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The Wonderush Roundup: March

It is March. This is exciting. It means that Spring is on the way, the weather’s about to get warm, and everything is starting to look up. It also means that it’s time for us to do another roundup of some of our favourite things that are happening in and around the city this month. What will we see you at?

Bouncingham Castle

An adults-only, giant, raspberry-scented bouncy castle in the middle of London. ‘Nuff said. (Although for those who do not consider this to be enough said, Bouncingham Castle will be around for three days to celebrate the launch of a new Candy Crush game. There will be prizes, and sound effects, and city workers acting like idiots. We hope.)

Affordable Art Fair

The definitions of ‘affordable’ are sometimes a little bit iffy, but at least you won’t be bidding thousands upon thousands of pounds at intimidating auctions in order to fill your house with awesome art. Whether you’re there out of genuine interest or to maintain your image as a cultured and knowledgeable person, you’ll find what you need here.

RuPaul’s Drag Race: Battle of The Seasons

We’ve already been warned not to expect to actually see actual RuPaul at this event, but it’ll feature performances from a few of the contestants from various series, as well as awesome music and a generally great time. Plus there’s nothing quite like being in a room with die-hard fans of the thing you’re also a die-hard fan of.

The Boat Race

Nothing says ‘it’s nearly Spring’ quite like gathering on the banks of the Thames to watch a tiny boatload of posh university types pass you by before you’ve even had a chance to register what’s happening. It might feel like it’s all over in a flash, but the atmosphere is fantastic.

Play On: Shakespeare Weekender

It’s been 400 years since Shakespeare died, and it doesn’t seem like he’s going anywhere fast. To celebrate (is celebrate the right word?) the Barbican is holding a series of free events during the first weekend in March. you could watch sword fighting demonstrations, learn some choice new insults, or play with some historical artefacts.

Soho Rising Season

The Soho Theatre runs comedy and writing workshops and routinely churns out some very successful artists in their own right. The Soho Rising season is a chance to see some of the best work produced by people who have been supported by the Soho Theatre – it’s a great way to see some of the stars of the future so you can feel smug one day and say ‘Oh, I first saw so-and-so ages ago. You’re so behind.” to all of your friends. And really, isn’t that the only reason anyone does anything?

Where’s Wally Fun Run

Whether you’re a fan of Where’s Wally, keen to help raise money for The Literacy Trust, or just really into red and white stripes this run is for you. Entry includes a costume which means that you’ll definitely look the part, and finding your friends and familyafterwards in the sea of people who are all dressed exactly the same will – very excitingly – be exactly like real life re-enactment of a page from one of the books.

If none of these take your fancy don’t forget there’s a whole load of other stuff to be found by hitting ‘browse’ – if we don’t see you somewhere in the middle of a giant bouncy castle (we’re so excited about that) maybe we’ll see you life drawing, or gin tasting, or learning to make sushi. The world is basically your oyster.

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