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The Wonderush Roundup: January

January is a month of opportunities. With the new year comes a whole new load of cool stuff happening in London. We put together a list of some of the stuff we’re particularly looking forward to. Maybe we’ll see you there?

New Year’s Day Parade

There’s nothing quite as amusing as people watching at the new year’s day parade. If you look closely you’ll see half of the crowd are bright-eyed, bushy tailed, and raring for the new year. The other half – who possibly overindulged the night before – are pale, in need of a fry-up, and quite obviously willing all of the loud music and screaming children to stop. Add to that the fact that it’s a genuinely fun day, and you have a perfect start to the year on your hands.

Lumiere London

Just when you thought the lights at every turn were over for another year, the Lumiere London festival came along to change your mind. Several locations in the West End and Kings Cross are being brightened up for four days with projections and more traditional light installations. We humbly request that you pardon the pun when we say that this is going to – ahem – brighten up some of those dreary mid-January days.

Get into London Theatre

The West End is following Broadway in becoming super-expensive, which isn’t really ideal for anybody, especially the month after you haemorrhaged most of your bank account into buying gifts (for other people, or for yourself – we’re not here to judge), but Get Into London Theatre is here to provide a solution to that. For the whole of January there are tons of shows available at a reduced price and we suggest you get in on this action ASAP.

London Art Fair

Perfect for the people who have decided 2016 is their year of being more cultured, or for people who are looking for a little bit of creative inspiration or, indeed, for people who just want to look a bit fancier when they make small talk about what they did at the weekend. The London Art Fair gives a wide range of galleries a chance to exhibit work, and also has a range of talk, events, and performances on offer.

Adventure Travel Show

If you don’t have any big adventures planned for 2016 this might just provide you with the solution. There’ll be loads of travel companies available to chat to you about where you should be heading next, as well as talks, photography workshops, and films. Whether you take after Bear Grylls or prefer something with a little bit less urine-drinking, there might well be something there to bring out the traveller in you.

London International Mime Festival

Spanning nearly the whole of January, the International Mime Festival is an arts event that’s perfect for anyone. Whether you’re interested in something comedic or creepy, and highbrow or a little bit less intellectual, there’s bound to be something to suit you. There’s also films, loads of workshops (especially good for those of you whose new years resolution was to learn to clown or become a puppeteer, which we’re sure is, like, everyone), and the chance to meet some of the artists involved.

Burns Night

January 25th is a night to glory in amazing stodgy food and bagpipe music, and is, therefore, basically perfect. And no, before you ask, this is not being written by a Scottish person. I’m just a hardcore haggis fan from London who does not have enough haggis in her life. And that’s about to change for one night only – restaurants all over London are holding Burns Night events, so wherever you’re located you should be able to find something. And by ‘something’, I specifically mean ‘neeps and tatties’. Yum.

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