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The Wonderush Roundup: May

As Justin Timberlake has pointed on so many of our Facebook timelines recently, it’s gonna be May. In fact, it already is. We’d make lots of puns about the new month, but they MAY not be everybody’s cup of tea. But the point is, there’s a whole new month beginning, which means it’s time for another Wonderush roundup of the coolest events happening in London in the next few weeks.

Chelsea Flower Show

There’s nothing like flowers to make everyone remember that Summer’s just around the corner, and when you’re out and about in Chelsea in May there’s nothing like super-stressed landscape gardeners and horticulturalists running around everywhere to make you remember the exact same thing. It’s super pretty, though, and while you might not be able to get in there are also displays outside local businesses.

Covent Garden May Fayre

You can tell that anything where they spell ‘fair’ with a ‘y’ is going to be old-fashioned and that’s exactly what this traditional May celebration is. There’ll be may pole dancing, clowns, and Punch and Judy shows galore, as well as a toast to Mr Punch to elebrates the first time Samuel Pepys encountered the puppet 354 years ago. That’s pretty old school as far as we’re concerned.

MCM Comic Con

If you have any kind of slightly-geeky interest in a film, a TV show, or a comic book, the likelihood is you’ll find other people here who have exactly the same interests. There’ll be the chance to meet your favourite stars, a whole load of different merchandise for sale, and thousands of people cosplaying like there’s no tomorrow, with varying levels of success.

Urban Village Fete

Urban Village Fete takes place at Greenwich Peninsula and is the modern version of a traditional British fair (no ‘y’ this time, we notice). The things on offer are a very mixed bag of amazing, including giant slinkies, creative workshops, and mac ‘n’ cheese. As you very much do.

Rumble in the Jumble

If you you really like celebrities but jumble sales aren’t really your thing, it’s about time you had a rethink. You can get in in exchange for £5 and a bag of your own jumble, and once you’re there you’ll be free to rummage around the clothes of all of your favourite super-cool famous people.

Nunhead Cemetery Open Day

There’s something about getting in to places that are usually closed to the public, isn’t there? Of course, some of the adrenalin disappears a little bit when you’re literally being welcomed in by the group who work tirelessly to keep Nunhead Cemetery looking it’s best, but it’s still fun. You’ll be able to learn a little about some of the inhabitants (can we still say that?) as well as browse stalls, and take advantage of the food on offer.

So. Real talk. Will we see you at any of these brilliant London staples? We’re already practising our Punch and Juy voices while working on our cosplay. It’s creating a minor amount of in-office confusion. If none of these events have whet your appetite you should probably consider becoming a member of Wonderush Unlimited, where you can do as many awesome things as you like every month. Or, if commitment isn’t your bag, there’s also the Wonderush Marketplace.

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