’s lives.

London Art Fair

This is the perfect event for anyone who made a resolution to be more cultured in 2016. The London Art Fair gives loads of galleries a chance to showcase a variety of different work. On top of that there are talks, workshops, and networking events. We also can’t ignore the fact that you’ll sound extremely highbrow to anyone who tries to make small talk about what you did over the weekend.

Adventure Travel Show

It’s a scientific fact* that everyone starts daydreaming about having some kind of travel-based adventure every January. The Adventure Travel show will have exhibitors offering all manner of trips from those for people who aspire to take after Bear Grylls, to those for people who like things a little more comfortable. There’ll also be talks, and workshops and a chance to brush up on essential skills like photography and writing.

London International Mime Festival

Whether you’re a fan of creepiness or comedy the London International Mime Festival will probably have something to suit you. Running for a month you’ll have the opportunity to see established artists and newcomers to the scene. You’ll also be able to attend discussions and film screenings, meet some of the artists, and try out some of the skills you see on show. We see a career in clowning in your future.

Burns Night

January 25th will see restaurants across the city offering up Scottish delicacies to celebrate Burns Night. It’s a very exciting time of year that – if you’re doing it right – is bound to feature haggis, neeps and tatties, and no small amount of whiskey. It’s the ultimate comfort food and – provided you’re not on a 2016 healthy eating kick – will fix what ails you in no time at all. Yum.


*Not really a scientific fact.

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