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The Wonderush Summer Social

The weather got a bit good a few weeks ago. We sat in our office getting very excited about that fact, and decided that the fast-approaching Summer was something we should be celebrating. Shortly after this we sat in our office watching a blizzard over Kensington, but by then it was too late. The seed was sown.

In those early weeks of excitement we came up with the idea of the Wonderush Summer Social. It would be a chance for Team Wonderush to meet their members and partners, and for those members and partners to meet each other (obviously it would, as that is the very definition of the concept of a ‘social’).

We picked a fantastic venue called Loading Bar in Dalston. Nary a Friday afternoon passes at Wonderush HQ without some kind of game being played, and Loading had them all. Like, literally all of them – board games, video games, you name it. It felt like home.

Social 2

When people arrived it was amazing to be able to meet our members and partners face-to-face. We could compare notes on the classes we loved and find out what kinds of activities we should be keeping an eye out for in future (which, by the way, is a standing offer to all of our members – if you want to see an activity we don’t have, let us know what it is!).

What followed was a night of Dobble, Pacman, and Linkee with only a very small number of sore losers (There were two of them. They who know who they are. They are members of Team Wonderush) and some slightly sore heads the next morning.

Social 3

We had an awesome time meeting exactly the kind of people that we designed Wonderush for in the first place, and getting to know you all. In fact, we had so much fun that we’re already planning the next social, to be held at the end of this month. More details will be coming soon to a Wonderush app near you, so keep an eye on the Wonderush Marketplace and Wonderush Unlimited pages to see when tickets become available!

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