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Getting ready for World Poetry Day!

Monday 21st March is World Poetry Day, and we’re really excited about it. In fact, we’re so excited that we’re giving people the opportunity to try a month of Wonderush in exchange for a poem. We’ll also showcase our favourite original works (we’re all poets now, so we’re legally obliged to call them ‘works’) on the Wonderush blog. We’d love to see what you can come up with, so submit your poems any time from now to actual World Poetry Day itself. And just so that there’s no double standards, we’ve also written a poem of our very own.

Wonderush is really fun,

We help you fill your time.

And since it’s nearly poem day

We’re doing it in rhyme.

You might decide to try and draw

Life models who are nude.

Or maybe you would much prefer

A class to do with food.

With yoga and insanity

We help to keep you fit.

There’s also lots of helpful talks

And that’s not half of it.

If you’re feeling tuneful

There’s music classes too,

And if your talents lie in dance

There’s loads for you to do.

If you really like to learn,

Then take a walking tour.

Or maybe try one on a bike-

There’s loads of fun in store.

If wine tasting is more your speed

We’ve alcohol galore.

We also know tea if you think

Your brewing skills are poor.

If you are the cultured type

You might go to a show.

Or maybe to some comedy

Is where you’d like to go.

 Come and join our party

We have a lot of fun

We all enjoy our free time

When our working days are done.

So send us in a poem

To get a whole month free

Try out loads of cool stuff

You’ll love it all – you’ll see.

Now. If that has not provided you with a bit of inspiration, we really don’t know what will. So get on it! Send us a poem and try out your first month of Wonderush for free.

Have a go at unlimited things to do in London for £29 a month. Sign up and get your first month for £10!


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