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The Wonderush Roundup: Things to do in London in October

Another month is over already. The nights are drawing in. The Christmas stuff is already out in the shops and yet, weirdly, there isn’t a whole lot of Halloween stuff yet. This is all very scary, and to avoid these thoughts we’ve been looking in some of the super-cool stuff that’s going down in London this month. Andso, here is our round up of things to do in London this month:

1. London Harvest Festival Show

Because what says ‘it’s October now’ like a giant bloody pumpkin? As a disclaimer, they haven’t actually advertised giant pumpkins as far as we are aware, but we’re basing this on the harvest festivals of our youth, where there might sometimes have been a pumpkin. This harvest festival also comes without the need to bring giant piles of tins to school, which is another bonus. Also, homes brew cider. ‘Nuff said.

2. Veg Fest

We’ll level with you right now: October is a full month of ‘fests’. First up is Veg Fest, which is a full weekend devoted to veganism in all its forms. With everything from information about vegan nutrition for cats to speed-dating for the over 50s, this event caters to all tastes. That is, as long as they are very, very specific and not in any way inclined towards cheese burgers.

3. Rum Fest

Anything with the tag line “Rum is more than a spirit, it’s a lifestyle” sounds OK by us. This show comprises tastings, demonstrations, and a carnival hour. We can’t guarantee that it also includes people doing impressions of Captain Jack Sparrow, but that’s certainly what it looks like in our heads.

4. NFL on Regent Street

The NFL have been bringing games to London for nearly ten years now. This is the first time they’ve done so in the midst of the rugby world cup, which might throw up a few awkward comparisons from people who like their sports people to not be padded to the hilt, but that’s by the by. On October 24th the NFL takes over Regent’s Street for a day. Traffic chaos for bus drivers, American football-themed fun for the rest of us.

6. Thrill The World London

On October 24th at 10pm join thousands of other super-cool people, or people with too much time on their hands depending on your point of view (Team Wonderush are firmly in the ‘super-cool people’ camp) in an attempt to break the world record for the most people doing the Thriller dance in zombie costume at the same time. There are events scheduled around the world, so it’s basically almost the olympics if you think about it. You have to really really think about it.

7. Big Draw

The Big Draw isn’t a London exclusive, but there are lots of events taking place all over the city. The theme this year is ‘Every Picture Tells a Story’. Whether that story is something epic and poetic about how amazing you are, or whether that story is how you skipped every art class from age twelve onwards because you couldn’t stand the smell of paint, there’ll be something for you to try. So please do.

8. London Porridge Championships

It might feel like you don’t have any strong feelings about the hot oats that mark the barrier between bed and work, but deep down, you know you do. For instance, we’re sure there would be a public outcry if we said we liked ketchup in our porridge. And we don’t. Because that’s weird. We like straight-up mustard. Anyway, the London Porridge championships see competitors battle it out to produce the most creative and tasty porridge they possibly can. One of the entrants will be the winner from a Waitrose competition so you know that shit’s going to be full of humous.

This week’s honourable mentions go, of course, to Halloween – which will see drunk people dressed up in amazing costumes, children nagging people for sweets, and amazing costumed walks of shame – and Oktoberfest, which will also see alcohol and the occasional costume. Put simply, get drinking, folks.

These events are all really cool, but they’re all really, really one-offs. For loads more cool things to in London, don’t forget to check out our main site.

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