World Poetry Day

A poem’s a brilliant thing

And we know how to make your heart sing.

If you send poetry

You’ll get Wonderush free!

Now, just think of the joy that could bring.


At Wonderush, we like to encourage creativity. We already give people a way to try things like art, and music, and photography. We love nothing more than people who’ve found interesting ways to express themselves. And now we’re giving people the chance to try everything that Wonderush has to offer – and all for the price of one poem.

This World Poetry Day (Monday 21st March), write a poem, submit it to Wonderush and you’ll be able to try unlimited activities across London for free for a whole month. You might choose to carry on with the creative pursuits, or you might fancy doing something totally different like circus fitness, cocktail making, or a bike tour around the city.

Whatever you decide to do during your month, we’re pretty confident that you’ll have a brilliant time. So don’t delay! Submit a poem today! (We’re poets, and we totally know it)

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