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The Wonderush Roundup: Things to do in London in September

It is September. Presumably, by now, somebody – whether they be in your office, your own front room, or in awkward small talk – will have said something along the lines of ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe summer’s over already’. We’ll spare you having to hear it again, but just know that we’re thinking it. In other news, here are some things you can do in London in September:

Open House London

Who wouldn’t want the chance to rubberneck their way around some of the buildings we never normally get the chance to go into? There’s even a ballot to have a poke round 10 Downing Street. Not that they’re explicitly saying that they’ll allow poking around, but we live in hope.

London Tattoo Convention

Striking fear into the hearts of mothers of teenagers everywhere, the London Tattoo Convention is an opportunity to get something done by some of the top artists  the UK and further afield. Or it’s a chance to go and have a look what other people have got. Or it’s a chance to openly stare, if that’s what you do. The convention is your oyster.

Apple Music Festival

One for the Apple devotees among you, the Apple Music Festival is coming to The Roundhouse this month. It’s an exclusive thing, with tickets being given away via ballots and competitions, but you can also watch online either live or for a short time after, so if you’re a person with an interest in music or hipsters it’s probably still worth a look.

Great Gorilla Run

Because who wouldn’t want to run 8km while dressed in a gorilla suit? Or, as an alternative, you can go down and watch the few hundred people who do make their way through the City on September 19th. Just make sure to hold your nose if you go down to have a stare – those outfits aren’t exactly moisture-wicking.

Design Festival

An opportunity to see and appreciate some really great design, or an opportunity to stand around, look at stuff, and nod? It all depends on what you’re into. But if you’re not a design bod per se, you never know, you might learn something. Or maybe you’ll just have some new material if you decide to chat someone up while you’re there.

London Wonderground

You’ve probably already seen this, since it’s been around all summer, and also since it is a giant, brightly-coloured, lit-up tent in one of the most popular parts of the city. It’s still worth a mention, though. The London Wonderground brings the best of cabaret, circus, and family entertainment to the South Bank. For those not into that kind of thing it’s also worth mentioning that they have a nice, outdoor bar and most of the shows are only an hour long.

Pearly Harvest Festival

We all have at least one friend who claims to be a proper Londoner, and thinks they’re more legit than anyone else because of it. Well, get them down to the Pearly Harvest Festival and shame them into realising that’s not true because there’ll be cocknies galore and the embarrassment of our nearest and dearest is priceless.

Totally Thames

There’s lots of Thames-based fun for all the family happening throughout the month of September. Which does not mean that it is actually taking place in the Thames, because that would be wet and idiotic.


This month’s honourable mention definitely has to go to Pumpkin Spice season, which should start sometime in the middle of September. Starbucks are keeping pretty schtum on exactly what date it’ll be. Either that, or Community Manager Nicola has had something of a research fail. She’s really excited, though, we’ll give her that.

Feel free to let us know if there’s something happening somewhere in London that we should know about and we’ll be all over it. For more stuff to do on the regular in London, you should definitely check out our main site. We offer unlimited classes and experiences in London, and we’re kind of a little bit awesome.

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